Best Precision Bindings for 2015

  • The only people who should be considering these bindings are riders who want to point the board down the hill and GO! Balls to the wall as fast as humanly possible. This kind of rider doesn't understand the meaning of slow or "Rocker." This rider only rider FULL CAMBER stiff as hell boards and cast-like boots. This rider is one step away from hard shell boots and an alpine board but still want to fit in. Check out what the best brands in the industry have to offer.

    Salomon Quantum


    As you can see, the Salomon Quantum has a carbon fiber high back which is going to make this binding incredibly responsive. Added with the Crossbow wire which runs across the bottom of your foot to add responsiveness, this binding is all about precision. The Quantum also features the infamous Shadow Fit heel cups which make this binding extremely comfortable which is a necessity when riding all day long.


    Union FC


    Utilizing Forged Carbon throughout the binding, the Union FC is incredibly lightweight design. As you can imagine with Forged Carbon, this binding is all about precision riding in every definition of the word. Union bindings also have incredibly durable ladder and attachment straps that are almost impossible to break. Twist them around as many times as you want and they stay intact.

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    Burton Diode


    The Burton Diode has to be one of the lightest bindings on the market. It features a lightweight but responsive high back, lightweight straps that you don't have to crank down to still feel secure.  For this year they also added the hinge on the ankle strap to get it out of your way when stepping into the binding. (You think they would have done that a long time ago but we guess they had other things in mind)

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    K2 Lien AT


    Featuring the new Tripod technology, the K2 Lien All Terrain is an amazingly light yet responsive binding. The Tripod tech is explained in the second video below but the basic idea is that there are 3 points where your foot contacts the board and by having these sections reinforced with these "pods" you are able to create better energy transfer in toe and heel side turns. Leave the pad in for a more responsive feel and take them out to get a more "surfy" feel from your board. Either way this is an amazing binding and should be up for consideration by almost anyone.

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    Now O-Drive


    Featuring the infamous "King Pin" construction paired with a carbon high back and glass chassis, the Now O-Drive is as good as it gets when it comes to responsive bindings. This is all about keeping it responsive as possible. If you strictly carve, this is an awesome choice.

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    Rome Katana


    Slightly soft from side to side, the Katana is still very responsive edge to edge. However, as you lean side to side in a lateral motion, this binding is pretty maneuverable. This binding also has the half chassis construction to reduce weight and have some play side to side. If you are looking for something with a slight freestyle feel, the Rome Katana may be the right choice for you.

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    Ride El Hefe


    Layering carbon fiber with urethane, the Carbon Slimeback paired with the Infinity Chasis make this binding amazingly light and responsive. The combination of carbon fiver and urethane make this binding responsive while dampening the chatter when cruising at those higher speeds. This binding fits amazingly with a ton of companies boots and with adjustable foot beds you get the right fit no matter the situation.


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