Best Park Boards For 2014

  • There are tons of great park boards out there for all types of disciplines and skill levels. Here are some great boards for doing laps in the park that will keep you smiling run after run. Be sure to check in regularly as this list will be added to as the season nears. Also sign up for our email list to make sure you are up to date on all the latest in the best park boards of the season.

    K2 WWW (World Wide Weapon)



    10 YEARS and going strong, the WWW is a JIB MACHINE! Press with confidence on any box or rail in town. With more butter than you put on your pancakes, this soft yet supportive board is made for rails boxes and little kickers so don't try to ride this all mountain because it doesn't work so well.

    The K2 WWW (World Wide Weapon) Rocker Snowboard is a versatile twin Rocker built to dominate any freestyle line. It's Freestyle™ Baseline technology provides just enough rise in the tip and tail contact points to create a loose, buttery feel while maintaining instant response and pop. A tool for freestyle urban destruction, the World Wide Weapon offers a balance of playful performance and precision designed with the freedom of skateboarding in mind.

    Compare prices for the 2014 K2 WWW between all your favorite stores here:


    and K2 Fastplant



    Now, if you arent the buttery press machine that wants to ride the Weapon, this is the board for you. A much better all mountain freestyle board, the Fastplant is made out of exactly just that; a fast plant. Bamboo to be exact. From tip to tail. This makes the Fastplant a spring loaded pop machine with a 5 year snap proof warranty. BUT WAIT, THEEERES MORE! The Fastplant has the snap of a full camber board with its Ollie bar, which is a cambered piece of carbon fiver that connects the bindings and creates a  snappy ride like no other.

    The K2 Fastplant Snowboard is like your favorite record that never fails to satisfy. You know, that one piece of music that you can rely on to get you stoked. Equipped with the playful, yet on-it feel of Freestyle Baseline with Tweekend™ technology for that level of versatility and stomp-anything durability, the Fastplant is fully warmed up and ready for you to build your own classic style.


    Compare prices for the 2014 K2 Fastplant at all these dope spots:

    Dinosaurs Will Die MAETmaet-top-1314-web-300dpi_matte_500_390

    This board surpasses the expectations of all the Dinosaurs Will Die team riders. Take this board from the park to the groomers and everywhere outside and in between. Basic and badass. The maeT is a soft yet sturdy, twin tip, cambered deck for park pillaging. Featuring graphics by Zeachman himself.

    You got to call around for this one. But listen to our podcast with Sean Genovese from DWD on this and others in his line in episode 5


    Arbor Westmarkarbor-westmark-snowboard-2014-purple

    If you know who Scotty Vine is, you know that this board is not for the feint of heart. We LOVE Arbor boards and the Westmark is the pinnacle of park boards in their line. Watch some of Vine's videos and you'll see that this board can handle anything you can throw at it. Its great for the big booters and hand rails. Take this bad boy through any condition whether its bullet proof ice or pow pillows. Even does well in the trees.

    The Arbor Westmark Snowboard is a park oriented board with the ability to ride the whole mountain with ease. Featuring a med-soft flex and Arbors Park System Rocker, this board will jib, butter, and spin any feature you throw at it. Stomp huge landings with the durable Medicine Core and tough Fusion Base. Lap the park or turn the entire resort into your park on the Arbor Westmark Snowboard.

    Compare prices for the 2014 Arbor Westmark at these locations:


    Lib Tech Box Scratcher28843_1

    Let me get a hell yea, for the Scratcher. This board does so well for the short sizes we tested it in. Keep it light and keep it stable even sizing down 5-10cm. If you ride a 155 get the 145 and so on. This board has magnatraction and thats what lets you keep it short yet stable. Slamming boxes and rails all day? This board has a fairly soft flex and does well on anything jib related.

    Jesse Burtners jib focused all mountain freestyle stick. Have fun riding everything, anywhere, anytime with the Box Scratcher!  Now with Brain 'Scan Technology'.  If you like to snowboard like Jesse Burtner does this is your board.  Whether jibbing a fridge or hand planting a Stegosaurus, whirling like a dervish or surfing an air current like a plastic bag, the Box Scratcher is your board.  New kink nose and tail help with buttering and presses.  Ride it in reverse!  Scan your brain!!

    Compare prices for the 2014 Lib Tech Burnters Box Scratcher at these dope spots:

    Flow Verve533014_verve_base_top

    Fairly soft and forgiving, the Flow Verve is that buttery jib board you are looking for. Not only is it catch free, but its soft and easy to maneuver for sure. If you ride rails and boxes more than you ride snow, this is it.

    The Verve is an agile yet mellow EZ-Rock board with a forgiving flex and a convex base for a virtually catchfree riding experience. An urban slayer and park player make the Verve your choice when keeping things skatey. With its’ blunted nose/tail and Whiskey Royale construction, your utilitarian stick has arrived.

    Compare prices for the 2014 Flow Verve at these dope spots:

    Nitro Swindle28803_1

    Mouse is a local North County San Diego artist; you maybe know him from his pretty sick stenciled grip that he’s been making for a few years now. Well, you definitely know him if you enjoy spending your time on a skateboard—you can see his work on top of almost every core skateboarders deck (the Mouse Grip tape). The guy has a passion for progression and that’s one of the reasons Nitro wanted to collaborate with him on one of their most progressive raw boards—the Nitro Swindle. Wögna is riding it in the clip above.

    Compare prices for the 2014 Nitro Swindle at these spots:


    Burton Nugprd9996_lg

    Take a deep breath, relax and prepare for a fast, nimble and fun ride. The Burton Nug Snowboard is a potent little board. With a complete retooling of shape, flex and effective edge, Burton recommends an 8 to 10 cm downsize from normal board length with the Nug. With so much tech rolled into a tiny package, the Burton Nug Snowboard wants to jib and spin, while still being stable enough to bomb groomers and get tricky in the trees.

    Buy the 2014 Burton Nug at one of these respectable locations:

    proboardshop snowboards.net_logo Evo-Logo-Green_jpg_280x280_crop_q95images TN_1_the-house-boardshop_the-house-logo


    GNU Danny Kassurl

    Danny Kass is back and he is still ripping! Check out the new Nike video for proof of what it takes to be a legend. Danny likes his boards a bit stiffer for riding pipe but this board is till soft and playful enough to take through the park and all over the mountain. Now with Gnu's newest camber, the XC2 his board will truly be unstoppable. The idea behind the new camber is a more "eXtreme" (or deeper) reverse camber. It stiffens up and snaps back into position more aggresively than other cambers.

    Compare prices for the 2014 Danny Kass at these spots:


    Ride Buck Up


    The Ride Buck Up is Sebastian Toutant's pro-model and new for 2014. If you haven't heard of Sebastian Toutant yet just wait for the olympics and then you will know exactly who he is. He is one of a select few who have triple corks on lock and is favoured to podium in the olympics already a year ahead. When Ride offered him his very own board he wanted to create a board that felt amazing instantly out of the wrapper. It had to be soft and forgiving but sill be able to match his intensity of freestyle riding. The Buck Up is the answer!

    Compare prices for the 2014 Ride Buck Up at these hot spots:

    Evo-Logo-Green_jpg_280x280_crop_q95TN_1_the-house-boardshop_the-house-logo images

    Rome Butter Knife14_butterknife_152(1)_800800_z1

    Like the name: loose and greasy meets precise and sharp. With a blunt nose and tail, this board is designed to ride 1-2 sizes shorter than your normal deck. 3D camber in the nose and tail creates the buttery, spin-happy vibe of the board, while the flat Diamond of the NoHang-Ups technology gives you stability and focal points for popping crisp ollies. By doubling the length of the transition zone from 6cm to 12cm, we elongate the section of edge at the contact point to create a buttery, fun feel from edge to edge. Add the NoHang-Ups camber and your loose-happy shred level has been cranked up a few.

    Compare prices for the 2014 Rome Butter Knife at these shops:

    Capita UltraFearcapita-ultrafear-151-2014-600x600

    Finally available to everyone, this once limited super power of freestyle boards is here and sporting some serious status. As a winner of the 2012 Transworld Top Ten Good Wood Award, a CAPiTA team favorite, and star of endless video segments, the Ultrafear is a living legend. Updated with a unique shape and a continued graphic style depicting dismembered pieces of every graphic throughout the CAPiTA line, these boards are a show stealer. They float in powder and turn effortlessly on hard-pack, but they're known by most as the best jib board in the world. Take it to the streets or the resort, this board is an essential part of any serious freestyler's quiver.

    Compare prices for the 2014 GNU UltraFear right her...(yes it's here with an accent):


    Never Summer EVO 4.0never-summer-evo-2014-600x600

    The Never Summer evolution in optimum freestyle performance continues with our fourth generation Evo. The Evo 4.0 features a new Low Profile Tip and Tail reducing drag and enabling a rider to carry speed into the next feature. Its Press Flex Core allows riders to easily manipulate the board for a buttery, fun, and playful ride. The Evo 4.0’s blunted true twin shape minimizes material for a lighter more balanced spin weight while extending the eff ective edge for more stability on takeoffs and landings. Our EDS Dampening system works in perfect union with the new Harmonic Damper (HDT) in the Tip and Tail. Together EDS and HDT reduces vibration from the tip and tail while being crisp and snappier in the cambered areas. The Evo 4.0 just plain excels!

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