Best Park Bindings for 2015

  • Everyone wants the best gear there is, but sometimes you can't always decide what you want. This article is help you decipher which park binding is right for you. Base you decision on whatever it may be. But know one thing, all these bindings will live up to your expectations. Feel like we're missing something? Let us know in the comments below and we will do our best to keep adding to these articles



  • Union Contact

    The Union Contact is one of the corner stones of the Union collection. They amp'd this binding up with a new hig back and straps! Also Union bindings come with a mini disc which means there's less of a flat spot on the board under the binding, allowing the board to flex a little better in most situations. Check out the Contact, not to be confused with the Contact Pro (another epic binding) at any of your local shops or at the links below.

  • Flux RK

    As the creator of Urethane high backs, Flux has always known how to shred the park with the right balance of support and comfort. The spine of the high back keeps you standing on those bigger jumps while still allowing you some range of motion for jibs. A newly designed toe strap hugs and grips your boots like never before. Check out the Flux RK at any fine retailer.  

  • Switchback

    Sick of grabbing tools to work on your gear? Check out the Switchback line. Every binding they make is the same concept with different color ways and highback options. Every model in their line is fully detachable by hand. That right, you don't need any tools to work on these bindings. The only thing you'll  need a screwdriver for is attaching the binding to the board. But there's no avoiding that...yet. With 4 different highback options, Switchback's line has something for everyone; winged? low back? no back? the traditional flat highback? These guys have them all. Durable buckles, full cushion under foot, strong straps, and ridden by some of the best riders in the world right now. Do you need any more reasons?

  • K2 Hurrithane

    The Hurrithane has been in the line for quite a while. A great idea, using the urethane concept. As the video below explains, Tweakback is a technology made by the great people at K2 that allows you to have a fairly responsive binding without losing out on tweaking your tricks. If you are looking for someone that will have some give laterally but still hold up to high pressure turns, the Hurrithane might be the right one for you.

  • K2 Lien FS

    However, if you’re looking for ultimate responsiveness in a freestyle binding, this might be a better choice. This is the new K2 Lien which features tripod technology. Under the binding, there are 3 points of contact, 2 in the ball and side of the foot and one in the heel. These are the three points of contact for your foot and by removing the pad on the bottom of the binding, you can have ultimate response while still letting the board flex under your foot. “What does that do for you?” you ask. It allows for better control and more of a connected feel to the board and what you want it to do under your feet. Burton has been doing it for a while now, with their EST and now others are trying to replicate the concept which is a good thing in our opinion.

  • Burton Mission

    This all mountain shredder is perfect for the guy who is looking to shred the whole park, from huge jumps to rails and everything in between. If you are not looking to be locked into one style of riding in the park, we recommend the Burton Mission. With a new high back design, this binding is ready to keep you supported while letting you really lean into those nose presses as well.

  • Rossignol Cuda

    The Cuda is one of those bindings that is for the higher end rider. Lots of cushion under foot, a stiffer highback which might scare some park rats off but if you are looking to hit big jumps and maintain a higher speed most of the time, this binding is the shiznit. This binding also accommodates a size 7-14 roughly so if you're looking for a binding to grow with or want to be able to resell this down the line, it will fit almost any boot size.

  • Ride Rodeo

    Engineered with you in mind; the Ride Rodeo is all about hitting the mountain hard. If you need something that is going to hold up to an aggressive collection of tricks, the Ride Rodeo is where it's at. An aluminum chassis, 3D toe straps that fit any boot, A-Symetrical high backs and heel cups, and stealth high backs which are dope as hell. Ride the Rodeo

  • Tech Nine Element

    When it comes to understated bindings, Technine has to be on the top of the list. T9's Element bindings are one of the most durable yet "cushiony" bindings on the market. In addition, a few of their models come with the option of a winged high back for added lateral resistance as well as a traditional flat high back for standard riding. Durable buckles and a ridged heel cup add to the list as to why this is one of the best bindings on the market.

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