The Most Responsive Bindings of 2014

  • For the guy out there looking for a binding that will slam that board on edge the second he twitches, these are bindings for you. These bindings are the toughest, strongest, most durable, bad ass bindings on the planet for the rider who only cares about one thing: PERFORMANCE! -Enjoy

    Burton Diode

    All mountain destroyer to banked slalom winner, the Burton Diode Snowboard Binding is there to keep your ride on point. With a STIFF flex rating and a Carbon Fiber/Nylon composite, the Burton Diode provides precision in a lightweight and responsive package. New this year are the Hammockstraps™ with Double Take Buckles for lightening fast engagement and supreme response. Time to get your gnarly pants on with the Burton Diode Snowboard Binding




    GNU Mutant

    Evolve into an all mountain shred-yeti mountain man with the GNU Mutant Snowboard Bindings. The Mutant allows for aggression and precision due to full support from the Comprex straps and DT-3 Ergonomic high backs. So get to the mountain and experiment like a mad scientist until you find your hybrid progression.




    Flux DM

    Flux 2014 DM Men's Snowboard Bindings : Ultimate power and response. If you are looking to charge the mountain and need maximum response and minimal weight there is no better binding on the market than the Flux DM! Find out more about the Flux DM on episode 4 of the Snowboard Steez Podcast.


    Nitro Machine

    The Nitro Machine Snowboard Binding is light, stiff, mean, and nasty. It's the stiffest binding in Nitro's arsenal. Built to make towering peaks feel small, weak, and ineffectual, the Machine was designed to be ridden with a stiff, angry snowboard—like the Pantera or Magnum. When you're riding a board that's built to stomp huge drops and crush gnarly, super steep terrain, it better be set up with the Machine. The Machine's carbon-reinforced chassis utilizes Nitro's canted, dual-dampening Airbag system to take the edge off flat landings and absorb vibration to reduce fatigue. The airbags also dramatically reduce weight. The Asym Carbon Beam Highback is lightweight, incredibly stiff, and ergonomically designed for greater comfort and control. The profiled, ergo-cut ankle straps are asymmetrical to provide medial flex while adding lateral support for comfort and enhanced edge power. The toe strap is a convertible model that can be worn over the toe or in front of the toe to pull your boot back into the binding's heelcup. Both straps are equipped with flex windows that give the strap a comfortable, natural flex and conform to the shape of the boot. The forged aluminum buckles work with the composite Speedwheel for years of smooth, slip-free use. Finally, Nitro's Ladder Speed Device aligns the strap for a fast, smooth, positive connection.




    K2 Company

    The K2 Company Snowboard Bindings are no whack performance basics you can depend on. The updated Companies have received a lighter AT highback while holding onto K2's great binding tech such as the canted Harshmellow™ footbed and the durable, lightweight Pro-Fection Chassis. The reliable K2 Companies are perfect for tree-dodgers, people who don't make turns on groomers, and pow surfers like you.




    Flow NX2-AT

    The Flow NX2-AT Snowboard Bindings are set in place to take your skills to new heights and open your mind to what is truly doable with your riding. With an aluminum alloy baseplate and heelcup to reduce weight without sacrificing the lightning fast response under your feet, and Active Strap Technology for the fastest and easiest SpeedEntry experience you can have, you will simply forget you even have bindings on your feet.




    Salomon Quantum

    After the success of ShadowFit, Salomon introduces the Salom Quantum Snowboard Bindings for the 2014 lineup. Utilizing the comfort and freedom from the ShadowFit baseplate, Salomon has added some serious support with the all new carbon highback. Equipped with the super comfortable 3D Asym Supreme Ankle Strap and Locked-Up Toe Strap and the most lightweight construction available - Strapping in will never be the same.




    Now Drive

    Developed with the help of legendary chargers like Jeremy Jones and Devun Walsh, the Drive is like the IPO but on steroids. Focusing on an increase of lateral support throughout your range of motion, Now has exaggerated the lateral arc of a taller more rigid highback around the outside of the boot. The asymmetrical, 3D Flippit ankle strap can be worn in a freestyle setting with the added support over the top of your instep. Or you can switch it up to a freeride mode by flipping the strap over to the other binding, placing the support higher on your ankle. Either way you flip it, the strap is wider on the outside maintaining the lateral support for both options.  Inspired by the dynamics of skateboard trucks, major components of Now's system mimic both the function and description of skateboard trucks. The Hanger transfers energy input from the straps directly to the bushings and onto the edges of the board. The Kingpin acts as a fulcrum, magnifying this energy through leverage. Traditional bindings diminish energy by the flexing and bending of the baseplate, leading to foot pain and fatigue. Now bindings bypass the middle of the snowboard and direct your energy right into the board's edges. They simply transfer more power to the board with less work, meaning your feet will stay more relaxed and comfortable longer.



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    Ride EL Hefe

    Just like the name says, strap into the El Hefe and you'll be the boss. The Ride El Hefe Snowboard Bindings are Ride's premium all mountain chargers and you shouldn't leave home without them. This Ride binding offers the max in customization, response and support. The 3D Thingrip™ Toe Strap lets strap in as tight as you want without giving up comfort. The Astroglyde™ LT Ratchet will get you in and out quickly and easily even in deep powder or when the need to unstrap and run a victory lap overcomes you. Man up and face destiny with the Ride El Hefe Snowboard Bindings.




    Union Metafuse MC

    Nine years in the making, Union keeps stepping up the binding game with some crazy new technology and awesome Lifetime Warranty on all baseplates. This year, the Union MC MetaFuse Snowboard Bindings bring the game to a whole new level. With CNC Anodized hardware you can count on these bindings to stick to your board with an insane amount of durability. The Carbon-Injected Dupont™ Zytel® ST Base brags to be longer lasting and durable than anything else on the market. With tons of new features in the straps you can customize these bindings to precisely what you're looking for. From park to powder, you can ride these bindings in flawless, effortless style.



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    Switchback Halldor Pro

    The Switchback Halldor Helgason Pro Model Snowboard Bindings will have you ready to shred the entire mountain. Halldor Helgason's Switchback setup is equipped with Switchbacks exclusive Wrapback that is only found on Helgason's pro model. The Wrapback gives extra side support and more control, resulting in a more responsive binding. Paired with the ST Pad for all-purpose cushioning, these all-mountain killers are ready to slash, surf, and jump. Ride these bindings fast and dangerous, just how they like it.




    Rome Targa

    Highly adjustable, incredibly versatile, and asked for by name by the seasoned veteran to the crafty park rat, not to mention rocked by Bjorn Lienes. The Rome Targa Snowboard Binding is not only a fixture in the binding world, but continually sets the bar in terms of all mountain freestyle performance. The Targa is packed full of awesome technology starting with the V-Rod baseplate, which helps to achieve natural flex and easy tweakability through a smaller diagonal footprint. Speaking of feet the Yes, I Can't system provides a way to anatomically correct wide stances as well as increase nose-and-tail power; includes 3 interchangeable canted angle footbed pads. AntiShock highback uses a TPR bushing in the suspension system highback to absorb shock up to three degrees. Soft and comfy is the ConformGrip toe strap provides a snug fit over your boot without any gaps or sliding around. PF Adjust ankle strap gives you even more customization with three different EVA inserts: supportive, very supportive, and ultra responsive. With all this technology and customization any rider can dial in there sweet spot on the mountain.



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