Best Snowboard Masks for 2015

  • Masks are another essential item when snowboarding. Especially in colder temps. Whether you want a thinner material (like the technical from Smith) or something thicker (like the Face Koozie from Sandbox) we list something for everyone. Even something for that gadget wizard in your life. Make sure you are covered with one of these great choices for a mask / balaclava.

    Smith Technical Balaclava


    Available for 40 dollars, this product has had the best testimonials from customers who have used the product. The mask is neither too thick nor thin and one cannot ask for better protection when sliding down a slope. It has excellent ratings on all three dimensions of quality, fit and style.


    Sandbox Face Koozie Balaclava


    it offers superior comfort and fit but lacks a little on the style side since it is available only in three colors of earth green, black and grey. One can also buy a matching jacket to go with the mask. It is available for an affordable price of 25 dollars. If you are just looking for functionality and not style, this should be your best pick.


    Airhole B1


    This is a standard product having a Balaclava with Hinged Face, a Cozy Polar Fleece, and a Signature Injected Silicone Airhole for Breathing and an Antibacterial Coating to Stay Fresh. Available in bright, neon colors this product is definitely an A on the style scale as well.


    Burton Midweight Neck Warmer


    These neck warmers have special designs that help to provide comfort to your neck as you slide down the snow in freezing cold air. Available in a whole palette of colors, these neck warmers are DRYRIDE Ultra wick™ Midweight 200 made of a material which is Quick-Drying and Highly Breathable and having a superior rating of UPF 50+ Rating.

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    Anon Optic MIG Snow Goggle / Mask


    This product is the most elite collection of snowboards, ski masks and helmets. It comes with Magna-Tech quick lens change technology. Along with anon-spherical lens technology, wall-to-wall vision and a full perimeter channel venting. It has triple layer face foam, flush mount outrigger, and a spare grey bird lens. Snowboarding is an entire different experience if you have these.

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