Best Park Snowboard Bindings For 2014

  • Here's a sneak peek at all the best park bindings for 2014. These bindings are created for all types of riders from those who like to hit big jumps, those who like to lock onto rails and everyone in between. Make sure you are picking the right ones for your style of riding. This article will be updated and added to on a regular basis so make sure to sign up for our email list for updates and come back for more info and a larger variety.

    Flux DLflux_snowboard_binding_dl_2014

    The DL is where its at. We love the urethane stabilizers, the winged highback design, and responsive feel even in the park. If you are looking for a 1 binding quiver that will work well with any board, check out the Flux DLs.  If you want a responsive feel, keep the stabilizers in, if you want a forgiving park feel, take the stabilizers out. If you need more info on these and other Flux Bindings, check out Ep. 4 of the Snowboard Steez podcast.

    Titanium hardware and carbon infused baseplates make the DL the lightest binding for 13-14. These bindings keep Erik Leon strapped-- whether he’s surfing powder or pressing out at spots. Customize your ride by using either the soft or hard density removable stabilizers on the baseplate. The imbedded freestyle sensors in the footbed provide power when boning out. The semi-winged highback gives you leverage and control when you need it, and the milled out baseplate provide a lightweight but stable ride. The DL is for extreme freestyle riders.

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    Nitro Phantomurl


    When it comes to getting something that will help you ride the whole mountain as well as you "Rip The Pahk" *PARK in a New England accent* You want the Nitro Phantom. Take this binding from the park to the pow because this binding will do it all for you. If its good enough for Eero Etalla, its good enough for you. With a milled out highback and FTI EVO chassis, this thing is amazing lightweight. Full flex under the binding will make it seem as if you're riding directly on the board with nothing between you and your shred plank.

    The Nitro Phantom Snowboard Bindings are Nitro's pro level, high performance freestyle bindings. The Phantom features asymmetric and ergonomic ankle straps for the ultimate comfort and support. These are also super lightweight with the FTI EVO 2 AIR Chassis and the Asym X-Beam highback, to help you get higher than ever while the lightweight design also provides insane board feel. Once you've taken this apparition for a spin, you'll never go back.


    Union Contact ProScreen-Shot-2013-01-22-at-9.09.59-AM


    If you hit the slopes early in the season, this is all you see on the slopes. The die-hards ride this binding, and there's a few reasons for it. Looking for a lightweight binding? This thing is as milled out as they come. In terms of cushioning, these are as soft under foot as possible. Easy to use, and durable as hell, ladder straps. Super light, soft and cushy and strong as hell, you cant get much better than the 2014 Union Contact Pro. Ride big mountain and hit big booters? This binding is for you.

    While many companies have explored the benefits of incorporating mini-discs into their designs, the singular goal was always weight reduction. For the 100% retooled Contact Pro, Union has relied upon input from Gigi Ruf to produce their most advanced model yet. In the process of incorporating a significantly smaller mounting disc, Union realized that in addition to achieving lighter weight, the downsized gap in the baseplate allowed for less material needs at the critical strongpoints of the outer contact zones. This economy of materials allows for a more extensive use of EVA, in turn yielding a less rigid and smaller overall binding footprint, which leads to less distortion of a board's intended flex.

    Compare prices for the 2014 Union Contact Pro at all these dope shops:

    eleveille-button-peterglenn-televeille-button-evo-televeille-button-backcountry-televeille-button-tactics-t eleveillebuttonssquarerei

    Burton Infidelprd9984_lg

    Zach loves this binding. If you need a binding that keeps you locked in place but still lets you tweak major style in mid air or on some boxes and rails, this is the binding for you. What makes this binding special is the highback. It's soft as hell for really tweaking out those tricks, but unlike a urithane binding, these Gumbo Highbacks don't get stiffer when it gets cold. Ride the park like its mid-June and you're at the skate park with this dope-as-hell binding.

    The infamous Infidel bindings are back and better than ever. With upgraded components and a super lightweight design, the new Infidels set a new standard for park bindings. Solid, lightweight highback and pillowy straps, make this a binding you won’t want to strap out of. Don't forget that these highbacks aren't your normal urithane plastic. These bad boys are part of Burton's secret formulas that don't get stiff when it gets cold. Throw these on the Burton Nug for a perfect urban and park jib stick.

    Compare prices for the 2014 Burton Infidel Binding at all these locations:


    Salomon Hologramurl

    Oh the Hologram, this binding has a special place in our heart. We cant get over the range of motion you get with the ShadowFit Heel cup. It will let you save those sketchy landings onto rails and keep your ollies fresh with a wide range of lateral motion. If you want a binding that's lightweight and as closely related to skate style as possible, keep this binding on the list.

    Rock out in the park with the Salomon Hologram Snowboard Binding. With its Hologram highback and ShadowFit baseplate, this binding is made to maximize tweakability and minimize weight in order to increase the amount of air you can get. Take your freestyle riding to the next level with the Salomon Hologram binding.

    Find your 2014 Salomon Hologram at these fine a** locations:



    K2 Hurrithanek2-hurrithane-snowboard-bindings-2014-black

    This binding has been in the K2 line for a long time. However, K2 switched up the highback shape to what they call tweakback. Still constructed of urethane, this binging has great range of motion on the outside but still very stable and responsive on the inside when you need it to be. With the hinge system on the ankle straps, never fear stepping on your straps again. Harshmellow under foot makes this binding feel like you're standing on one of those fancy memory foam matresses. (I just didn't want to say clouds)

    The K2 Hurrithane Snowboard Bindings are the original urethane highbacks, starting a wave of ultra-lightweight and durable bindings to hit the binding scene. This year, the Hurrithanes are tweaked out and better than ever. With a little bit of weight loss, the new and improved Hurrithanes are lighter and have utilized the natural flex of the urethane highback, resulting in a more skate-inspired flex. Lightweight, durable, and with Harshmellow™ dampeners in the footbed, the K2 Hurrithanes are one powerful set of freestyle bindings.

    Compare prices for the 2014 K2 Hurrithane at all these awesome locations:


    Flow Freeballerjfyahd

    A while back, there we're kids that rode lowbacks, which were very short highbacks. Then they started riding nobacks. The trend faded out but now its back. Riders are rocking noback bindings like Freeballer and other bindings with the noback  feature all over the park. Looking for maximum tweakability, there's nothing better. The freeballer is dope because not only does it have the noback feature, but it still has the rear entry technology as well as three buckles, one on the ankle, toe and heel cup. So that means if there are crazy pow days you can still use this binding as a traditional two buckle binding.

    Understanding where urban riding came from inspired Flow to take it back to the roots, so they stripped their new Fuse composite baseplate off the restrictions of a highback to offer you this urban assault binding with unparalleled freedom. Molded GF Nylon Rockered Baseplate - Engineered to transmit energy directly to the board without loss of efficiency. The minimized contact area with the board channels your power where it needs to go while the rocker corners of the baseplate allow any type of board to maintain optimal flex. Flow's baseplates are uniquely engineered to transmit energy directly to the board without loss of efficiency or natural board fee. Hybrid Power Cap Strap - The Hybrid Power CapStrap is a revolutionary hybrid between Flow's Speed Entry convenience and conventional 2-strap Side Entry, merging the best of both. The toe cap delivers a perfect fit every time. Giving you more feel and optimal performance, the unique Flow Power Straps cover a larger area of the foot, especially your critical mid-foot zone. Power Straps don't need to be cranked down which avoids cramping, fatigue and cold toes while transferring more power directly to your board edges. They also keep a stable position for true Speed Entry convenience.


    Rome Mob Boss14_bdg_mobboss_blk_ccff_800800_z1

    If you want maximum flex under foot but dont want to conform to some of the other brands out there. The Rome Mob Boss is...BOSS! Take this all over the park and feel confident that you are riding a binding that wont fold when you stomp that landing. Keep yourself canted or not with the replacable canted or non-canted foot beds. In addition, V-Rod tech is how you are going to flex that board under your binding to get the most natural flex possible. Hit this up if you ride as hard as the pros.

    Light, flexible and fun, the Mob Boss is loaded with canting, crafted with our V-Rod Unibody all-plastic design, and given a heavy dose of high-end strap technology.  And it’s built with pretty much one thing in mind: park and park-influenced shredding.  Comfort and control comes from the NEW Contour Boss ankle strap and ConformGrip toe strap. NEW Contour Boss Ankle Strap Designed to conform over the ankle, the Contour Boss strap has double the cushion for comfort and new materials for a smooth support profile. The next step in superior ankle straps from the SDS Design House.

    Find the best deals on the 2014 Rome Mob Boss at these locations:



    The description below says it all. We rode these bindings with skepticism but after riding them, we cant get enough and wish we could ride them all year long but testing is part of our job. The only thing to look out for with this binding is taking off the baseplate in the cold. Maybe it was a flaw that they have fixed, but when its really cold, the base plate on this binding is incredibly hard to remove without stabbing the baseplate with a screwdriver, Just make sure you are dialed in with this binding before taking it out on the slopes. But otherwise, this thing is awesome and besides the 4 screws that connect it to the board, this binding is completely hands friendly. No tools needed to switch these Switchbacks.

    Switchback is getting back to the way snowboarding is supposed to be, all about freedom. Fresh for this season, these snowboard bindings are looking to make a statement. Totally tool-less and completely convenient, Switchback bindings are rider-friendly and fun as hell. Featuring the ability to have a highback or no back, Switchback bindings are versatile. You can throw on a highback for high power thrashing, or you can pop it off for a surf inspired feel. Snowboarding was raised on innovation and the freedom to choose, why quit now? Switch it up with Switchback Bindings.

    Compare prices for all sorts of 2014 Switchback bindings at these shops:


    Ride Revoltride-revolt-snowboard-bindings-2014-red

    Another great responsive binding that doesn't fold under pressure. Seb Toots kills it all day on the Ride Revolt. Take this binding all over the park from jibbing boxes to throwing corks on a 70 ft. booter. Aluminum baseplate makes this binding strong yet lightweight. This is definitely a binding to consider if you hit the park hard, swtich, and all day long!

    The Ride Revolt Snowboard Bindings are the all-mountain freestyle rippers that you're looking for. With a wide array of technical options such as an EVA Basepad for smoother and more natural riding and landings, and a Freestyle Core Ankle Strap the Revolt provides the rider with a huge amount of comfort and control. Revolt against other bindings that don't brag or back up their performance claims, ride Ride man . . .

    Compare prices for the 2014 Ride Revolt between all these locations:

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