Best Park Boards For 2013 Season

  • Now is the time to be looking for great deals on 2013 gear.  If you want the deal this is the time to strike! There are tons of companies out there that make a great park board. Here are some of the boards to look out for in no particular order.
    Don't forget, grab these boards while they're around, most of these boards will be gone before the new season starts.

    K2 'Fastplant'

    The Fastplant has a jib rocker base line which is flat with 20% rocker tip and tail. The full bamboo core gives this board a virtually infinite range of bend.  Which also allows K2 to put a 5 year warranty on this board. If you are able to snap the board they will give you a new one. (but if you damage the edges it's on you.) In addition, this board has an ollie bar which adds to the snap of the board. Since the board is flat instead of camber, it looses some of its snap but the ollie bar puts that back plus some.
    k2 snowboards

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    Burton 'Whammy Bar'

    The Whammy Bar has been around the block for a while, but this year is somewhat different. Burton has decided to collaborate with Pink Floyd for 2013 and come out with 4 different album covers that coincide with each size. Dark Side is the 155cm. The board comes with EST system ( love it or leave it ) and is the same baseline as it has always been except that they've put a scoop in between the bindings to make this board a rail grinding beast.
    whammy bar pink floyd burton

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    Rome 'Hammer Head'

    Yes, the hammerhead looks funny, but the shape says something about this board; it's different. The hammer head has been one of the funnest boards when you are on boxes or rails. If you are looking for a box and rail pressing machine, this is the board of choice. Compare this to the K2 World Wide Weapon and add a few features. With a flat section in the nose and tail for a larger surface to stay on as you butter the shit out of the park, you cant help but to rip the park up on the Hammer Head. The Freepop Rocker profile allows for superior pop to get the maximum amount of air time possible while the Hosoi shape gives natural jibbing capabilities. This is a true skate inspired board for those in search of hand plants, transitions and Animal Chin.

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    Lib Tech 'Burtner's Box Scrather'

    If you like a shorter board but want the stability of a longer board, this is the board of choice. As you may know, Magnatraction is seen through most, if not all, of the line and the Box Scratcher is no different. However, this board has a softer flex for that guy who wants to press hard. But even with the softer flex, the Scratcher does a great job of still being very stable. Ride this board 5-10 CM shorter than usual and you will be pleased with the eliminated weight without a sacrifice of stability at higher speeds.

    The Lib Tech Burtner’s Box Scratcher Snowboard is the thinking man’s jib stick. With Banana Tech rocker between your legs and mild to flat camber out to the contact points, this board will let you stick any park trick you have a mind to with style to spare, not only that but you can still hit those sidecountry features on your lunch hour. Shorter lengths with wider waist widths and a forgiving flex help make it all happen. In addition, the magnatraction on this board allows you the stability of a longer board in a shorter package.


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    Arbor 'Del Rey'

    So here it is, the Del Rey from Arbor. ISH LOVES THIS BOARD! Its most definitely his bag baby! *Austin Powers reference for the young ins who don't know.* This board is the different from the Rome Hammer head and the Scratcher from Lib. It's more of your big air board. It loves to handle high speeds as well as big booters while still being lightweight and can still work on rails if you hit them every so often.

    The Arbor Del Rey Snowboard is dirty little freestyle performance machine in a cambered true twin package. Throw down spins and jib rails and boxes with style on this durable snowboard. Whether you're a beginner or veteran, the Del Rey will take your park and jib riding to the next level. If you are looking to take your freestyle riding to higher speeds and bigger booters hit this board up.



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    What boards did we miss? Let us know in the comments.


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