Best Snowboard Mobile Apps for 2016

  • In a world where everything is at the palm of your hand, we are all looking for the best apps to use while on the mountain or planning to go to the mountain. This is a great list of apps to start off with. Not only are these great apps to get you stoked on the upcoming season, but they will keep you informed while you are out there ripping it up.

    SNOCRU Ski and Snowboard Tracking App


    SNOCRU is an award winning ski and snowboard tracking app, connecting skiers and snowboarders to the mountains on all levels. Recently ranked by Snowboard Magazine, Wired Magazine and SKI Magazine as the #1 best snow app.

    Users can access SNOCRU's tracking technology with or without an internet connection, allowing for a day of skiing or snowboarding tracking without interruption.

    It's more fun skiing and snowboarding with SNCORU! Skiers and snowboarders can connect with each other in real time through the Near Me functionality, as well as Challenge fellow CRU members to compete on the slopes by setting up a DAYCRU.

    Connect SNOCRU with the Pebble Smartwatch using Bluetooth and manage your Tracks directly from your Pebble device.

    • Setup a DAYCRU to track alongside your friends throughout your day on the slopes
    • Challenge each other to ski the most vertical feet, hit the fastest speeds and ski or snowboard the most runs in a day
    • Chat with your friends on SNOCRU and share photo's to the Activity Feed
    • Check resort snow conditions and ski reports around the world
    • Measure your speed, altitude, runs, vertical, distance, and slope angle throughout your day on the slopes
    • Login using Facebook and connect with friends on the mountain in real time
    • Use Near Me to find the best après party scene, restaurants or a local ski and snowboard shop
    • Share the whole experience on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

    Upgrade to SNOCRU PRO for an ad-free experience, discounts to the SNOCRU store, unlimited ski and snowboard tracking and an advanced website experience.

    SNOCRU doesn't just give you info. SNOCRU turns the mountain on!

    Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

    Apple App Store


    Mountain Athletics


    Train with purpose in these activity-based, goal-specific strength and conditioning programs that get you ready for your backcountry skiing, rock climbing, or ultrarunning objectives.

    Each intense workout routine within the six-week training program is designed specifically to your activity and will balance work capacity and stamina. Training in this style helps you develop peak physical and mental fitness levels vital to the high demands and unpredictable nature of outdoor sports.

    In partnership with Rob Shaul, the founder of Mountain Athlete, The North Face designed the Mountain Athletics program to help athletes realize their goals. For years, Rob's goal-based training programs have prepared The North Face team athletes, Freeride World Tour competitors and members of the military and law enforcement. From backcountry skiing to ultramarathon trail running, the mountain-specific training programs in this app not only prepare top athletes, but anyone looking to get the most out of their mountain adventure.

    Step-by-step instructional videos show how The North Face team athletes perform detailed workouts, as well as providing tips on form, technique, and pace.

    Time is not critical, but a good measurement of improvement. Mountain Athletics has all you need with built in timers, calendars, and summary reports to keep you focused and on track.

    Get connected. Sign up with Facebook to save your workouts and share progress with your outdoor community.

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    Shrick - Action Sports Community


    Shrick is a social network for every daredevil out there. Shrick unites action sports riders and fans of extreme lifestyle.

    Edit and share your tricks, as our leaderboard system brings thrilling competition experience to the palm of your hand. Shrick makes people happy:

    It's a perfect way to share your tricks with whole community. As a pro-rider I use it to keep my followers updated with all my new photos and videos

    I love Shrick, It's the coolest social media 100% action sports, finally! In my sport (Freestyle
    Motocross) Shrick is one of kind!

    I like how you get to see people shredding on tons of different sports.

    An immense database of hundreds of tricks for more than 18 sporting disciplines. Earn points for each post and challenge your friends and pro-riders in the leaderboards! Are you ready for the biggest social event in the world of action sports?

    Key features:

    CHALLENGE THE WORLD - compete with friends and riders from all over the globe! Also see your ranking in your city and in countrywide leaderboards!
    PERFECT EVERY SHOT - Polish your photos and videos with powerful editing tools like slow motion or fish-eye!
    FOLLOW YOUR DREAM - subscribe to your favorite pro-riders!
    SEE THE BIG PICTURE - Shrick is not only about tricks. Watch failures, check out the gear others are using and share your sport lifestyle!

    We love hearing from our community. Instead of bug reports you can send us an email to and get a personal solution for your problem. Also we're always happy to read your suggestions and ideas!

    Disciplines supported RIGHT NOW:

    Aggressive Inline
    Disabled Wake
    Disabled Waterski
    Jet Ski
    Wakeboard (boat)
    Wakeboard (cable)
    Wheelchair Skating

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    Get the support you deserve from the brands you love.

    Hookit is a digital platform created to support athletes, brands and sports. The new Hookit Score helps athletes' track their progression, see where they stack up and earn deals on products based on their commitment, performance and reach in their sport.

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    Snowboard Trick to Learn


    Snowboard Trick To Learn is a collection of 15 compelling trick tip videos explaining all the ins and outs of learning basic and advanced snowboard tricks.

    The App includes fully narrated instructional videos outlining the skills you need before trying the new trick, as well as what you will need to see and feel when learning it. Crucial stepping stones in order to make learning the trick safer and less intimidating to learn.

    Rather than just explaining how the trick is done by a rider whom has already learnt it, the Snowboard trick to learn app steps you through all the required movements one by one and illustrates them in clear video assisted with motion graphics.

    Apple App Store


    Trick Bag Snowboarding


    Created by professional snowboarder Nick Hyne, Trick Bag is used by snowboarders from all over the world to help them progress, and give them the edge. Now it is your turn to get that edge - for FREE!

    --------------------NEW and FREE--------------------
    • SNOWNERD QUIZ - 20 Questions of Snowboarding Nerdness.

    Rammed full of easy to use features, Trick Bag is bound to surprise you and show what you are really capable of in this incredible sport we call SNOWBOARDING.
    Just like how using a shopping list makes shopping easier, using the Trick Bag makes learning tricks easier. The Trick Bag acts like a silent coach, but most importantly it’s actually FUN. Start on easy features and move your way up.

    Trick Bag Features
    • VIDEO CONTENT – In the FULL version of Trick Bag there are 96 different trick videos. In the FREE version here, you get 18 different trick videos and can easily upgrade to the full version at any stage.
    All videos are exclusive to the Trick Bag App. If you are Regular, the videos will be shown in Regular. If you are Goofy, they will be shown in Goofy. This is key to helping you visualise each trick.
    • RAILS – 10 trick videos and 5 different levels of progression from Basics to Spins In- Spins Out.

    • JUMPS – 6 videos and 10 different levels of progression from Straight Air Grabs and 180s through to 720s and ONE FOOT 540s.

    •GRAB CHALLENGE - Sick of spinning? Don't spin then!
    2 of 12 detailed videos from Straight Airs to Canadian Bacons..Canadian what? The Grab Challenge requires no terrain park, no special set-up, nothing but a little bit of freaky deaky arm action and a wedge of snow to boost off.

    • MY WISHLIST – Easily create your own trick wish list straight from the Rail and Jump trick lists. This is how real progression begins. You can then SAVE and NAME each wish list you create.

    • MY LANDED LIST – This is where all of the tricks you have landed from the Trick Bag end up. It is an awesome way to see where all of your hard work has gone as your list expands.

    • REPORT CARD – In here, all of the Rail and Jump tricks are broken into their levels - from Basics to Bonus. A score is given to show exactly how far through each level you are tracking. Ie. Regular Jumps – Basics - 4/6.

    This is the FREE version but if you download the FULL version you get all of the above, plus the following:

    -96 Trick Videos, yes 96 DIFFERENT trick videos to guide you and help you visualise each trick! 53 Rail videos, 31 Jumping videos and 12 detailed Grab Challenge videos!

    • TRICK SCRAMBLE – Can’t decide which trick to try next? Put your faith in the ‘Trick Scramble’. You decide exactly which kind of tricks you want scrambled and the ‘Trick Scramble’ spits out an option.

    • DOWNLOAD – You can download the trick videos right to your iPhone so you don’t need cellphone reception or Wi-Fi to help you visualise each trick you want to learn. This is ideal for up the mountain at your favourite feature or jump. To save you space on your phone, you can download as many or as few trick levels as you please.

    • TRICK BATTLE – This is where you can take on your friends in a trick battle. It is set up just like a game of SKATE. You can customise the word, but if you don’t land the trick that is set by the Trick Bag – you get a letter.

    Having video to guide you through each step of the way, the Trick Bag makes growing your trick list easier than ever.

    By choosing to download and install this app you take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for any injuries, property damage, losses or death relating to the use of this App.

    Start now and get stoked on making your way up through the levels. This is the beginning of YOU becoming a better snowboarder!

    Apple App Store


    Switch Dice


    Switchback Bindings presents SWITCH DICE - A dice app that sets a random snowboard trick for you or your friends to try in the terrain or snow park! Simply choose 'jumps' or 'rails', set a difficulty that suits your riding and shake your phone to roll the dice!

    Slick dice animation. Super simple interface.

    Don't get stuck doing the only trick in your bag on every jump / rail for whoever is watching from the lift - get Switch Dice and learn something new on snow!

    Tested and approved by Switchback riders:

    DISCLAIMER - Don't be stupid. Don't do it just because this app tells you to. We are not responsible for any harm that might occur from the act of snowboarding whilst under the influence of the Switch Dice app. Snowboarding is a dangerous activity that should only be done wearing all of the following protective equipment and more: helmet, wrist guards, impact shorts, back protector, shoulder guards, shin guards, knee pads, elbow pads, groin shield, mouth guard, gloves, boots (steel capped), unbreakable sunglasses / goggles, sunscreen factor 60 and a condom.

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    Trace Snow


    Trace Snow (formerly Alpine Replay) is the premier ski and snowboard tracking app and is ranked as the #1 winter sports app by Men's Health magazine. Trace Snow is the most used and highest rated app in the world--our users log more than 2 billion feet of vertical a month!

    Track your day on the mountain with Trace Snow by measuring speed, distance, vertical, Calories and more. Made by skiers and snowboarders for skiers and snowboarders. We automatically separate your runs, tell you which chair lifts you've taken, clock your time on the chairlift and much more!

    With Trace Snow, you can measure:
    º Speed
    º Vertical
    º Distance
    º Calories
    º Airtime
    º Jumps
    º Time
    º Much more!

    Trace Snow is also the official app , Steamboat, Winter Park Resort, Mt. Tremblant, Snowshoe, Stratton, Blue Mountain, China Peak, Mont-Sainte-Anne, Stoneham, and Canaan for the 2014/15 season. Use Trace Snow at these mountains to earn special medals, be notified of upcoming events, and much more!

    This app is compatible with the iPhone 3Gs or higher running iOS 5.1 or higher. A wireless or data connection and a free AlpineReplay account are required to use this app. AlpineReplay Video is only available for iPhone 4 and higher.

    Please note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

    Trace Snow is the same app as AlpineReplay. Only the name and logo have changed. The core functionality continues to be the same and free.

    Apple App Store


    OnTheSnow Ski and Snowboard Report


    OnTheSnow, the world's leading website for ski and snow conditions, brings you the world's most-downloaded ski and snowboard application, the Ski & Snow Report app. This Ski & Snow Report app brings you current conditions with snow reports at more than 2,000 ski areas around the world, plus features first-hand ski reports from users.
    Features Include:
    -- Regional weather forecasts delivered to the app Inbox
    -- Deals and discounts from ski resorts
    -- Snow reports from more than 2,000 global ski areas, including Vail, Aspen, Whistler, Killington, Jackson Hole, Verbier & more
    -- Powder alerts when your favorite resorts receive new snow
    -- Trail maps
    -- Breaking news from the ski industry
    -- Gear section with guides to this season's hottest gear
    -- Resort photo galleries
    -- Resort ratings and reviews from fellow skiers
    -- Ski gear reviews and advice
    -- Locate nearby ski areas via GPS
    -- First-hand ski reports from fellow skiers
    -- Share photos and snow conditions from the slopes
    -- Powder section highlight biggest new snowfall totals
    -- Live webcams
    -- Weather forecasts
    -- Map to ski areas
    -- Mountain stats and snow history graph

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