Best Mens Precision Boards of 2016

  • Looking for that board that has no speed limit, that doesn't fold under pressure and eats "SLOW" signs for lunch? This is the list for you. All these boards are made of the craziest speed junkies who want to carve their faces off and rip huge jumps. Although you might not want to do both, you'll need to want one or the other to grab one of these "wicked pissah planks."

  • Capita NAS

    It’s time to welcome back the Capita NAS, a long time award winning board. This cambered shaped, intermediate-advanced board is far from just a normal board as it comes back with a meaner 2016 version. While it lacks the popular bi-ax fibre glass build that most boards go for, it more than makes up for it with dual carbon fibres at the edges. Additionally, Capita has even equipped kevlar strips that runs from the side walls to under the core for the best possible synergy, durability and stability. This allows the board to rough through heavy impacts and also gives it a more poppy feel.

  • Slash ATV

    Slash your way through those mountains with the latest Slash ATV! Designed with a traditional camber profile, this board is a must have for intermediate to advanced riders. It has an ultimate traction bump that grips into the snow, with carbon, kevlar and basalt fibres beneath the inserts that provides torsional rigidity, transferring power along the edges. At the center of the ATV is a wood core combined by four different kinds of wood - paulownia, spruce, beech and poplar, making the board one that is lightweight yet responsive.

  • Burton Custom X

    The Burton Custom X is designed for the pro. Featuring a camber profile, twin flex and a directional shape, performance is guaranteed for the rider. SC™ Certified Dragonfly™ 600G Core with Multizone EGD™ and SqueezeBox High give you enough snap and pop without compromising stability, while 45° Carbon Highlights High Voltage fiberglass provides responsiveness. All in all, the Custom X is a board for aggressive riders looking to own the mountains with the utmost precision.

  • Jones Aviator

    The Aviator is no stranger in the Jones line. Hardcore and aggressive, this board shreds through all terrains. A 3D power camber profile provides stability and responsiveness so you can charge all you want, and it is also torsionally very rigid due to a carbon sheet that extends from the tip to tail. The flex pattern allows for maximum pop, but the Aviator’s 3D base bevelling balances this and a full camber’s directional stability to give a less catchy feel.

  • Nitro Ultimate

    At the core of Nitro’s Ultimate lies the Koroyd technology that absorbs vibration and decreases the board’s overall weight by 70% compared to the standard, making it one of the most lightweight boards around. It has a camber profile with a directional shape, playful flex, diamond laminates and a durable base, giving the rider enough snap and pop. It’s also stable, responsive and fast, giving you a riding experience of a lifetime.

  • Salomon XLT

    Salomon is no stranger when it comes to designing boards that are favored by many riders. Featuring a classic camber profile with variable sidewall, the XLT gives riders great edge control. It has a ghost XLT core and ghost carbon stringers, directional twin shape as well as an Area 51 base with ultra light underfoot. Crafted with advanced technology, the Salomon XLT is responsive, powerful and provides you with the control that you need to ride with ease.

  • Libtech Dark Knife

    Carve all day with the Libtech Hot Knife! Featuring a Hybrid C3 BTX camber profile, the Hot Knife gives great edge hold, increases stability and allows you to float easily in powder. It has a medium flex and twin shape, making it a super versatile board for those looking for some flexibility in riding. Centered by a Colombian Gold power wood core as well as Bi-Ax and Tri-Ax laminates, the Libtech Hot Knife does not compromise on torsional stiffness and pop. If you’re looking for an ultra lightweight yet stable board, don’t miss out on giving this a try!

  • GNU Billy Goat

    Handbuilt by skilled snowboarders themselves, for snowboarders. The GNU Billy Goat is designed with a C3 BTX camber profile for maximum stability and responsiveness, a directional twin shape that allows you to switch ride at ease, and Magne-Traction to give you the best edge control without taking away playful turns. An Aspen and Golden Poplar core makes it lightweight yet strong, supported by a sintered base that further toughens up the board while retaining speed. Chatter and vibration will be absorbed by Anvitex Dampening, making the GNU Billy Goat a board that will excite any aggressive all mountain skilled rider out there.

  • DC Media Blitz

    If you’re not intrigued by its design already, the DC Media Blitz will fascinate you more with its fully packed features. With a camber profile and medium flex rating, you can ride fast without losing stability. At the heart of the Media Blitz lies an impact core made of poplar and ash wood, increasing durability and ensuring that you get the pop you want. A sintered supreme base makes the board super fast, and when combined with its twin shape, you can easily switch ride and land perfectly. DC has also included its Fresh Deck Topsheet to provide enough snap.

  • Stepchild Kamknife

    The Stepchild Kamknife has a snapback camber profile that allows you to land powerfully and press with utmost stability, a computer milled park killer core made of poplar and beech to reduce weight and chatter while retaining power, with a structurn base finish that gives you speed. Stepchild also included a sintruded base and carbon rods into the design, adding more power and durability without increasing the board’s weight. Top it off with triax fiberglass and the Stepchild Kamknife is indeed a powerful, ultra lightweight and high performing board that is well worth your bucks.

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