Best All Mountain Boards of 2017

  • There's no question that between all the choices people have for snowboards, All Mountain boards one of the most popular. Everyone is seeking a board that can take them from the park to pow and back again, providing an awesome experience all over the mountain no matter who your ride with or what you guys are riding on. Check out our favorite all mountain options for 2017 and tell us which one you'll be picking up this winter.

  • Burton Custom Twin

    The all mountain board you can rely on to dominate any slope you tackle. The custom's camber profile delivers a snappy suspension for continuous edge control from tip to tail. The Happy Medium system gives you a playful and versatile flex, turning the whole mountain into your playground. And this is combined with the Twin Flex ™ ... a symmetrical flex pattern from tip to tail to give you the ultimate balanced ride. Burton's exclusive FSC ™ Certified Super Fly II ™ 700G Core uses a near mythical blend of strong woods at the core. For monster pop, strength and reduced weight. This is amped up by the Dualzone EGD ™ system and the Squeezebox system, for firm edge hold, balance and strength. The Frosbite edges ™ give you powerful edge-hold and near surgical precision on the iciest conditions you can take it to. The board is already broken in thanks to the Infinite ride ™ process, giving you the same pop, flex and feel season after season. The custom has a medium flex, for a forgiving and easy to control ride.

  • Lobster The Sender

    If your idea of a good time is pushing into everything on the mountain and going through it like a hot knife through butter, then this is the board you've been looking for. The Twin 3BT base profile to appeal to your inner freestyler. It's 3D shape fuses the power of a mid wide flat centre base section, with narrower 3BT side-base upturns at the nose for the perfect blend of park control and unbeatable float. The 3BT profile uses a traditional camber design, giving you a precise, and responsive ride. Lobster builds their boards around their infamously poppy Reactor Core ™ technology. This wood core channels your power and pop directly to the board edges... while working in union with the traditional camber for maximum stability. And, to complete this board's freetyle legacy it's reinforced with the Bi-Ax Weave Glass. Giving you a torsionally softer ride giving you that flexible park feel without murdering the board's pop. The molecular weight Ultra Glide S Base ensures you'll be able to push this speed demon of a board to its limit without breaking a sweat.

  • Arbor Element

    The infamous deck rumoured to handle any conditions you ride in, from park to peak. Arbor's System Rocker ™  lets you carve seamless turns and float in powder without breaking a sweat. The secret, is the Parabolic Rocker profile used to get maximum engagement from the board's contact points letting the board deliver higher speeds and bigger landings. The Mountain Twin Shape keeps you on top of the snow, while the knucklehead tips enhance the board's float for extra punch in the powder. Arbor's signature Single Malt Core give the board a powerful combo of lightweight, and strength. Combine this with the Grip Tech Sidecut ™, which uses optimised contact points to maintain maximum performance even as the effective leading edges raised lifted off the snow. All this is renforced by the 360° ™ rails, strengthening the board and extending it's durability.

  • Nobaday Dawn

    Looking for an all mountian board with an awesome park twist? Then meet the Nobaday Dawn: a responsive, poppy Camber deck reinforced with 600 grams of Carbon Highlights for extra durability and flex. With a beautiful graphic and a twin shape that lets you jump, land and gib in any direction you like, this is the best park board in Nobaday’s line-up. (Available in 153, 155, 157 and 159 cm!) Check it out at

  • Arbor Formula

    The board which re-defined the meaning of "entry level". Arbor's legendary System Rocker ™ gets rid of the leverage needed to release your snowboard's outside contact points. This lets you initiate seamless turns and float in the deepest powder with ease. The Parabolic Rocker ™ lets you push the board to the limits of it's speed, loaded turns and landings. The Formula comes with Arbor's standard Single Malt Core ™ for ultra long lasting durability. Arbor's Grip Tech Sidecut ™ system uses a Tri-Radial Sidecut design and enhanced contact points to intensify your board's grip on the snow. The board's mountain twin shape, and spoonhead tips deliver consistent float and All-Mountain performance in a wide range of conditions. And for an additional bit of strength, the 360° sidewalls eliminate the need for tip fill, while binding the whole board together. This extends your board's life and boosts it's durability.

  • CAPiTA Mercury

    A multiple Gold Wood Awards champion, the CAPiTA Mercury Snowboard 2017 is the ultimate mountain-smashing board out there! A marvel among boards it’s especially made for the truly courageous boarder hell-bent on completely conquering any mountain that dares to stand before then. Who in their right minds wouldn’t want this? A board for both switch and forward made to provide grip no matter the condition the pow will be in. The Merc is a Rocker type board with reverse camber on both the nose and tail in order to make certain you maintain high speed edge hold through variable terrain allowing you to float in powder. The freestyle board of your wet dreams! fully utilizing its Panda Core ™ the Merc is not only made to help you perform the sharpest turns at a moments notice but also do amazing ollies without you having to break too much of a sweat, it’s The board of creative freedom. A core designed to return energy. It is durable for all possible terrains.

  • K2 Raygun

    Back with a vengeance in 2017, K2's all-mountain wonder packs a greater punch than it did last year. K2's all Terrain Baseline ™ will take you wherever you want to go, whether you're pushing into trees or ripping fresh groomers in the early morning. It gives you loads of float in the deepest snow, while the directional baseline profile delivers a stable ride and easy control. The W1 Core uses a single species of pure wood, hand picked my the K2 board making gurus for maximum durability and snap. This core is then reinforced with the ICG 10 ™ system, which uses fibreglass to cut down the board's weight while boosting pop for a lively ride. The construction amped up by the Biaxial Fibreglass structure to give you an additional performance and power boost. The sidewalls are built using K2's patented Hybridtech ™ construction, which gives you low swing weight and easy turn initiation as you're riding. This board has a medium flex, right there in the sweet spot giving you a forgiving, yet stable ride.

  • DC Mega

    The DC Mega brings back everything you loves about the DC Ply... only better. DC's trademark Lock & Load Camber ™ combines a traditional camber underfoot with longer contact points underfoot for a forgiving, edge free park feel no matter where you're riding it. Thanks to DC's Stratus Core ™ , the board dishes out some wicked pop while keeping things feather light. This is backed up with the Bi-Ax laminates for firm torsional stiffness letting you tear up the mountain at high-speed with unbreakable stability. The Mega is a Twin board, so you can ride any way you want an won't even tell the difference. This is a rather stiff board ( with a flex rating of 7 ). This gives you the perfect All-Mountain experience letting you pull off high speed aggressive carves without wiping out. And last but not least, the board's Sintered Supreme base gives you a lightning fast and ultra durable deck, which soaks up and holds wax like a snow demolishing sponge from hell!

  • Ride Helix

    So you into speed and you’ve been looking all-round for the board that will not only help you do the job but get the job done perfectly? Well look no further, the Ride Helix is the board for you! The Ride Helix snowboard is a Rocker type board with an Asymmetric Twin Camber guaranteed to give you amazing balance during turns and also grants you the ability to effortlessly perform side hits and launch kickers, this is due to the fact that its a stiff and poppy board comprised of the Carbon Array 3 Laminates and the accompanying Pop Rods 2.0 core. A wondrous snowboard that has its namesake’s base, The Ride s Fusion, made to give you awesome acceleration and speed! With a core comprised of the three best boarding woods The Ride has the ultimate balance of a strong board that is also light. A snowboard in a class of its own, the Ride’s Pop Rods 2.0 core allows for additional pop whilst reducing stiffness that would normally be found on other boards. The core is expertly made to smooth out most landings giving you more confidence to go all out! The Ride has a medium flex rating (6) that provides a pleasantly firm catch on landings after an amazing snap from any mountain. This board is made from high-class sintered material making it extra durable, a board made to survive any and all mountain conditions!

  • Bataleon Fun.Kink

    Put the Kink in your ride with Bataleon's sweet deck. The Dynamic Carner Twin 3BT ™ camber uses a custom blend of camber from the tail to the tip, and rocker from rail to rail. This gives you the precision and stability of a camber board, and the playfulness of a rocker all in one smooth riding deck. The Fun Kink is on the soft-side of the flex scale, giving you a forgiving ride with room for crazy butters... while the camber delivers enough pop for some wicked ollies. The Board has a twin shape... well, mostly twin. The nose is slightly longer to for easy float in the deep stuff. The Super Slick X ™ base material gives the board's base material an additional durabiility boost. Soaking up and sealing in wax so you can wax it less often without damaging the board.

  • Jones Flagship

    The board which evolves with time. Each year it returns, it it emerges stronger, faster and more stable. Jones' hybrid Directional Rocker uses a rocker/camber/flex pattern. The rockered tip delivers massive float at the nose, while the camber underfoot gives you solid edgehold and tight response. The tail is slightly rockered for additional stability and easy turn initiation. The Power Core ™ technology has two major functions in the board. First, it adds monstrous pop to the board and boosts it's durability thanks to the bamboo stringers. Natural Power V Basalt Stringers focus your power on the tips of the board to muffle nose and tail chatter for a more stable ride. And that's not all, high durability Flax fibres damped your ride, making it feel like a silky smooth glide downhill. Mellow Magne-Traction ™ edges let you slice through the snow like a hot knife through warm butter. By adding multiple contact points along the running edge of the board, Magne-Traction give the board a lion like grip on the snow. This is all put together using the Fusion Tech process, which makes sure the boards not only weigh less... but aren't killing the environment as well. And if you're just itchin' to hit the slope, Jones' boards all come factory tuned. So you never have to break them in!

  • Lib-Tech Swiss Knife

    Like its name suggests, The Swiss Knife 2017 is a razor sharp snowboard guaranteed to grant you maximum stability, edge hold and pop all in one board whilst also allowing for easy pressing and float for when you’re on the pow. The Swiss Knife is able to do all of this because of its cutting edge C3 BTX (Hybrid Camber) ™ which offers an insane combo of traditional camber and a mild reverse camber! The HP Horse Power core ™ delivers an ultra-smooth damp ride in all conditions able to do this by utilizing over three different varieties of wood with Bi-ax and Tri-ax glass allowing for lighter weight. This superb board is a directional board granting you consistent edgehold in powerful turns, further enhanced with a slightly bigger nose and lesser tail for easier float no matter the riding conditions. Yet it doesn’t end there! The Magne-Traction edge has seven points of serration unbeatable edge hold. It’s a durable board able to hold wax really well. Tough, ultra-high molecule sidewalls and powder transfer sidewalls that dish out not only extra strength but extra pop too! The Swiss Knife 2017 is a board with impeccable medium flex for all mountain and free style riding with a slightly bigger nose than the tail for harder carving and easier float.

  • Burton Process Flying V

    The board Mark McMorris swears by. The Process sports Burton's Flying V ™ Rocker between and outside your feet to enhances the board's playfulness and float. This is further enhanced by subtle camber zones underfoot to focus your power and edge control letting you look like a pro as you blaze downhill! The deck is built using Burton's FSC ™ Certified Super Fly II ™ Core, which targets  specific areas of the core for extra strength and low weight. Combine this with the Dualzones ™ EGD ™ and you get a board with consistent edge hold. And for the cherry on top, Burton's Squeezebox tech squeezes every ounce of performance out of the board by balancing the thicker sections of the core, with the thinner flexible portions for a ride so responsive the board becomes an extension of your body! As True Twin board down to the design and the flex pattern, the board gives you a truly symmetrical riding experience and unrivalled stability no matter which way you ride it. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, the Twin Flex ™ profile lets the board dish out a masterfully balanced ride as predictable as clockwork. The Fostbite edges have you convered as you dip into into the cold, icy conditions. By extending beneath the bindings for an easy, playful experience.

  • GNU Riders Choice Asym C2 BTX

    The GNU Riders Choice Asym C2 BTX Snowboard is a board designed to cater for all snowboarding enthusiasts, from the pros to the bros! Rocker type board that also has radial cambers out the contact points allowing for a more aggressive tackling of the pow because of the freestyle freedom and carving of rocker between the feet. With a core made out of three of the best boarding wood out there: Aspen, Columbian and Paulownia and with Tri-Ax/ Bi-Ax a dual glass and fibre combo The GNU Riders Choice Asym C2 BTX Snowboard is granted a longer life and extra pop to boot! A board that cares about the environment, as it is manufactured without the use of toxic solvents, allowing for an eco-friendly board you can proudly show-off on the pow. Also has bombproof sidewall made possible by the lamination of five internal wood layers, Ultra High Molecular Weight ™ on the exterior side walls The GNU Riders Choice Asym C2 BTX Snowboard utilizes magne-traction in order to gain unreal edge hold.  It has seven strategically located and sized edge serrations that provide ultimate control in all conditions. And if you still ain’t sold on this rad board…this board comes with built in asymmetric balance to each side of your board creating a symbiosis with nature, allowing for a super efficiently real ride! GNU has provided you with the ideal snowboard with evenly distributed flex

  • Yes Greats

    A board like no other the Yes Greats snowboard is the primera of all-mountain freestyle boards, featuring a superbly fine-tuned asymmetrical shape, a crazy amount of pop and flex all designed to allow you to turn any mountain of your choice into your own personal playground. Rip a solid all mountain board made by the all-time snowboarding greats. A Rocker type board with a Camrock 2-4-2 Rocker in the tip and tail, camber underfoot! Not a board for the faint-hearted. The core is a sweet combo of Poplar+ Bamboo Core that provides a light as a feather board which is more responsive than a full on poplar board. For added response and pop the Polar + Bamboo uses the same durable core, lightened by replacing 30% of the Polar with Paulownia and Bamboo stringers down the full length of the board, you can’t beat it! An Asymmetric Flex of 3.5 featuring a tighter turning radius than the toe-side, matching body leverage and positioning, a true twin, a flip around. Has Carbon stringers on the heelside edge with laminates of but not limited to Triaxial Fiberglass. The base is sintered true meaning that it is harder than extruded a board that takes wax well and is for the aggressive boarders.

  • GNU Forest Bailey Space Case

    The Gnu Forest Space Case EC2 BTX Snowboard not only shreds the entire mountain with a fun, freestyle-specific feel, but it does so in a harmonious, asymmetric fashion. Gnu weirdo, Forest Bailey, rocks this asymmetric twin for his far-out freestyle riding, but it caters to anyone looking for a fun, poppy deck with astounding balance and edge hold. The Forest Space Case offers four asymmetric differences that'll have you riding more balanced than ever before. Normally the board's heel and toeside edges have the same contact length, i.e. the edge length that bites into the snow. However, this board has a shorter heelside contact edge to allow for easier heelside turns. Combined with its deeper heelside sidecut (shorter radius) and softer heelside flex, you'll be able to crank heelside turns with unprecedented precision. Add in asymmetric tip and tail shapes and you have one radical board that works with your body for easier turning. An EC2 BTX profile caters to all-mountain freestyle riders looking for the fun, playful feel of Gnu's original banana rocker (BTX) with just a bit more bite and responsiveness. Basically, there's a rocker between the feet, which allows for enhanced float in powder and a buttery, jib-friendly feel. Starting just before the inserts, the board offers elliptical camber that runs to the contacts. Having these camber zones underfoot adds response when carving at high speeds, plus it enhances snap off big kickers and freestyle features. Under the hood of this asymmetric freestyle board, you'll find a Pickle Barrel Blend of incredibly lightweight paulownia and strong, snappy aspen wood. Reinforced Space Bars along the center combat heavy abuse from slamming onto rails, jibs, and park features. Soaking up bumps, uneven terrain and sketchy landings, the board's Liquid Crystal Polymer fibers are incredibly strong, effectively smoothing out the board's ride while delivering an extra dose of pop. Add in mellow Mini Magne-Traction edges and you have an all-terrain freestyle deck that can carve, jump, and jib with the best of 'em.

  • Slash Brainstorm

    Imagine you’re the king of the mountain, with the power to destroy it whenever you please. Indulge in joy-carves and pillow lines with an aggressive speed, an ability to burn laps and shralp pow all in the palm of your hands, or rather your feet! With the Slash Brainstorm Snowboard you need not imagine anymore, reality is made true the moment you own it! A Backseat CamRock Rocker board (try say that ten times fast) like no other, with rocker in the nose, positive camber in the middle and a little bit of rocker in the tail. A rockered nose for maneuverability as well as added float and a camber stability with control between the feet and in the tail all work hand in hand to show that despite the design setback, it really as no setbacks. A premium core offering a highly tuned and dynamic feel, mainly because of its unique design of having four different lightweight wood types, it is flyweight, pop filled and highly reactive while remaining durable. The Slash Brainstorm Snowboard has a top layer of Triax Fiberglass and a bottom layer of Biax Fiberglass which provides amazing pop, consistent flex whilst also being very forgiving and versatile enough for all terrain types. Waxed from the get go it is shred worthy from the wrapper. Has a sintered base and a belt finish. This board by Slash contains steel edges with 35% more steel than the average board making it a stronger board than most.


    Become the master slasher you’ve always wanted to be, with a board that has an asym design that’s specially made to turn your natural imbalance into an advantage! The GNU ZOID ASYM DEC2 BTX Snowboard is your pow-dream board that will have you railing like something out of a Sci-Fi flick! An awesome Rocker board the Zoid is a monstrous board, dead center in the middle of the BTX and C2BTX, with rocker between your feet combo-ed in with mellower cambers directly out to the contact. You can’t lose with this board! The Zoid is totally bombproof from the Ultra Molecule Weight exterior sidewalls because of its elastomer being laminated to five internal wood layers. With the A/C/P and Tri-Ax/Bi-Ax core combo you’re ensured of a durable board and optimum pop! A board with spectacular edge hold; 7 the Zoid utilizes Magne-Traction ™ masterfully placed edge serrations providing amazing control and edge hold no matter what the conditions might be. As if this wasn’t a lot it’s also Binding Compatible! The GNU ZOID ASYM DEC2 BTX Snowboard is the ultimate board for you!

  • Lib Tech Skunk Ape Hp C2 BTX

    The ultimo of sinter based boards, for Goliath-sized snowboarders who are out to utterly destroy a mountain whilst their board remains unscathed; the Lib Tech Skunk Ape Hp 2017 Snowboard is an extremely durable board that’s wide enough to accommodate any and all riders regardless of weight or height this board is the one for you! A Rocker type, with the unbeatable C2 BTX moustache camber, famous for, its equal displacement of control to all areas of the board, vastly superior tail and tip control and excellent edge hold. The Skunk Ape has a Colombian gold core combined with Triax and Biax fibreglass which makes it light without it losing any of it durability. The seven points of edge control will have you cutting through any type of ice even if its hard pack, without breaking a sweat, all made possible by the boards Magne-Traction edges. A totally radical board made to live through any pow conditions as you, its master seek to conqueror all!

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