Best Mens Powder Boards of 2016

  • Having wet dreams about powder days? Are you having a hard time focusing because your mind wanders to ideal pow lines? We have the solution. For the guy who is looking to complete their quiver with an awesome pow slasher, here is a list of the top powder boards that we've tested and enjoyed.

  • K2 Cool Bean

    The K2 Cool Bean is playing off of the theory that a shorter, fatter board has the same surface area as a long skinny board and therefore should be able to float just as well in a smaller package. The Cool Bean is definitely a fun little ride no matter where you are on the hill but it strives in powder conditions for sure.

  • K2 Ultra Dream

    K2’s Ultra Dream might be your best dream yet. Featuring hybritech construction, a directional shape and Tweakend technology, this board allows you to switch ride flexibly and conquer the mountains with ease - especially if you’re a powder lover! Made for all mountain riding, the Ultra Dream has a little bit of rocker on the nose and tail. K2 also included biax glass with carbon web 2 and a bambooyah blend WH4 core that gives you a lot of snap. With less chatter, increased speed, stability and float, expect the most awesome powdery ride of your life!

  • YES 420

    The YES 420 can be easily distinguished by its shape. Super short and wide, the 420 has a PowRock profile, sintered spec base, triax glass and a weightless core. Despite its length (or the lack of it), the board does not disappoint in giving you more than enough pop and snap. In fact, it is precisely because of its shape that the 420 is incredibly stable, extremely maneuverable and floaty. Also, if you’re looking to mash some pow like there’s no tomorrow, look further no more!

  • Nitro Slash

    Are you thinking of slashing some pow? If so, Nitro Slash will be your best companion on the mountains. With a reverse camber/flatout rocker profile, you are now able to float at ease in deep powder while maintaining stability and control. The Slash features a directional shape and large nose which adds a surfy feel to it, along with a powerlite core for some pop and sintered base for speed. Solidly built for deep pow and powder, the Nitro Slash is indeed quite a “powderful” board!

  • Capita Spring Break Slush Slasher

    The Capita Spring Break Slush Slasher is one of a few different boards in the Spring Break line that push the limits of what snowboard shapes could be. This line is proud of it's self expression through their line and on the slopes. Talk to anyone who rides one of these boards, guaranteed they are the person who is having the most fun on the hill.

  • Slash Nahaul

    A flat zero camber rocker profile with some rocker in the nose makes your riding experience a smooth and floaty one. Slash is back with the Nahaul, an incredibly stable and solid powder board with some float inserts specially made for intermediate and advanced riders. The board features triaxial fiberglass on top and biaxial fiberglass at the bottom, a singular sidecut, lightweight wood core, sintered HD base and a beautiful diamond stone finish.You can now press better, ride with speed and float in powder without losing control!

  • Jones Hovercraft

    Ride the mountains in any condition with the Jones Hovercraft. Its hybrid camber/directional rocker profile and blunt nose gives you that extra float you need, while Magne-Traction edges and a stiffer tail stabilize your ride without compromising maneuverability. As a pow board, the Hovercraft has a nice flex that is stiff enough to ride in light powder, yet soft enough to conquer any crud. Jones also introduced their original full wood core into this board, making sure that you have all the pop you need to have the ride of a lifetime.

  • Rossignol XV

    The Rossignol XV is only for those looking for some serious business on the big mountain. With an Amptek all mountain profile, stiff flex, Magne-Traction edges and a 7500 sintered base, you get all the control you need, great edge hold, increased stability, awesome landings, and generally a better performance overall. The XV’s nose is wider and stiffer at the front, with a roller tip and tail that transition snow to the sides instead of under the board, so that you can have more stability while floating in deep pow. Indeed, there are no boundaries when riding with Rossignol’s XV.

  • WhiteGold Shaka

    Infused with Pow TBT (Powder Triple Base Technology), the WhiteGold Shaka is surfy, floaty, and was basically made for you to ride through pow. It has bamboo sidewalls that adds durability, flexibility and strength to the board, while also giving some additional pop and playfulness as you ride all day. At the core of the Shaka is a lightweight combination of poplar and paulownia wood, with carbon stringers underneath to add some pop and strength while reducing weight further. Triax laminates are also included to increase stability and stiffness so that you can ride with utmost precision.  

  • Burton Fish

    Float gracefully through the deep powder days with Burton’s Fish. It has a flat top profile, which is basically a flat profile with rocker nose that helps you float with stability. The board’s flex isn’t too aggressive, so you are able to get a lot of pop and even a playful ride on the mountains. Durability is increased with the sintered WFO base, and the Fish is centered by a Super Fly II core with Carbon I-Beam that reduces weight and provide you with some extra pop too. Burton also introduced the Infinite Ride technology, so that you can maintain that optimal riding experience as much as possible even after a few years down the road.

  • Lib Tech Birdman

    Lib Tech does not disappoint with its latest Birdman, a board designed for effortless riding. The Birdman has a BTX profile for increased floatation and edge hold, combined with a stiffer flex for response and stability. Horsepower construction with basalt reinforcement makes the board lighter and the ride smoother, supported by Magne-Traction edges to give some unreal edge hold. A polonia and aspen wood core reduces weight while giving maximum strength, and the co-sintered base of Lib Tech’s Birdman minimizes your board maintenance efforts while still retaining its speed.

  • Arbor Shreddy Krueger

    Arbor has crossed boundaries with its System Rocker designed performance gun shape board. Here’s a board that has expanded its versatility to greater heights. The Shreddy Krueger takes full advantage of its medium flex, reclined parabolic rocker, arrowhead tip, sintered base and single malt core. This board does not give the best stability and is meant for the intermediate to advanced, however, it is a beast of a powder board on all terrains once tamed. Whether it is railing turns, pops, butter or ollies, this board is able to dish out all of it with little limitations.

  • DC Supernatant

    Its super cool deep sea design aside, DC’s Supernatant is a powder crushing, floaty board for those looking for some adventures in the deep pow. Featuring a micro camber profile, the Supernatant is stable, snappy and poppy. Its flex is suitable for smashing through powder, yet it can also accommodate switch riding. The board has a powder light core made of poplar and paulownia wood, as well as carbon biax glass with kevlar stringers that make the Supernatant a lightweight, torsionally stiff and maneuverable board. Durability is also not an issue with its sintered supreme base.

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