The Best Bluetooth and Aux Cable Speakers for Helmets

  • Now a days, we take our music with us everywhere and it only makes sense we bring it with us on the hill as well. Sometimes you just need to jam out with some tunes while you're riding the mountain or the lift line. So what better way to do so than with these fine choices for your speaker compatible helmet.  This list is in a particular order, the top choices are first but the more affordable choices are listed last. Check out our top choices and let us know what you think. Did we miss something? Which one will you be getting? (Don't be scared off by branding on any of these items. (They are all compatible with any audio compatible helmet.)

  • Bluetooth Chips from Outdoor Tech

    Outdoor Tech is taking the sports audio market by storm. They are turning the entire industry on it’s head and not sacrificing any level of quality to do so. Other companies have gotten so big over the years that their quantity far outweighs the quality of the product. But these guys keep quality at the top of their list. The bluetooth chips are an awesome way to get all the convinces of high quality sound without having to deal with external wires or pulling out your phone or other bluetooth device. There are a plethera of options with this speaker system. Simply hit the buttons built into the side of the chips to control volume, song choice and even answer phone calls. These last a long time on one charge and if it isn’t enough, or you need more power for your gopro, phone, and other chargeable device, you may want to consider the USB Power Bank. Giving you an extra 3 or 4 charges right in your pocket. Also these chips are compatible with any helmet built to take speakers. Be sure to consider the ease of instalation as you’ll need to pull the speaker out enough to expose the AUX charging hole.

  • iAsus XSound 2.1 Helmet Speakers

    The iAsus helmet speakers are made for high quality sound and taking the punishment of an average day on the hill. With a 20-22kHz frequency range and maximum power of 30mW you will have no issues getting these speakers loud enough for even the loudest music lover. This set also comes with 3.5mm heavy duty cable to ensure you wont break them at any time. We love these speakers and the optional collar speaker for keeping in touch with friends even if you guys lose each other on the hill.

  • UClear HBC120 Snow Sports Helmet Communicator Bluetooth Headset

    Slightly less hidden on the helmet, the UClear HBC120 is another great bluetooth option. There is an external button on the outside of the helmet that may take some getting use to but there is 3 buttons and once you understand the layout, you shouldn’t have any problems. These speakers will work with any speaker compatible helmet. Answer phone calls, skip tracks and enjoy the day with music and without wires.  

  • Wired Chips Universal Snow Helmet Audio from Outdoor Tech

    Want all the functionality of the Outdoor Tech Chips but don’t need or want to pay for the Bluetooth tech? The Outdoor Tech Wired Chips are a great choice. They utilize a button on the wire instead of the buttons on the sides of the chip but this is a great way to keep the price down on these and keep you happy. Plus, you don’t have to charge these bad boys. Just be careful when you ditch the helmet, you got to unplug the thing first!

  • Skullcandy Single-Shot Helmet Audio Kit

    Similar to the Wired Chips from Outdoor, these Skullcandy Single-Shot Helmet Audio Kit have everything you need. For a low price, you're getting pretty high quality speaker, a mic and volume control. Push the button once to answer calls, pause and play music. Push twice to go to the next song and 3 times to go back. The best part about these is that they're affordable and you don't need to pull your phone out every time you need to pause the music on the lift and play when your friends are leaving you behind. (If you need something basic this is it but in our opinion, spend the extra cash instead of buying multiple pairs of this.)  

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  1. Just wanted to chime in I work at UCLEAR we offer another snow product that allows up to 10 user intercoms the HBC220. Also releasing soon the Nomad 500 which is a Bluetooth 2-way radio that incorporates in to The HBC200 allowing long distance communication, great for Back country use.

    • Thanks for the update. We will have to dive into those models in the upcoming season.

  2. Sena offers an excellent option that can connect up to 4 way intercom. It’s called Snow Talk and one of the smallest platform. And it’s priced competitive with these.

    • Thanks for the feedback. We will have to look into these and see what they’re all about.