Best OTG (Over The Glasses) Goggles of 2015

  • For those of you who have to wear their glasses on the hill, this article is for you. These are all the best options we could find in goggles that will work Over The Glasses...OTG, get it? If you are still questioning which one is the best for you, hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and we will be happy to answer any further questions.

    Smith IOX


    This pair of Porex filtered anti-fog, spherical, helmet and glasses compatible goggles gives you a complete and clean peripheral view of your surroundings, saving you from the worry of bumping into any obstacles as you drop your way from those snow mountains. The Smith IOX lenses are easily interchangeable, and the 3-layered DriWix fleece-lined face foam ensures that this pair of goggles fit just right and soft on your face. With an ultra-wide QuickFit adjustable silicone strap, gone are the days of goggles dropping all over your face. If you are looking for a pair of highly functional goggles with style, the Smith IOX is the way to go.

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    Smith Knowledge


    The Smith Knowledge OTG goggles has a large fit for the best peripheral vision, complete with Carbonic-X lenses with TLT Optics that provides maximum clarity. Its Floating Foam Membrane removes eyeglass temple pressure, making it ideal for those wearing prescription glasses. The Regulator ventilation system prevents lenses from fogging, and when combined with a 2-layer DriWix Face Foam, you no longer need to compromise on comfort while enjoying a fog-free vision. Top this up with an ultra-wide silicone strap with the QuickFit strap clip buckle adjustment system, the Smith Knowledge is your best buddy.

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    Smith Prophecy


    Perfectly compatible with prescription glasses, the Smith Prophecy goggles has an articulating Outrigger Positioning System that guarantees a complete and consistent seal as it transfers pressure across your brows and nose. With its spherical design, this pair of goggles grants you the best peripheral view, while maintaining lenses clarity using Carbonic-X lens with TLT Optics. A 2-layer DriWix Face Foam and Patented Regulator adjustable lens ventilation make the experience of wearing snow goggles fog-free while still being comfortable, topped off with a QuickFit Strap Adjustment System with clip buckle that will keep your goggles from sliding. All in all, the Smith Prophecy OTG goggles is an ideal choice as you go dashing through the snow.

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    Oakley O2XL


    The Oakley O2XL is a great choice if you have a medium to large face shape. With its large Plutonite® lens, one is able to have a peripheral view of all directions, filtering 100% of UV using the HDO® Lens Technology. F3™ coating on the dual vented lenses also absorbs a moisture level of minimum 2ml, making the goggles breathable but locking out unwanted fog simultaneously. The Oakley O2XL is comfortable to wear all-day with its triple-layered Polar Fleece Foam, and you need not fret of slippery surfaces with the non-slip, helmet compatible silicone strap.

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    Giro Index OTG


    The simple design of the Giro Index OTG makes this a great choice if you are just looking to get by without going crazy on the wallet. It's an OTG design that isn't too far off from most standard designs that we are use to these days. It's a nice simple frame with extra foam and anti fog tratment on the lens. Keep this in consideration when looking for your next OTG goggle.


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