Best Mens Park Boots of 2016

  • Looking for a boot that will be great for the park? Check out this list to start. Just remember, if you are looking to ride rails all day get a softer boot, big jumps and kickers get a stiffer boot. But this list is a little mixed in that sense so pay attention to stiffer vs softer options.

  • 32 TM-Two

    A high performance park boot that would work well for most all mountain riders, the 32 TM-Two boots offer a highly comfortable and secure performance fit. Allowing it to be very convenient to use for long lengths of time. The outsole manufactured with high-density evolution foam offers reduced weight. The articulating cuff reduces the energy spent in movement. The special tongue tension system incorporated into the design provides greater grip and flexibility. The lacing system is conventional, and at the same time highly secure.

  • K2 Darko

    Equipped with an Intution liner for maximum moldability and a BOA Conda to keep you in the heel pocket, the K2 Darko is a fan fave for shredding the park on all levels. Being that this is a softer flexing boot, the Darko will be great for those rail riders who still want a responsive boot that can shred the whole mountain with ease.

  • Nitro Anthem

    A great all mountain boot that rips in the park, the Nitro Anthem boots have been designed with EVA material and rubber for the outsole which makes them exceptionally lightweight and unobtrusive. In addition, the EVA offers great protection against impact, making the Nitro Anthem boots well suited for a run in the park. The internal accompanies the Cloud 3 liner and Thermocell foam, which offers ideal cushioning and insulation as well as safety. The closure system consists of the traditional lacing system with Dyneema technology that reduces friction and damage.

  • Salomon Launch Boa

    The Salomon Launch BOA boots are very lightweight because the outsole has been designed using flightweight material, which is extremely lightweight in addition to being tough against impact. The design shows some innovation in the lacing system which is termed as the STR8JKT lacing system in order to provide more secure lacing. Internal lining consists of silver fox lining material, which is effective as an insulator as well as a cushion for the feet. Ortholite C2 material in the footbed adds to the comfort and safety of the feet.

  • Burton Fiend

    The Burton Fiend boots come with DynoBITE material for the outsole. In addition, the outsole offers greater rebounce and soft cushioning. The lacing system is a traditional design without compromising on the security of the fit. Internal lining comprises of reflecting foil, which prevents heat from escaping, thereby providing effective insulation. The Burton Fiend boots also come with articulating cuffs, which enhance the flexibility and comfort. A snow-proof Internal Gusset keeps the foot dry and warm.  

  • DC Judge

    The DC Judge Park boots are made of SuperFabric, which is lightweight yet tough. The use of special thermos-moldable lining material within the boots helps the boots to adjust well with the shape of the feet. The sole is made with Unilite material along with rubber which helps to absorb intense impacts while avoiding being heavy. Thanks to the J-bars incorporated in the design of the liner, unwanted movements are less and the boots stay firmly aligned to the foot.

  • Vans Encore

    The Vans Encore men’s boots are a good choice for those who prefer a coiling closure system to the conventional lacing system. In addition to a secure BOA coiler to provide closure, the internal lining material has TriFit X, which comes with an asymmetrical X-Cage for a closer fit between the boot and the foot. The outsole is with ClassicLife or EVA, which offers effective protection against strong impact. The cuff is articulated and it offers comfortable flexibility to the wearer.  

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