Best Mens Snowboard Pants of 2015

  • When it comes to pants, there is a few things to think about. Breath-ability, Waterproofing, Insulation and Style. Go with 10k or more whenever you are comparing ratings and Gore-Tex if you have the bread to spare. If you need a few places to start, here are a few options we find suitable for almost any snowboarder.

    Volcom Brigg Pants


    Stay dry on snowy days with the Volcom Brigg Pants! On top of being water resistant with the V-Science 2-layer fabric, the jacket-to-pant Zip Tech™ interface prevents snow from sneaking its way into your inner clothing, while the V-Science boot gusset with snap and stretch boot gaiter with lace hook help keep snow from getting into your shoes. There are also YKK® AquaGuard® zipper hand pockets and mesh lined zippered vents that allow for some breathing space, a stone butt patch to withstand any falls, triple reinforced rise, an adjustable inner waistband, hand warmer pockets, a black-flax reinforced back hem, and a stone ticket ring.

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    Burton Cargo Sig Fit


    Whether it’s hiking, camping or snowboarding the Burton Cargo Sig Fit is a good fit. It is made of DRYRIDE Durashell™ 2-Layer material that provides ample space for layering, has multiple pockets for easy storage, and even an audio port for music lovers to use should they want to rock ‘n’ roll during an activity. There are also venting options, articulated knees that allow space for seamless movements, and reinforced cuffs.

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    Volcom Rain Gore-Tex Overall Bib


    With the Volcom Rain Gore-Tex Overall Bib’s 2-layer Gore-Tex fabric and V-Science breathable lining, you can now stay dry without having to feel suffocated by multiple layers of water resistant clothing. Its Zip Tech pant-to-jacket interface and YKK AquaGuard water-repellent zippers with mesh lined zippered vents ensure that snowy water will not seep through the seams, complete with a solid stone butt patch protects from any nasty wet falls. There are also Tricot lined pockets to keep your hands warm, stretch boot gaiter with lace hook to prevent snowy feet, triple reinforced rise, topped with black-flax reinforced back hem and kick panels and a stone ticket ring.

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    Airblaster AB/BC Pants


    The Airblaster AB/BC Pants is a funky snow pants designed by Brandon Cocard that promotes the fun in riding. It is 10k mm waterproof, has fully taped seams to lock moisture out while having mesh-lined leg vents for breathability, lower leg gaiters with lace hook to ensure lower body waterproofing, a Rip-stopper kick patch at heels, a built-in waist adjustment for a good fit, and 4 zippered pockets for storage purposes. If you are for fun and functionality, the Airblaster AB/BC Pants is the way to go!

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    Holden Skinny Denim Pants


    The stylish Holden Skinny Denim Pants is designed to look just like any other denim pants, but with the additional perks of being waterproof and stretchy to achieve maximum comfort. Made of mid-weight polyester/nylon fabric with internal waist adjustment and zipper leg venting, one can ensure that there is room for breathability. YKK zippers and anti-snow gaiters with boot clip also prevent unwanted moisture from seeping through. Whether it’s in the city or out at the mountains, the Holden Skinny Denim Pants is just what you’re looking for!

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    Oakley Task Force Cargo Pants


    With 10k mm waterproof and 10k mm breathability, the Oakley Task Force Cargo Pants is durable for harsh environments. It has a loose fit with hand pockets that is suitable for both spring and winter riding, and can be worn solo or layered. An adjustable waist ensures a good fit, while the ankle gussets, reinforced cuff webbing finished off with taped seams block out powder and snow. Spare yourself from the suffocative feeling of your legs with the pants’ built-in inner thigh vents with mesh, and get ready for the ideal riding experience with the Oakley Task Force Cargo Pants.

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