Best Rear Entry Bindings of 2015

  • Many attempts at a quicker binding system have been attempted, but most of them have realized it wasn't worth re-inventing the wheel. Some people are looking for the quickest, easiest way to clip in, and since those are a thing of the past (the 'clip ins' that is) rear entry bindings are the quickest thing at the moment. Some people love them and some people hate them but if you are one of those people who just cannot get enough, this is a good place to start.


    K2 Cinch CTX


    With a Canted Full Length EVA Padded footbed engineered to transmit energy directly to the board without loss of efficiency and a Hybrid PowerCap Strap which delivers a perfect fit every time, the K2 Cinch CTX is certainly one of its kind. The inward angle of the Canted footbed supports a natural stance thereby reducing fatigue while enhancing the rider’s control. Lightweight chassis and heel cups offer full-flex mobility and precise boot-to-binding fit. The blend of the Cinch CTX bindings and the top-end K2 technology with the patented Cinch system ensures fast and simple operations with seamless entry and exit.

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    Flow Fuse GT


    The modular hibacks separate the lower and upper zones for targeted strength, support, and flex where needed. It has a 2.5 degree canting for optimized fit, support and energy transfer. The Fuse-GT features a rockered baseplate made of Glass-Filled Nylon that allows for just enough flex and feel that gives an all-day comfort and reliability. Active Strap Technology allows for easy use and speed of entry into the binding. The Fuse-GT has an awesome balance and response system and is slightly softer than the NX2 series bindings.

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    K2 Cinch CTS


    For the tamer rider who needs a rear entry binding, the K2 Cinch CTS is a nice option. Not too stiff but still responsive. The Cinch system really opens up while not having to have the highback drop all the way to the ground. This just allows for easier entry overall.  No canting in the footbed but comfortable overall and one of the better choices for a rear entry binding.

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    K2 Cinch Tryst


    The Womens K2 Cinch is built for pure speed and rapid response with its cored Ergo Highback design with a centre spine for light ride and better heel edge response. It also features a Thermo Formed EVA pad for added support. The baseplate is reinforced to give lightness with strength. The straps are almost completely toolless and can be adjusted on the fly. The Footbed is canted in such a way that it lines up the ankle, knee and hip joints to a more natural stance thereby enabling a stronger and more comfortable ride for longer periods. Also featured is the Harshmellow which acts as a dampener and absorbs any impact through the footbed.

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    The Flow Isis


    The 3D-shaped Fusion PowerStrap fuses the ankle and toe zones over the midfoot thereby providing instantaneous response with precision. It’s innovative and very comfortable Fusion Powercap Strap has an easy step in or side entry option. The Rockered Baseplates have a minimized contact area with the board therefore channeling the rider’s power where its most needed while the rocker corners of the baseplate helps to maintain optimal flex. Synchronous Length Adjustment (SLA) makes it possible for the rider to customize her binding angles and direct pressure instantly to board’s edges. Glass-Filled Nylon Baseplate and Heelcup delivers incredible response and durability

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    GNU B-Free


    Its EVA Foam Footbed provides full cushioning from heel to toe and an all-day comfort and ample dampening for rough landings. An asym highback provides extra support and quicker response. Its ultra-lightweight Aluminum Baseplate with Auto Open and speed entry technology gives the rider tremendous speed and control. The Extra-large surface area of strap provides maximum support while a compression window absorbs any boot biting pressure. The Pressure Release Button helps to relax ankle strap pressure on the front of the foot thereby making riding comfortable, warm and pleasurable. also, the Micro Buckle enables riders adjust strap tension while on the fly.

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