Best Split Board Setups for 2015

  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to use a split board? Get away from the crowds and out into the back country and decide your own fate. Check out the best split boards for 2015 right here

    Nitro Nomad


    The extruded base of the Nitro Nomad is made for ease of repair feature with a strong wood core tip-to-tail to give you an excellent balance of flex and strength. The ‘Flat Out’ design makes it easy to maneuver in with smooth and easy turns. It is mid-wide to provide more float when you are cruising down the mountain. The Voile-compatible feature is one of its key feature to ensure that you can use almost all of the mounting systems with this board. This entry level board might just be the right choice for you if you are new to the game as it is fun, playful and still affordable.


    Arbor Abacus Split


    Arbor Abacus is probably one of the best split boards that has ever been made with its unique combination of tough yet graceful. The System True Rocker is a platform designed to replace the traditional camber with a reverse shape that is similar to a surfboard. This provides a smoother ride with easier turns and cleaner tracking. It even has a 360-degree full-wrap for added durability and resistance to damage from rocks and stumps. The Arbor Abacus also features Grip Tech sidecut, a more pronounced contact point between the toes and heels, for a confident hold on the board.

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    K2 Ultra Split with Kwicker Technology


    The K2 Ultra Split is one of the lightest boards, if not the lightest, in the market. You can use this anywhere with its All Terrain Baseline design which also gives a lot of float. The board also comes with climbing skins that can be easily connected to the tip and tail. The feature that differentiates the K2 Ultra Split from the rest is the kwicker technology. With this system, you can have virtually unlimited variations in stance. On top of that, you get very easy switches between board-mode and ski-mode that can be done very quickly and without removing your gloves.

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    Rossignol XV Magtek Split


    This board comes in one size and is built to access terrains that you are normally unable to access. The flex pattern reverse super directional has high stiffness on the tip to allow easy push through snow and a slightly softer tail for easy maneuverability. It is fully equipped with a triple hybrid core, dual torsion box and even Kevlar to dampen rough landings even at high speed. Rossignol XV Magtek has a good combination of camber and rocker to ensure that your board gives you a smooth ride and easy turn initiation. With its Magne-Traction 7M, the 7 points of contacts along the edges will give you good control and stability during your ride.

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    Jones Solution


    A good choice for advanced riders who loves riding out in backcountry or all mountain. The middle of the board is a camber section but the front has a more rocker section than the tail.  The hybrid provides improved maneuverability while maintaining the edge hold and response. The blunt nose design is engineered to give you the same amount of float equivalent to a much longer board tip. Therefore, this is able to cut down on some length and weight without affecting the performance. It also comes with stronger edges and mellow magne-traction for durability during impact as well as giving you a smoother ride.

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    Burton LandLord


    The Burton Landlord Splitboard is built for the experienced experts to power ride. With its 17mm tail taper, a wider nose allows smooth turns at high speeds without risking stability, plus the S-Rocker used that gives the rider added speed and float. The shape adopts the Balanced Freeride Geometry with a balanced setback camber and sidecut, all centered to the rider's stance leaving flat base riding with a twin freestyle feel. Along with the Split Channel mounting system, riders enjoy unlimited stance options and effortless power rides. The only cons to this splitboard is the top sheet's lack of durability. Despite so, this splitboard is still great on an overall scale.

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