Best All Mountain Bindings for 2015

  • There are tons of great binding options out there. Picking a binding that will allow you to ride the whole mountain is a hard decision. This list will hopefully find you the right choices within these brands. Although we do encourage anyone to suggest other options in the comments below.



    When it comes to great bindings, Switchback is making a name for themselves like a pro winning gold at Sochi. Whether you are looking for a all mountain ripper or something more specific for rails and jibs, Switchbacks let you switch the backs...the highbacks that is, and go straight no back if that floats your boat. Looking for some lateral resistance? Certain models come with a winged highback. You can also buy it separately. (Shown above in the new Hunter Combo)


    Burton Genesis


    The Genesis is at the pinnacle of the Burton line for all mountain bindings. They have been putting all their latest tech into this binding. The newest highback, ankle strap, buckles, ladder straps, hinge system (only with EST) and much more. If you are looking for the best of the best. This binding will hold up to your expectations no matter where you and your new binding may find yourselves.


    Burton Malavita


    If you are looking for something that might be considered more of a traditional binding, consider Danny Davis' top choice; the Malavita. This binding has been in the line for some time. It basically has all the benefits of the Genesis binding without the special highback and ankle strap. Always a fan of the Cobrashark? Well, the Malavita comes with the option of getting it with the winged highback.


    Flux TT


    When it comes to bindings, no one does it like Flux. The TT is a timeless classic. The Alpha highback is incredibly responsive while still haveing some give on harder landings. With tooless adjustment and a life time warranty, there aren't too many other bindings out there that live up to this kind of level. A new toe strap is light and minimal while still doing everything its competitors are able to do.


    K2 Formula


    With full tool less adjustment, canted footbed, the hindge system and a responsive yet comfortable highback, there is nothing the K2 Formula can't take on. Check out what Ish has to say about it.


    Now Select


    The NOW binding company has done a lot of great work in the last few years of their existence. We all know about their King Pin technology. They are known for using the concept of skate trucks to help transfer energy between your toe and heel side turns. They also have the option of going with a traditional highback or for a rider looking to hit the park you can switch out your backs for highcups which are basically no backs with a fancy name. Finally, they've reinvented their heelstrap to make it stitch less and lightweight while still being very comfortable.


    Salomon Defender


    As a mid-stiff highback, the Defender has to be one of the best choices for an All mountain binding from Salomon. Asym highbacks for comfort, Shadow fit base plate for lateral support, plush canted EVA footbeds again for comfort make this binding one you should definitely consider.


    Union Contact Pro


    The Union Contact Pro does an amazing job of limiting the amount of plastic to board surface contact. This allows the Contact Pro to flex easily under foot. It also has an amazingly durable plastic used in the ladder straps which make them virtually indestructible. Grippy straps, lifetime warranty on the chassis and a lightweight milled out highback make this binding a no brainer!

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    Nitro Team


    The Nitro Team uses a combination of plastic and alluminum in their chassis too keep it light weight and responsive.  Tons of EVA in the footbed and highback to keep you comfortable! And the most impressive part of this binding has to be the metal used in the ankle strap to prevent it from breaking when accidentally stepped on.


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  1. are the cartel est bindings a good bindings? these goes well with the burton blunt 2015?

    • ya, the cartels would be nice on a blunt. nice choice.