Best All Mountain Boots for 2015

  • When it comes to All Mountain boots, there is a million choices. This is a great place to start and get an idea of what you should be looking for in you boots. No matter what you decide. Warmth, comfort, ease of use and price. Keep it all in mind while you decide which boot is right for you.

    Ride Lasso


    The Ride Lasso is a great all mountain boot with a unique double BOA system. The inside BOA (the dial on the side of the boot) is attached to the tongue and pulls it back into the leg. A great system to lock you right in. In addition, that Intuition Liner (A K2 Corp. Patent) will form really well to your foot. Check out what Guf has to say about the Ride Lasso boot.

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    32 Lashed


    The 32 Lashed is a great choice for that guy who wants an all mountain boot with a park twist. The Lashed comes equipped with a dual density heat molding liner that will conform comfortably around your foot with a simple heating process at a shop or lodge or even from your body heat over time. Comes in a million color ways as well.

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    Burton Imperial


    The Burton Imperial has been in the line for quite some time. The focus for Burton this year was  to keep things as warm as possible. With the added reflective material under the liner, all Burton boots will be much warmer from the Burton Moto and up. A lacing system that is tried and true, the Speed Lace is the way to go for anyone who is looking to ride hard all day long and still be able to adjust upper from lower areas without spending a fortune.

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    Nike Vapen


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    Burton Ambush


    A softer version of the Burton Imperial; the Ambush is a great option for anyone looking for a softer all mountain ride. Its comfortable, warm, and gosh darn it, it looks awesome! Especially that floral print.

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    Nike Zoom Kaiju


    The Nike Kaiju is a great all mountain choice for the guy who like to go big or carve hard. Be sure to only get this if you have been around the block a little. If you are a beginner, this boot would be a great choice however, a softer boot does make it easier to learn the ropes. This boot also has a traditional lacing system with a locking feature allowing you to differentiate the tightness of the lower and upper lacing zone.

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    K2 Maysis


    The K2 Maysis has been in the line for a while. It's a great approach to locking in the heel with an inner BOA and an evenly distributed pressure along the tongue with the outside BOA. K2 does the spine of their boots differently, they use a rubber/plastic based material for the spine and throughout the lower sides of the boot to enhance the strength and stiffness of this boot. They call it ENDO construction. It's an amazingly lightweight yet stiff boot construction and Ish can ride all mountain without it these days. Check out what The House has to say about this.

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    Northwave Decade


    Northwave might not be a brand people talk about very often but it's unique enough for us to put on the list. Check out the strap on the side, that thing pulls your heel in as you tighten up the laces. Its a great way of attacking the ever lasting problem of performance AND comfort. Only draw back for us was that it is a little higher volume than other brands.

    Nitro Team TLS


    With a similar lacing system to the Northwave Decade's , the Nitro Team TLS is a great boot for anyone who is hitting the whole mountain HARD. Vibram soles for traction, Nitro's best heat mold-able liner, air dampening gel in the heel, a neoprene toe piece for comfort. This is a great boot in the line and you should definitely consider it in your list of choices.


    Ride Anthem


    Pull the inside, twist the outside. The Ride Anthem is a great all mountain boot with the BOA system at an even better price. Also, the boa systems on these boots never cross over the veins in the top of your foot, keeping the blood flowing! Coming in at just under a couple hundred bucks, get your man fur on with this heat molding Intuition liner.

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