Best Park Boots for 2015

When it comes to boots that perform well in the park, there are a ton of choices out there. This list is a great place to start. Some of these boots are higher quality than others but in turn some of these boots will be much more affordable than others. Let us know what boots you are thinking about getting, or think that we left out on this list.

DC Judge


DC knows how to make boots, and the Judge is no exception. The DC Judge is a collaboration boot with Snow Park Technologies ( This boot comes with a ventilation system, exclusive black boa cables and durable material on the toe. A great boot for anyone looking to hit the park hard all day long.


Burton Rampant


Stiffer on the outsides, softer on the insides, the Burton Rampant is a great boot for anyone who is looking to rip the park as often as they cruise the whole mountain. Heat molding in the liner, and a reflective liner under foot to keep you warm; this boot is perfect for anyone who wants to stay comfortable and warm all at once.


Flow Solite


The name says it all, The Flow Solite Coiler is SO LIGHT its insane. A traditional boa boot with a pull lace liner, the Solite couldn't be more functional while still being a tight looking boot. A one piece toe makes this boot durable where most wear occurs and the Coiler helps you lace that boot up faster than your buddies.

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32 TM-Two


One of the most popular boots in the park last year, the 32 TM Two is the way to go if you are out there a ton. Rip the park or the whole mountain in the pride of 32's line. Heat molding liners, support throughout and a slightly better than average footbed make this boot a no brainier.


K2 Raider


Keep in mind, this is a boot for someone who may only go a few times a year and needs something comfortable. There are better boots in the K2 line but the Raider is a incredibly popular choice for function as well as economic reasons. The 2015 Raider boot is back at it with the stylistic appeal and weight saving advantage of no-sew construction. Designed to look and function like a comfy skate shoe these boots provide the ease of Boa to complete a boot that presses and butters from the streets of Salt Lake to the parks and peaks of Whistler Blackcomb.



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