Best Precision Boots for 2015

  • When it comes to precision fit, high performance boots that form a cast around your leg and really let you lean into the turn and keep the confidence; this is the list to choose from. We know there are other options out there but this is the list of the ones we feel are the cream of the crop.

    ThirtyTwo Focus Boa


    The 32 Focus Boa is an amazing choice for anyone who is looking to carve deep trenches all over the mountain. Not only is this the prime choice of one of the best riders in the world (Jeremy Jones) but the 32 Focus Boa contributes 1% of all sales to Jeremy's foundation POW (Protect Our Winters). Dual Boa for custom fit top vs bottom differentiation and a heel wrap to lock you right in, this is one of the best fitting boots on the market.

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    Burton Ion


    This boot has it all! The Burton Ion is equipped with an A-symetrical wrap which acts as a booster strap, a self sustaining heating system that distributes heat from your body through the whole boot, and a EST light weight out sole.  Once again, Burton has done it with the ION. Check it out!

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    DC Travis Rice


    In the world of snowboard boots, there has only been a handful of boots that have stood up to the standards that the TRice boot does. DC has been pulling out all the stops with Travis' boot year after year. This year is no exception. With leather in the throat of the boot to lock you in, upper and lower boa systems, protective material for the lower boa zone, and a stiff but comfortable flex and breathing zones to keep your foot as dry as possible; there is nothing this boot isn't prepared for. Check out the video and tell us what you think!

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    K2 Maysis


    We've talked about this boot in other articles, but there is no denying the K2 Maysis for both how well it performs and fits.  This boot is an free ride boot that utilizes a double boa system. One for the inside and one for the outside. The Maysis also features ENDO construction which is an amazingly light but responsive material. If you want the T-Rice boot but don't want to spend the extra cash on all the bells and whistles, the Maysis is a great alternative that is a little more affordable.



    Deeluxe Spark XV


    The prime choice for our boy Xavier Delerue, the Deeluxe Spark XV is a great boot for the guy who needs the response from a high end precision boot with the traction of a winter hiking boot all wrapped into one. This boot features a vibram sole, C3 lacing system and thermoflex liner for a custom fit and ultimate heel lock.



    Nitro Select


    Featuring a 8-9/10 flex; the Nitro Select is a very stiff boot. This boot has it all; warmth, great fit, quick lacing, sturdy traction under foot and an amazingly light weight. This boot also has a power tongue stiffener to allow you to soften or stiffen the boot. Also, the Select has a Cloud 9 liner  that features a power strap at the top, a high end foot bed with cushion and heat molding that puts others to shame.



    Ride Fuse


    This is a bad ass boot. The Ride Fuse features the heel locking boa system on the inside. The grippy out sole, slime tongue and slim profile makes this boot an amazingly bad ass look as well as a great performing boot. And guys, be honest with yourself, there is nothing better than that traditional lace up boot. Check it out and pair this up with the Ride Helix!

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