Best Mens Splitboards of 2017

  • Looking to explore the back country without buying a ticket and taking a lift up the hill? That would be too easy right? And too boring! Take a look at our top choices for split boards of 2017 and tell us which ones catch your eye.


  • Burton Custom Split

    This iconic snowboard has spent the last 20 years pushing the envelope and setting standards for what an all-mountain board can do.  You’ll enjoy a split channel mounting system for an easy setup.  Before you begin trailblazing, getting the pucks lined up will be a cinch, thanks to the mounting system that offers an infinite range of angles.  As a result you’ll benefit from a stance that’s set to your own personal preference.  The Camber with rocker nose will make you feel like you’re effortlessly floating in pow.  Its directional, tapered shape lends towards an aggressive feel.  While the Carbon-infused fiberglass gives the board lightweight response and strength.  Leave the other riders inhaling your powder dust this snow season.

  • Burton Landlord Split

    Float effortlessly in deep snow or rip across hardpack terrain on this versatile snowboard.  You’ll also enjoy an infinite range of angles, thanks to the Split Channel mounting system.  Gone are the days of being stuck using a pre-set angle.  You can position your stance to personal perfection.  The Superfly II Core is made of strategically placed lightwoods, to drop weight and increase pops.  Enjoy edge control thanks to Dual Zone EGD.  The Squeezbox profiling improves energy transfer and stability.  The 45-degree Carbon Highlights Hi-Voltage glass provides lightweight response and strength for a breathtaking ride.  Burton breaks in these boards for you, so the ride will feel the same from the first ride to the last.

  • K2 Cool Bean Split

    The ride on this snowboard has often been summed up in a single word … surfy.  The long nose intensifies the experience, because it’s easy to maneuver in powder and lets you lay out on groomers.  You just might change how you feel a snowboard should ride due to the short, wide proportions too.  Its tapered directional shape and slight rise in both the tail and tip provides float during steep declines, as well as added balance.   The short, wide proportions will make you reconsider your philosophy on how a board should ride.  This lightweight snow hound can take a serious beating, thanks to the Bambooyah™ blended core.  Position your stance just right by opening up the split tracks.  Then surfs up, Dude.

  • K2 Ultra Split

    Enjoy some of the most breath taking descents of your life on the K2 Ultra Split board.  The burly, stiff deck has a directional shape that has been finely tuned for just that type of ride.  The AT Baseline™ will keep you having a blast in powder or slush.  Completely flat underfoot, the Ultra Dream provides a stable feel when you're pointing it down chutes and groomers. Meanwhile, the large rockered nose and slight tail rocker keep you afloat in bottomless pow.  Bambooyah Blend WH4 core is backed by K2's two-year warranty against breakage.  Execute effortless turns in the harshest conditions of snow and crud, thanks to the perfectly balanced All Terrain Baseline™ that is desired in a multi-purpose rider.  Additionally, this board has a super-fast sintered base that will keep you gliding across long cat tracks.

  • K2 Joy Driver Split

    Whether you're performing a cab 1080 double cork off a big booter, or hill banging resort laps on beautiful windpack, this is a versatile board that can handle the extremes.  It’s destined to find its place among other high-end K2 models.  The rockered tip and tail and camber underfoot, provide the traction you desire on hardpack, along with the energy transfer to master dicey turns.  But the setback stance and responsive bamboo core, will have you dipping and diving in deep pow.  Chop through crud with ease too, because the All-Terrain Baseline profile with Tweekends is designed with a subtle rocker in the tip and tail.  WH4 Honeykomb and Bambooyah core blend uses horizontal bamboo laminates for tons of snap when you're launching off natural features and pillow lines.  The 0 Sintered base is super lightweight to keep you cooking at high speeds.  While the mixed wrap provides smooth all-purpose performance, improved edge hold, and increased stability for stomping big spins.  It’s considered a Stiff board (8.5 of 10 on K2's scale).  Hop on board, and elevate your performance.

  • Jones Storm Chaser Split

    Surf shaper Chris Christenson designed this board for the Mountain Surfer and Storm Chaser.  It’s the perfect blend of snowboard and surfboard tech. The result is an explosive ride that packs insane float into a nimble, short board.  This well-defined swallowtail and long tip rocker and Spoon 4.0 bevels in the right places, because it’s truly aimed at making surfing on snow reality.  Wait until you experience how fast the split moves once it gets up out of the snow, or how surf-like it feels in a big turn.  It has a Master Core, which is made of Dual-density full premium wood poplar and paulownia, designed to maximize lightness and dampening. 7 flex rating (1 = Soft, 10 = Stiff).

  • Jones Ultracraft Split

    Stake claim to the seemingly impossible, as this board is constructed to reach backcountry lines.  Jones developed this board under top-secret construction, and is about a full pound lighter than the comparable Hovercraft Split.  But you won’t have to sacrifice durability for the upgrade. Its brand-new Ultra ISO-Core shaves weight by combining stringers of ISO-Core, which is a foam/fiberglass composite, with beech stringers along the edges for beefed-up durability. Textreme carbon shaves off 20-30% more weight, but without sacrificing the board's snappy-light feel and torsionally responsive flex.  You’ll cut through snow like a serrated knife and enjoy improved edge grip, thanks to the Mellow Magne-Traction, which improves edge grip through multiple contact points along the running length of your board.  8 flex rating (1 = Soft, 10 = Stiff).  This all mountain board is a global best-seller.   

  • Jones Carbon Solution

    Responsive, stiff, and stable at top speed when you’re up for taking on the steepest of mountains.  The Carbon Solution is the burliest splitboard Jones offers.  It’s been designed with some new updates in 2017.  You won’t sacrifice any power either, thanks to the 2X Textreme Carbon construction and Ultra ISO-Core.  Enjoy improved maneuverability, because the rockered tip floats the board’s nose while the camber underfoot provides edge hold and response. A slightly rockered tail maintains the power and stability of a traditional board, but the tail will stay catch-free when initiating turns and landing switch.  The World Cup proven Sintered Ultra Base is harder and faster than others.  Magne-Traction improves your edge grip, by adding multiple contact points along the running length of your board.  According to Jeremy Jones, “Magne-Traction is crucial to offset the edge drift of rocker”.  10 flex rating (1 = Soft, 10 = Stiff).

  • Jones Hovercraft

    The Women’s Hovercraft is an all mountain charger that carves on hardpack or floats in pow with equal capability.  Tremendous between trees and chutes, it blends a long, floaty rockered nose with a stiff mini-swallowtail for a serious bite.  Enjoy improved float and smoother turns, thanks to the new beveled Spoon 4.0 shape.  Its Sintered 7000 Base is made of durable material, with added carbon for speed and good wax absorbency.  The blunt nose gives you the float benefits of a much longer one, without the 'snow plow' rounded tip and it's extra swing weight.  While the Magne-Traction improves your edge grip, by adding multiple contact points along the running length of your board.  According to Jeremy Jones, “Magne-Traction is crucial to offset the edge drift of rocker”.  7 flex rating (1 = Soft, 10 = Stiff).

  • Rossignol XV Split

    What Xavier presents … he also rides.  He’s been happy with the performance of this board for years, but just couldn’t resist adding a few new updates.  It features a split-specific powerhouse construction and unsinkable float.  Binding cooperation with plum bindings are easy and quick to use.  The new ankle strap provides added walking flexibility.  Its XV Magne-Traction is perfect for going on hardpack.  The Roller Edges give you a boat-like float.  It has a fast 7500 Sintered base.  Go ahead … get deeper into the wild to attack even the most remote big-mountain lines with confidence.

  • Never Summer Prospector Split

    This high-performance touring machine has been designed to conquer the steepest alpine peaks, and the manufacturer doesn’t skimp on loading it with the best design technologies either.  The slightly revised Extended Tour Rocker Camber offers riding versatility.  And because the rocker stays intact, the board retains incredible float and power.  Max out your ride on steep terrain without unnerving chatter or excess vibration, thanks to the RDS 1+ Dampening.  Its lightweight core reduces weight so you can experience faster uphill performance, without sacrificing overall strength.  The Sintered P-tex sidewalls on both the inner and outer edges for beefed-up durability, as well as a Durasurf XT 5501 base will help you effortlessly glide through deep snow.  Enjoy edge-to-edge response from Carbon Max Laminates that maximize energy transfer.  Handmade in Colorado since 1983.

  • Never Summer West Split

    Challenge legendary peaks covered in deep powder out west … and conquer them too.  This all-terrain slayer touts a more aggressive version of the Never Summer's Rocker Camber profile and plenty of pop-and response-enhancing features to boot.  The SuperLight Wood core is specifically designed to reduce weight for faster uphill performance, without sacrificing strength, as well as providing nimble underfoot performance during mountain descent.  Bi-Lite fiberglass gives it a smooth, even flex, while Carbon VXR laminates extend in Vs from the inserts to the edges.  You’ll enjoy efficient energy transfer that enhances response, and the ability to load up the board on ollies for unbelievable pop.  The high-density Durasurf XT sintered 5501 base with added graphite makes for a swift ride.

  • Lib Tech T.Rice Gold Member Split

    This splitboard provides power and stability that was built for tackling big-mountain lines.  Due to its ultralight construction your trek to the top will be easier than ever.  When navigating treacherous terrain you’ll be astonished by the stability and lightning-quick response delivered by the aggressive XC2 profile.  The Gold Member's secret lies in its ultralight feel Firepower construction. It’s just a more sustainable way to build snowboards, that ensures the lightest, snappiest ride possible. Basalt replaces toxic fiberglass to give the board a livelier feel.  Magne-Traction® – 7 Strategically located edge serrations provide unreal edge hold, and turns ice into powder.  You could end up anywhere after unlocking this split.  Lib Tech boards are built in the USA by snowboarders with jobs.

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