Most Responsive Boots for 2014

  • When it comes to precision carving, pointing the board down the hill and going as fast as possible, feeling stable at those higher speeds and letting the wind pull your the skin on your face back; these are the boots for you. Ish is the hard carver in the family and when it comes to boots, the stiffer the better. He wants a boot that is as stiff as a cast and holds his foot in place with no give. Any amount of heel rise is unacceptable and if it doesn't hold up to the pressure, it isn't worth shit. Check out these boots and be careful, some of these boots are too much for certain riders who wants a softer flex.

    DC Travis Rice


    So Ish went to the DC demo day last year and sat down with the rep. He went through the line and tried on a breath of boots. But as he tried each boot, he kept coming back saying "Guys, these boots are just not cutting it for me, give me the stiffest boot you have." The rep came back to him with the DC Travis Rice. Ish put on the boot and laced up the BOA system. He flexed the boot and screamed "YEAHHHHH!" Next thing the DC rep knew, Ish had taken the boot for a little more than just a demo, he didn't come back for the rest of the day. The OMEGA stiff flex combined with the leather on the back of the upper throat of this boot makes for a fit that is absolutely locked in and ready to transfer energy like no other. Seriously... the leather on the back of this thing locks you right in and eliminates all the heel lift you dread when you are killing it at 50+MPH.

    Buy the DC Travis Rice at these locations:

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    Burton Driver X


    Burton makes every kind of boot for every kind of rider and there is no doubt that this is at the top of their line for hard charging riders. Boarder crossers lookout, this boot has a flex adjusting tounge insert which brings this boot to a 11 out of 10 flex rating by Burton. With the insert out its a 10 but this boot is amazingly stiff and super comforable. There aren't very many other brands out there that make a better heat mold-able liner that is not only amazingly comfortable but also accurate to the shape of your heel. The Zonal Speed lace system is awesome if you know how to use it. Pull those handles tight and then give them a jerk back towards your waist to ensure they're fully locked in place and ready to take the pressure you're looking to slam on them. Vibram sole will also ensure you don't eat it while you're hiking your descents.

    Find the Burton Driver X at these locations:


    K2 T1


    This is the boot that Ish has been riding in for two seasons now and he loves the way it feels in every way. Nice stiff boot with a stiff liner and theres nothing about this boot that says soft. It takes a few days to break this bad boy in but once its been done, this boot will stand up to the test of time. Put 150 days on this bad boy, it don't give two terds. It's ready for serious days on it in every way, shape and form. Fits great in tons of boots and makes no mistake on the graphic. This real tree camo looks dope as hell and K2 has outdone itself this year with the color scheme.

    Buy the K2 T1 at these locations:


    Flow Talon


    Inner and outer BOA, full waterproof housing, torsional flexing vibram sole, OC Kush-ioning and a beautiful strong flex are all great reasons to grab the Flow Talon boot. If you need something that's responsive and in tune with your every turn, this is the boot to go with. Don't sleep on the Flow boot line, these guys know whats going on and have been doing this for a long time.

    The Flow Talon Focus Snowboard Boots are a firm flexing 100% waterproof boot made for any condition and any style of riding. With a lightweight outer shell and a Barefoot Technology outsole you can count on this boot to be your best friend while boot-packing up to your favorite spot. The BOA H3 Focus Dual Zone Lacing make lacing up a breeze, just turn the two knobs to dial in the perfect fit. With the Talon you will find yourself riding and slashing your favorite lines longer than before with a boot just as comfort as it is good looking.

    Buy the Flow Talon at these locations:


    Nike Lunarendor


    Oh Nike, you show up on the snowboard scene not that long ago and thought you could run the game...well I guess you were right. It seems as if you just blew up out of the gate and got one of the sickest pro teams together. Then, to sign it all off, you go and make one of the best free videos for 2013/14 Never Not. If you haven't seen the video yet, head over to Itunes and download it. You'll  laugh, you'll cry and you'll probably say "HEY I CAN DO THAT!" Anyways, the Lunador has been at the top of the Nike lineup and has proven to be good enough for all the pros. Its responsive, light weight and all you could ask for in a boot. Who needs BOA when you have the tried and true lacing system. These guys even took this boot one step further with 30 LED lights in the swoosh.


    Nitro Select TLS


    When it comes to comfort and technology, Nitro did not hold back on this boot. This boot has everything you could imagine in a kickass boot. Durability, strength, stability, ease of use, comfort, adjust-ability, and heat molding. It's all here and nothing is missing. Between the air bags in the sole of the boot and the footbed, this boot is very cushy to stand in and will prevent heel bruising like no other. Just like the Burton Driver X, this boot has a tongue adjustment to make the boot stiffer for carving and softer for high end park tricks. Take it from us, when it comes to Nitro's line, there's nothing more responsive than the Nitro Select TLS.


    Ride Trident


    Triple BOA?!? Heat Mold-able INTUTION LINER!?! Responsive and comfortable flex?!?! And it looks clean as hell?!?! What else are you looking for? This boot fits like a dream and there are only a few brands out there that are cool enough to have intuition liners. For $399 this boot better cook you breakfast too. Alright, it might not cook you breakfast but it will certainly make you forget your breakfast when you're too stoked to eat and just want to get out there. No more dreading getting into your boots, this is the best boot you'll wear this season if you're looking to carve some serious turns.

    There are two schools of thought when it comes to serious, high-performance snowboard gear. There's the back-to-basics minimalist movement, and the high-tech, load-it-with-performance-features movement. The Ride Trident Boa Snowboard Boot is the boot for the tech crowd. The Trident is extremely stiff, but it's a true featherweight. It's also loaded to the gills with features to give it the kind of custom fit that used to require a fitting professional, a couple hours of your time, and an impressive wad of cash. If you're looking for an ultra-stiff performance boot with a one-off custom feel, you've found it.

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    Salomon F 4.0


    With it's unique lacing system, the Salomon F 4.0 is a boot you should definitely consider when looking for a responsive and lightweight boot. Yes its a little more pricey but boots are the most important part of the whole setup, if it doesn't fit your foot right, you'll never be as happy as you could be. Take this boot on a highspeed groomers run, and then rip it in the park. Wherever this boot goes, you'll be stoked to be in it. Spend the little extra dough on a boot that is comfy, lightweight, and low volume and carve turns like they write about in those review sites.

    Buy the Salomon F 4.0 at these locations:



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