Best Protective Shorts for Snowboarding

  • Impact shorts are probably the most overlooked piece of equipment on the market. It's used by every professional snowboarder in the industry but probably less than 25% of recreational snowboarders use these. Bottom line is, if you dont feel the need to use impact shorts, you probably aren't trying hard enough. Check out these awesome protective shorts and let us know if you have any questions.


  • Burton Total Impact Shorts

    The Burton Impact shorts have taken comfort and protection and combined them into a great solution for broken tail bones. They are easily washable and very comfortable. Dont even worry about taking the pads out. It’s all washer friendly and very comfortable to wear.

  • Demon Flex Force X D30 Protective Shorts

    If you don’t care about low volume pads, the Demon Snow Sheild is where it’s at. With removeable hard shell plastic on the thigh and tail bone region, you can stay super protected or super comfortable with either option. These shorts also have an integrated belt and are washer friendly.

  • Pro-Tec IPS Hip Pad

    Keep it all protected while staying comfortable and not letting the whole world know you have them on with the Pro-Tec men’s IPS hip pad. These shorts are forgiving, light, comfortable and again, washer friendly. With huge protection pads on the hips, thighs and tailbone, you wont feel a thing when sitting on your next rail, box or big landing. Keep yo’ botty pro-tec-ted.

  • G-Form Pro-X Compression Shorts

    Used in a huge range of sports including, but not restricted to, snowboarding, hockey, bmx and motocross, G-Form technology is amazing. This material is soft and conformable, yet when impact occurs, the molecules in the pads condense to create a strong protective material. Imagine compression shorts with pads int he right place and you have the most comfortable and low volume pair of shorts on the market. These guys make excellent body armor and we are in love with it!

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