Best Mens Split Boards of 2016

  • Are you a single guy who enjoys saving the environment, discussing global warming, granola bars and long walks on the...mountain? Then split boarding is right up your alley. For the guys out there who want to traverse up and ride down, get the most out of their riding experience and enjoy mother nature instead of cruising by on the chair lift, start with this list. Presenting the best mens split boards of 2016. Enjoy!

  • Jones Ultracraft Split

    Feather weight, but lightning fast! Built using a combo of TeXtreme Carbon and Jones' ULTRA ™ construction process, this board is the one of the lightest splitboards on earth. But don't let the weight fool you, Jeremy Jones tested, and proved this speed demon's lightning fast descent on both Denali and the Grand Teton. The ULTRA ISOcore ™ construction gives you an impossibly light board with high stability, thanks to the foam fibreglass composite layered within. The rockered tip and underfoot camber give you massive maneuverability and response. The blunt nose design gives the float performance of a longer nose, but without the annoying swing weight. Don't worry about tuning and waxing the board after getting your hands on it. This board comes pretuned at the factory and coated with OneBallJay BIO Wax, because you don't have the time to wait before you take it to the mountain. The new Sintered ULTRA base uses custom flouro and paraffin based additives, giving you some epic glide performance, without murdering the durability.

  • K2 Ultrasplit

    Rip through everything in your path! This rugged board is the master of all terrain boards. Float across the powder and conquer the mountain thanks to the killer combination of BC Shaping and Tweekend ™ Technology. It gives you a large platform to nail that perfect landing, while the high durability ensures you can go all out without worrying about damaging the board. Thanks to the Hybridtech ™ process, you'll experience the turn initiation and low swing weight, giving you true control in all conditions. The combination of the Hybridtech ™ process and the special tip design give the board the perfect feel for pop in deeper snow. This board is built for the more advanced riders, but it's also good for beginners who want to get better.

  • Jones Solution

    Unleash your wildside! The ultimate all terrain board is Back! Made using Jones' Ultra Split Core™ technology, this bad boy delivers ultra responsive performance and extreme durability, he'll take whatever you toss at him. The board is factory tuned and waxed using OneBallJay BIO Wax ™ because you obviously don't have the time to tune a board and wax it yourself once you buy it. Just take it straight to the mountain right after buying it and tear the course up! Oh, and don't worry about snow sticking to your skis on the uphill climb. The ECO-plastic topsheet technology repels snow, while keeping your board lighter. Designed using a Floaty blunt nose, this gives you a nice wide edge to hold as you nail that perfect grab.

  • Jones Hovercraft Split

    Let out your inner freerider! Dominate the tree runs, tight gullies and with this medium speed all terrain monster of a board. Built using Jones' Classic Core ™ design, the board gives you some major pop and even flex. The Biax Fibreglass ™ dual layer laminate gives you one of the snappiest rides around. As with all Jones Splitboards, this one features Karakorum ™ K-clips and tail hooks, giving you a the responsive handling you can only get from a stiff board, without the overhead. Perfect for those tight turns where you need the extra grip and for riding on deep powder without losing control. Using the Sintered 7200 ™ technology engineered specificallly for trailblazing speed. The added carbon gives you unrivaled durability and wax absorbency in the board. And speaking of Wax, the Hovercraft comes prewaxed with OneBallJay BIO Wax ™ and it's pre-tuned in the factory, so that you can take it straight from the shop to the slope without ANY delays.  

  • GNU Beast Split

    Take a trip down the wild side. Handcrafted with love by boarders, for boarders, this all terrain beast of a board will tame any wild sessions you toss at it without breaking a sweat. The Banana rocker gives you intense stability during high speeds while the Mini Magne-Traction ® gives you a bit more play in your turns than you'd expect. The Aspen spine construction ,combined with Golden Poplar gives you a light core with ultra crisp pop for nailing the perfect jump. The durability of the Aspen spine will ensure that the board will keep it's for a long time. Equipped with Karakoram ™ Split Clips to secure the splitboard together while providing that unsplit downhill board feel. This board is for Aggressive riders who're confident in their skill.

  • Nitro Doppleganger

    Float through the powder! The perfect splitboard for riders who love floating across the backcountry powder...this board is equipped with Hike Pods technology to give you the best uphill grip during your climb. The Cam-Out Camber combined with the mid-wide shape will let you float through the powder in the wildest of trails. You'll get extremely responsive board control, even in the wildest of trails. The Powerlite ™ core gives you an ultra lightweight board. The Doppelganger profile will ensure that you get the longest groomed runs, even when you're off the marked trails, because we all know the real challenge is where nobody else dares to tread. By using the Sintered Speed Formula HD ™ base technology, the board has premium grade abrasion resistance and wax absorption, keeping it new for longer. And with the Bi-Lite Laminates ™ used on the board, you get near supernatural board strength and lighting fast speeds!

  • Rossignol XV Split

    Conquer the mountain in all conditions! This is not just “any” all terrain splitboard. No...this is THE all terrain splitboard. As the creative brainchild of Xavier De Le Rue, this board pack Rossignol's award winning AMPTEK ALL MOUNTAIN ™ technology, you get custom designed camber blends tailored to your unique specific style. All while allowing you to float across the powder in a lightning fast blur of pure ecstasy. The MAGNE TRACTION ™ edge hold technology gives you premium grade stability and killer board control. Cut through the deep snow and accelerate over the chop thanks to the new ROLLER TIP ™ system, which gives you high speed board control and float. Nail that perfect landing thanks to ARAMID, which is added to reduce chatter and soften those hard landings. All this is topped off by the REVERSE SUPER DIRECTIONAL ™ system, which gives you high class control in the most demanding terrain without robbing you of your speed. And, to round all this off, the board is built using FLEX10, which is stringer than fiberglass but weighs way less. The added basalt fibers give you a board with near mythical levels of durability while giving you that extra slither of power as you jet downhill in a blaze of awesome!

  • Salomon Premiere

    Tame the backcountry, in style. The premiere is back with all it's award winning, backcountry shredding glory! And it's easier to carry around too, thanks to the Tracklock technology. The board uses Salomon's Rugged ABS sidewalls, giving the board enough durability to take those accidental bumps that are part of taming the backcountry trails. Thanks to the Aspen SLCT core, composed of FSC-certified wood, you get a lightweight, but strong board. The tail is slightly pulled in to give you an effortless float without tossing the board's grip out the window. Even on sketchy snow trails you'll glide with ease while maintaining control because of the Sintered EG base. Nail the perfect jumps and pulls off some wicked ollies thanks to the Popstar core profiling, which'll add an extra boost to your pops.

  • Burton Landlord Split

    Absolute control on the tightest turns! Using an innovative stance based BALANCE FREESTYLE GEOMETRY ™ system that changes how the board handles based on your stance...This is board gives absolute control without murdering you speed. You'll enjoy a twin freestyle when riding flat base, but at the same time you'll experience the kind of tight turns and float you'd expect from a directional deck. The board is built using a special 45° carbon highlights process to reduce the board's weight while adding that playful feel. You'll be able to pull of some major aggressive riding and nail some sharp maneuvers with ease. Burton's exclusive INFINITE RIDE ™ technology gives you peak strength and lots of pop for those tricky jumps. The board will maintain that “first ride” flex and pop over time. The CHANNEL SYSTEM ™ gives you supreme control of your stance and board in a design compatible with all the major bindings!

  • Libtech Wingman

    Single board performance in this unsinkable pow floating split. Ever heard of a truly unsinkable board? Well, here's one for ya...Thanks to the BTX Banana float technology ™, the board gives you unreal float and solid pressure between your feet for those tight turns and tree runs. Magne Traction gives you seven points of focused edge control because you need that extra bit of edge control for those tough backcountry conditions. The insane basalt-fibreglass combo gives the board near mythical strength and durability without piling on the tons. In fact, the new HorsePower Construction technique makes the board lighter than it looks. In four words: maximum strength, minimum weight. This board was build for pros, but is just as accessible to beginners. It'll last long enough to watch you grow from an unskilled greenhorn to a trailblazing pro without losing it's pop and feel. This baby's the perfect companion if you're just starting out. And to top it off, it's made right here. In the good old USA. Because you can't rely on anyone else to make good gear these days.  

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