Best Precision Boots of 2016

  • Looking for a boot that will take your carving skills to the next level? You will need a stiff boot for that! This list is a great place to start. Feel free to tell us which boot you’ll be getting in the comments below.

  • K2 Thraxis

    In the K2 lineup, Thraxis is the stiffest snowboard boot, which comes with three Boa reels (to adjust the internal and external laces), and a moldable heat intuition. It also has a new feature, the Vibram V4 for improved traction. The boots have integrated straps for added support and tight closure. The original K2 Conda system in the boots will allow you to easily loosen, or tighten the boot from the exterior. This new feature tightens around the liner to lock your foot in the right position.

  • 32 Ultralight 2

    Ultralight 2 boot is the most lightweight design you will ever see. Its performance begins with the 3L level liner, and level-3 foot bed. These are made of heat moldable intuition foams, which easily allow the boot to fit around foot curves and provide more support. The inner foam has small pockets, which provide firm heel support. It has a neoprene cap for the toe, this helps to reduce forced pressure on the toe. The whole design is finished off with the dual wrap Velcro cuff for closure.

  • Nitro Select

    Nitro Select offers support and comfort to riders who prefer quick action and supportive boots. The boot comes with the removable tongue stiffener; this allows you to tune the flexibility of the boot to match your style of riding. It has an advanced TLS 5 lacing system, ensuring comfort and tight grip. A reinforced spine provides support and the removable tongue power helps to stiffen the boot for vigorous riding sessions. It also comes with a heat moldable cloud 9 liner, which allows custom fit.

  • Salomon F4.0

    The Salmon F4.0 boot is equipped with a unique wrap lock system for closure that adjusts to every foot shape and secures heels comfortably. Riders who ride for long hours will appreciate the fusion liner of this boot, which offers advanced venting technologies that help to make the feet drier, comfortable, and cooler when their use extends. They have flex ratings of seven for higher speeds and sustained powers, as well as ortholite C3 foot bed (soft foam layer for support and good fit).

  • Burton Ion

    Burton Ion boots are ultra-responsive, comfortable, and lightweight. It has the heat moldable infinite 4-ride liner, which you can easily adjust for a perfect fit. Thanks to the dry ride cycle lining, your feet can remain dry and warm all the while you use them. Fast and aggressive riders prefer this boot because of the sleek design, and the firl flex power tongue feature that extends durability, and enhances support. The grip lite rubber backstay helps to create a cozy border between the high back and the boot.

  • DC Travis Rice

    Known as advanced snowboarding boots, DC Travis Rice are for mountain riders. They are stiff, sturdy, and allow users to have strong control over them. The external frame has a special super fabric, designed for long wears and continuous stress. It has an anatomical tongue shape (3D) as well as a black SE liner that adds comfort and improves traction. It comes with an asymmetrical outsole, with the anti-drag feature that provides good support and grip to the sole, and aerotech systems for ventilation.

  • Vans Infuse

    Vans Infuse is a unique boot equipped with waterproof leather, and rapid weld overlays for long duration use. It comes with the hybrid boa feature with slide custom guide for closure. The inner lining is made of soft foams and has a flex level of 5 to 7. The sole is a V-Hex, which helps to promote smooth traction for riders. The foot bed has V-cork as well as ultra-Cush lite for comfort and support. This boot comes in different colors, and sizes.

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