Best Precision Boards of 2015

  • For those of us who ride hard all day, carve 2 foot trenches with every turn, and hold their confidence on bullet proof ice, there is only a select few boards that will have your back. There is nothing cheap about any of these options. When it comes to the amount of pressure you are going to put on your ride remember one thing, you get what you pay for. These boards are ready to tear it up just as much as you are.


    K2 Slay Blade


    The stiffest in the K2 line, the K2 Slayblade is the Shiz and the nit. This thing is amazing. Lifted base line (K2's version of camber.) Harshmellow under foot for some cushion. Bamboo construction to keep this thing feeling poppy, light and eco friendly. Keep this bad boy in mind if you are a big strong boy.


    K2 Sub Culture


    The little brother to the Slayblade, the Subculture is an amazingly light and poppy board that doesn't require as much pressure to get this thing to bend as the Slayblade does. Love everything that the Slayblade stands for but scared that it'll buck you off the saddle? Try the Subculture.

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    Burton Custom X


    Custom X's are back like always. If you have ever met a rider who loves this board, don't try to get them on anything else because if you ride Custom X's you never go back. This has happened to a number of our friends and its inevitable. An incredibly precise snowboard; the Custom X is at the top of the line and you can pay the price if you aren't ready for something like this.

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    Arbor Steepwater


    If you are a tree hugger and need a board that you can feel good about riding, the Arbor Steepwater is a great choice. With a sustainable construction, this board is built to last and charge hard. Full camber as always, a stiff flex and light weight construction make this thing an amazing carving legend.

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    Ride Highlife UL


    Another great lightweight board from Ride, the Ride Highlife UL is a full camber construction and yes... very light weight. In fact, its Ultra Light. Its amazingly responsive for its light weight feel and snaps right back into camber shape as you come out of those turns. Get high on the Highlife UL.

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    Ride Helix


    The A-Symetrical Ride Helix is more of a park board than anything but it's for the park kid who rides so hard he can't just settle for a Buck Up. This kid needs the board to hold a wonderfully stable edge as he initiates the rotation off the lip and holds the edge in the landing. If you need a board that does literally everything VERY WELL, the Ride Helix is an awesome choice.

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    Slash Aurora


    Featuring a Dual Camber shape, the Aurora is another innovation from GIGI's line. He has taken his ATV and amped it up with stronger and lighter constructions, a mellow hump in the middle of the board for added traction, and a mellow side cut in the nose and more aggressive int he back. Check out what GIGI's thought process was on this board.

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    Lib Tech Jamie Lynn Half Cap


    The Half Cap features TT tech which is just a fancy way of saying camber with some mellow flat spot in the middle. A great carving board with half cap, half sandwich construction. This board is ready to carve the whole mountain like an old school fool! Check it out!


    Jones Ultra Aviator


    We all know how bad ass Jeremy Jones is. This guy knows how to ride and he knows what is required in a board. The Ultra Aviator features a camber wood core, and honey comb tips! This board is an amazingly fast and precise carving board.

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