Best Snowboard Gloves of 2015

  • When it comes to gloves, there are tons of choices. There are tons of other choices out there that are just as good but these are some of our favorites. The quality, warmth, comfort and longevity of all these choices place them at the top of our list for best gloves for snowboard of 2015

    Hestra Leather Fall Line


    The glove in the fall line provides superior comfort since it is made of soft cowhide. Cowhide provides softness to the gloves while the insulation foam helps to trap heat. The lining is with polyester, which helps to give it a good fit. They are available in a number of sizes and colors, which one can choose from online and get the gloves delivered in no time.

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    Hestra Leather Fall Line 3-finger


    This is one of the most elegant products in the gloves category. One can choose from a wide range of colors. The three-finger feature gives greater warmth since the fingers can be huddled together easily. Furthermore, it has a neoprene cuff with hook and loop closure, which gives it a more flexible, fit. Outer material used is cowhide with polyester lining cocooning your hand in the softness.

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    Dakine Baron Mitt


    the most essential product to have when one goes for skiing. Dakine Baron Mitt is in collaboration with in-house designers and people who are ski professionals due to which the product design is not just effective in serving the purpose but also the most stylish in the market. Made up of durable water repellant leather, these gloves have wool lining, which provides additional warmth to the hands.

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    [ak] Oven Mitt


    These gloves are by far the warmest gloves on the planet courtesy of the ultra-breathable fabric used. The fit of the gloves is such that it allows the use of both hands when shoveling or simply when strapping on the gloves. Combining fleece lining with the heating powers of double goose down, this product is a necessity for someone who has cold hands very often.

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    Pow Gloves Stealth GTX Mitten


    Newly designed to provide more warmth and a better fit, these gloves are the first choice for women. Made of goat skin leather, which is by far the most premium product in providing warmth , these gloves combine the effectiveness of the waterproof repellant leather with an ultra-breathable material, and have become the most sought after product in the gloves category.

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    HOWL Logger Mitt


    This glove model is best suited for winter conditions as is proven by its perfect 5/5 score on the warmth chart. Made of goatskin leather with oxford polyester and micro suede outer thumb and polyester lining, it is offering the best quality to its customers. Furthermore, the leather used is water proof and breathable and is available in black, brown and oxblood colors for an affordable price of 79 dollars.


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