Best High End Park Boards of 2015

  • Going big in the park and pipe and need a board that is going to withstand the punishment? Or just want a responsive all mountain board that carves well, this is a great list to start off with. Almost all these boards have a camber foundation and tend to be on the stiffer side but nothing most people cant handle.

    Gnu Forest Bailey's Space Case


    With an Asym design, the GNU Space Case is back again with all of what you expect from this bad ass board. The ASS Pickle, as some people refer to it, has a deeper radius on the toe side edge and a shallower radius on the heel side to create a similar turn with either edge. It also has a stiffer core on the toe edge for better response on the toe side turns. As always, the Space Case comes with magnatraction to create multiple points of contact and allowing the board to really bite on those hard-pack icy areas.

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    K2 Fastplant


    One of our favorite boards in this list. The Fastplant is built with the best materials money can buy. With a Bambooya core, this board has a untouchable 5 year warranty. But don't worry, you wont break it anyways, this thing can be ridden well out of its weight range and still ride like a champ. Like short boards? Go as short as you want with this thing, it can take it. The Fastplant also has a cambered piece of carbon fiber which is milled into the core of the board between your bindings. This is called the ollie bar and puts the pop back into your flat deck. This board also has Tweekend which is when the rise of the tip and tail is mellowed out to create one continuous surface instead of having a base definitively separated from the tip and tail. This creates a larger contact surface when initiating ollies.


    Rossignol Retox


    Rossi doesn't always get the love they deserve because almost everything in their line is worth getting. But the Retox has been shining through in most reviews and it's no different here. The Retox is amazingly versatile. Allowing you to rip the whole mountain hard while still being playful enough for the park. Camber between the bindings and rocker in the tip and tail, this is about a 60/40 split. Which will maintain stability while allowing you to smear the landing if you need it. Might as well stock up now and get a Bakers Dozen!

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    Ride Buck Up


    With a completely cambered profile, the Ride Buck Up is a favorite by many. One person in particular is our boy Seb Toots. This kid kills it with this traditionally shaped board. If you are a big fan or getting as much air as humanly possible and aren't looking for a mellow ride through the rails and boxes, consider your decision on a board already made. Take this through any portion of the park you want, but keep in mind, this thing wants to fly, whether it's on the snow or in the air.
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    Capita Ultrafear

    The Capita Ultrafear is a great board for anyone who likes to go big and hard. With a flat to rocker profile and carbon fiber stringers throughout, the Ultrafear is one of the best park boards on the planet. Don't be 'scurred' by the tip and tail, its just cosmetics and honestly looks bad ass. Keep this board in mind while looking for your own.

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    Capita Outsiders


    Another bad ass board in the Capita line is the Outsiders. This board was new last year and features a cambered profile with a small percentage of flat in the tip and tail just to help you smear out the landings a little. This board is made for someone who wants to hit the pipe and park in a big way. When it comes to carving the whole mountain, this thing is a dream! Responsive and high end; that's what the Outsiders comes down to.

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