Best Powder Boards of 2015

  • Who doesn't dream of those amazing powder days? Ask anyone who rides what their ideal day would be. 99% of the time, it's pow riding. Even if you fall, there are almost no consequences. What's better than that? Get ready for that big dump (not the one you took this morning) and live the dream with some of these amazing powder board choices for 2015.

    K2 Peacekeeper


    Keep the peace with the 2015 K2 Peacekeeper. This board features the BC baseline which is a 50/50 flat-rocker shape. It also has mellower rise in the tip and tail which they call "tweekend" for more surface area as ollies and nollies ensue. Keep this powder missile on the list when making your considerations for a new ride.

    YES. 420


    The YES 420 is an amazing powder board that is following the new standards for pow shapes. They are meant to be ridden much smaller than what length you normally would ride. This board is meant to last with a durable base material. Looking for a surfy ride with a quick turning radius, this is the board for you.


    Capita Spring Break Tree Hunter


    Turning heads all over the mountain this year, the Capita Spring Break Tree Hunter is taking originality to the next level. The Tree Hunter is one of 3 boards in Capita's Spring Break collection. Equipped with a swallow tail and a moderate flex, this board is ready to take you to the trees, pow bowls and back to the groomers without missing a beat. Check out the Capita Spring Break Tree Hunter at one of these fine locations.


    Capita Charlie Slasher


    Looking for more of a traditional powder ride from Capita? The Charlie Slasher is a tapered, directional powder board that is amazingly great no matter where you are. Get ready to lean back and feel the float with this pow slashing machine. Even on those days when you have "2 PM mash potatoes" you are gliding over that crud with very minimal effort. Check out what these chaps have to say about the Capita Charlie Slasher.



    Ride Alter Ego


    Speaking of original concepts, the Ride Alter Ego is a great option for the guy who wants a powder board that can still perform well on hard pack. Keep the tail clipped for hard pack / piste or flip the switch and hit pow with a surfy feel. There isn't many other options out there like this. This board is definitely one of a kind.



    Salomon Reserve


    With full camber under the back foot and a swallow tail supporting a solid construction and directional shape, the Salomon Reserve takes you from finishing an amazing turn on hard pack to floating in the pow with minimal effort. This board is a 1 stop shop for everything a directional free rider could want. Area 51 base is the fastest base from Salomon. Variable side wall geometry gives you maximum power and the construction of this board has tons of vibration dampening. Check it out!


    Flow Darwin


    The Flow Darwin performs just as well in the powder as it does on the groomers. With an extra wide nose, tapered swallow tail and pow-cam camber profile, the Darwin is ready for the deepest conditions. This board will also include a mid flex , A.B.T. 2 piece silicone in the tail for vibration dampening, re-flex core, quadrax glass, double carbon stringers and whiskey royal to lighten up the ride. Basically, its the bees knees when it comes to materials in the flow line.



    DC Supernatant


    Devun Walsh worked with DC on this one. Taking his 162 and creating the same surface area in a 154cm by increasing the waist width, drawing a little taper from the nose to tail and a rounded off tail in case anyone who has a little freestyle flavor in their free ride is able to land switch and still ride away gracefully. It's also one of the lightest boards on the market right now. Check it out at one of these locations.


    Jones Hovercraft


    This is the ultimate powder board for anyone who is looking to ride a directional shape and kill it no matter how deep it is. If you don't know who Jeremy Jones is...we need to talk... but Jones is one of the best big mountain riders in the world and when it comes to the tools that get him from A-B, he is one of the best people to ask what works the best. Don't strain yourself leaning back all day, the Jones Hovercraft will keep you in that leaned back position with minimal fatigue. Sometimes you might end up on a groomer to get to the pow, have no fear, the Hovercraft will keep your edge while you're carving the hard stuff.



    NeverSummer Summit


    The Summit is a tapered board with a defined nose. It has a set back stance to keep that nose up. They also made this board to stomp out all vibrations, it's a solid choice for anyone looking for a pow slayer that can get by on the groomers as well.


    Arbor Shreddy Krueger


    The Arbor Shreddy Krueger is a powder specific board that rides hard pack very well. They mellowed out the rocker in the tail to help finish the turn better on hard pack. Extension of the rocker in the nose as well as the swallow tail helps this bad boy stay tips up in that steep and deep. If you are looking to turn heads with an all mountain pow killer, the Shreddy Krueger is where it's at.



    Burton Flight Attendant


    The Flight Attendant from Burton is a directional shaped pow board that will still perform well on hard pack. It's a responsive S-camber shape that keeps you finishing the turn well. If you throw this thing into the pow, get ready for that nose to stay way up and to already by in a leaned back stance without even trying. You can get away with some switch landings but don't expect it to be easy, this is meant to be ridden in one direction for the most part.


    Burton Pile Driver


    The Pile Driver from Burton is a unique shape for that earthy crunchy pow rider who wants to ride with or without bindings. It comes equipped with surfboard traction pads in case you want to ride without bindings, but also gives you extra cushion when you wants to throw some bindings on there. Don't even think about this on a groomer, it just isn't for that. But as a quiver board, to say you have a Pile Driver is an achievement in and of itself. Check out what Dave Downing has to say about it.



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