Best Park Boards for 2018

  • You've waited all summer to get back out on the mountain, run some park laps and see what kind of tricks you can learn this year. But wait, last year you went hard in the taint and probably need a new board. It's time to see what the world of park boards has in store. We tested, poked and prodded to our hearts content and these are the boards we find to be the best options for riding in the park. Check 0ut what makes each one unique and see if any suit your riding style best.

  • Lobster Park Board

    With a low-profile camber shape and Park 3BT (Triple Base Technology), the Lobster Park Board is a spitfire plank to shred the park with. The park 3BT is specially designed for shredding jumps and rails because of their narrower camber section and larger rocker sections as opposed to a board that would have a wider area of camber and narrower section of rocker in the tip and tail. With a flex rating of 5/10, which is a generous in comparison to other brands, the Park Board is a great softer option for someone who loves to ride a little loosy goosy, you know, with some flare, some pizzazz, some STEEZ! You get the point… Don’t waste any more time, snag up a Lobster Park Board before they are all gone!

  • Burton Kilroy Custom

    The Kilroy Custom is a new deck to the line. An all mountain directional twist on a park slayer. The flex rating is smack dab in the middle of the 1-10 scale with a 5 but feels a little softer than Burton claims. The swallow tail and slight directional mounting points give you the feeling of an all mountain option but once you get on this thing, there is no question you shouldn’t have a problem slaying the park. You can even move your bindings to a more centered position and disregard the recommended mounting points to give you that centered stance feeling of a park board. Whether you are killing it in the park or trying to win a banked slalom event, the Burton Kilroy would be an awesome option for you.

  • Bataleon Wallie

    With a flex rating of 3/10, this Bataleon Wallie is definitely a ride for a guy who wants to hit rails and jibs all day long. With Bataleon’s Jib 3BT (Triple Base Technology) the center portion of camber is very mellow and wide where the rocker is reduced on the sides of the tip and tail. This board also comes with Sidekick technology which is a great addition for helping you to have some bite on hard pack when cruising your way over to the park. Even if you are just starting out but you know that you will gravitate towards riding the park this would be a great option for someone to have a forgiving ride now and a fun little deck when you get better.  

  • Ride Warpig

    A very unique board in the RIDE line. It looks like a directional powder board but this is an all-around shred machine but does really well in the park for the sole reason that this it is a little wider and shorter to make it easy to maneuver when trying to get those rotations down.  With a medium flex, this board can stay strong at higher speeds. If you are looking for a park board that will still hold it’s own when you find yourself in pow or high speed piste runs, this would be a wise choice.

  • Salomon Villian

    A truly underestimated option for the park rider, the Villain features a rockout camber that is flat in the middle, camber under foot and rocker in the tip and tail. This board is a great option for someone who is heavily park oriented but still wants to ride the whole mountain from time to time. When it comes to getting a board that is the right choice for you, the Villain is a great option and convers a huge range of riders. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, the Villain will steal your heart.

  • Nitro T1

    The T1 is one of our favorite options in the Nitro line. This board has been in the line for a long time with slight changes as the years pass. This is a true twin board for symmetry whether you ride regular or switch. It also features a 5/10 flex and Rail Killer edges which are twice as thick for the guy who is riding rails all day. If you are the kind of guy who rides the whole mountain but wants something with a park twist, the T1 is a great option. Take a T1 out for a spin and send it like no other.

  • GNU Headspace

    If you are always in your own head and want a board that reflects that persona, the GNU Headspace would be a great choice. Featuring GNU’s Magna-Traction, these serrated edges are ready to hold you tight when leaning up on those edges on ice or hard-pack snow. The C3 profile combined with a soft flex make for an awesome, fun ride without too much effort. This board also comes with a twin shape to allow you to ride switch just as well as you ride normal. Lastly, the Headspace is another beautiful art piece done by Forest Bailey. Get yourself on a Headspace and find out why so many riders can’t stop thinking about the GNU Headspace

  • Capita Defenders of Awesome

    Another board that has been in existence for a long time, the Defenders of Awesome is a freestyle, all mountain option for the guy who wants to get all over the hill but really shine in the park. This board flex rating is a 5.5/10 as provided by Capita. The DOA features the Hybrid FK camber profile which gives you camber in the middle, flat under foot and rocker in the tip and tail. This gives you the best of both worlds with a locked-in, secure feel when carving as well as the forgiveness that comes with flat and rocker in the tip and tail. The DOA has carbon fiber stringers from tip to tail which gives you that lively pop that you expect from any above average deck when pumping in and out of turns or loading it up for a jump. Defend all that is Awesome with the Capita Defenders of Awesome.

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