Best Mens Park Boards of 2016

  • When it comes to riding rails and boxes, hitting kickers and jumps and still being able to cruise the whole mountain with your boys, there is only a few boards out there that can do it all. This list is a great start when trying to find a board that does all of the above. Check out this list and let us know which board you're going with on twitter, facebook or the gram!

  • Capita Scott Stevens Pro

    Known as one of the most innovative riders out there, Scott Stevens is no stranger to the snowboarding world. Capita brings to you the Scott Stevens Pro, a versatile, stable board great for pressing and jibbing the park. It has a cork inlayed Pro core supported with Dynaweave fiberglass, which reduces the weight while maintaining maneuverability. Cork Edge Dampening System and pre-cured Basalt Boosters give you great ollies and pop without making your ride too soft, while an omega speed base adds to the durability and ensures that you get enough speed.

  • Capita Horrorscope

    It just keeps getting better! The Capita Horrorscope is characterized by its RFC sustainable core with poplar laminate, making it a strong yet lightweight board that is able to withstand almost anything. Its Higher Molecular Composition (HMC) base and biaxial fiberglass configuration increases durability and minimizes damage, while a shorter tip and tail reduces swing weight without compromising performance. With all its new upgrades, the Capita Horrorscope continues to remain as one of the best urban park snowboards out there.

  • K2 Fastplant

    Featuring a freestyle baseline, the K2 Fastplant is a responsive and poppy board that you will enjoy riding in the park. Designed with Tweekend Technology, the board is stable and easy to control. A WH4 Honeykomb and Bambooyah core makes it incredibly durable yet lightweight, coupled with Hybritech sidewalls that give you the easiest of turns. With carbon, kevlar and glass layers going through the Fastplant’s center, this Ollie Bar technology will be able to give you more pop, topped with carbon web laminates that give even more ollie and top-notch maneuverability.

  • YES Public

    YES is back with the Public - a versatile board featuring a flat camber profile that is predictable and stable. Its poplar core extends from the tip to tail for torsional flex, which is also great if you’re looking for some butters and presses. The Public has an extruded base and biaxial glass laminates, with a flex rating that is soft overall yet still poppy. All in all, the YES Public is a forgiving, playful and responsive board great for those looking for a great ride for the park.

  • Signal Park Series

    Who hasn’t heard of the Signal Park Series? Built on a traditional camber profile, the Signal Park gives you solid edge-hold and precise landings - perfect for burly rail setups at your local terrain parks. It is built with Magnum ABS sidewalls, along with triaxial glass both above and below the core. If you’re into freestyle riding, you’ll be interested in the Signal Park’s middle-centered radial sidecut that will allow you to excel at tricks. The Signal Park has a twin board shape, opening up unlimited switch variations. The Signal Park series is perfect for intermediate riders if you’re looking for a fun and reliable park board that is versatile.

  • Slash Spectrum

    The Slash Spectrum has a flat profile that resembles a skateboard, yet it does not compromise on precision and power. Slash has designed the board with Reactive Flex, which is basically two fiberglass layers that give you the best whether you are carving, pressing, or longing for catch-free riding. The Spectrum is versatile and forgiving, with Ultimate Traction Bump that helps in ensuring that you have enough grip where necessary, supported by a flat base that allows contact with snow.

  • Nitro Bad Seed

    Conquer the park with Nitro’s Bad Seed. Its Lowrider camber is poppy and playful, but also incredibly stable. New Mellow Power Pods give you more control, maneuverability and a more precise ride as they increase traction. Nitro has also introduced the Railkiller Edge, so you can kill all the rails in the park without worrying about durability. Centered by a Powercore II with Bi-Lite laminates, the Nitro Bad Seed gives ample snap, responsiveness, strength and power. It is basically all you need to have an awesome ride in the park!

  • Rossignol Jibsaw

    Amp up your jumps with the Rossignol Jibsaw! With its AmpTek Freestyle Rocker, the Rossignol Jibsaw provides effortless mobility in all areas and terrains. Featuring a stiff flex, the Jibsaw provides exceptional landing support for over-rotated flips. Its core, made out of Wood CBF2 combined with Basalt and Kevlar fibers provides for excellent stability at high speeds and enhanced edge grip. Spotlight is on the Jibsaw’s Aramid laminate as it functions as a vibration dampener, helping to soften rough landings. The Rossignol Jibsaw also does not disappoint when it comes to continuous edge grip - this time with its Magne-Traction 7S edge technology, offering riders a smoother ride.

  • Smokin SuperPark

    The SuperPark requires no introduction, for it is an iconic snowboard of the Smokin’ line. Its twin shape design allows for easy riding in both directions as well as consistent switch riding. Suitable for all mountain riders, the SuperPark has medium flex, helping riders maintain stability at higher speeds. The SuperPark is also built with Mello Magne Traction, delivering a rock solid ride all over the whole mountain with unmatched edge grip.

  • StepChild Mai-Tai

    A true all-rounder board, the StepChild Mai-Tai is catered for riders who are looking to do park laps all day, to riders looking for a fun ride all over the mountain. A true twin board, riding regular or switch is a seamless transition with no difference in the sidecut, tail, or stance. It is crafted with Micro Camber which provides riders with the familiar feel of a broken-in camber board, while maintaining the pop and snap of a new board. The Stepchild Mai-Tai is designed with medium-soft flex, allowing for easy butter and press, while maintaining a stable ride at high speeds.

  • Salomon Villain

    Introducing one of the most anticipated boards from Saloman is the Saloman Villain! Made with Rock Out Camber, the Villain combines both the mobility of a rocker board with the pop and response of camber. The addition of carbon stringers to the core contributes to the Villain’s ability for excellent pop and performance. The Salomon Villain is equipped with extra thick rubber blocks to dampen vibrations and mellow large impacts.

  • Bataleon Disaster

    Featuring the Triple Base Technology (TBT), the Bataleon Disaster eliminates hang ups when riding flat base. It is designed using the Jib 3BT, along with soft flexes and the widest centerbase for locked in presses, stable slides, and powerful ollies.The Bataleon Disaster uses Bi Ax laminates with fiberglass placed at a 45-degree angle to enable easy maneuvering. The Bataleon Disaster’s Core Core makes for a lightweight board while providing pop and strength from its beech hardwood material. The Bataleon Disaster is a great offering for riders who are looking for a super soft board for jibbing and rails, or casual cruising around the mountain.

  • Lobster Park Board

    Forgiving yet stable, the Lobster Park Board features a softer flex and Park TBT rocker type - making it the perfect board for all kinds of park riding. The Lobster Park’s TBT uses a combination of center and sidebase geometry provides high speed stability without losing any jib capabilities. Its core, made from pop core is flexible with good elastic properties for presses and pop. The Lobster Park’s medium-soft flex is great for pressing, sliding, and jibbing, proving that the board was made with freestyle riding in mind.

  • Burton Name Dropper

    The Burton Name Dropper is board that has unique personality to match its name. Featuring an asymmetrical flex and an incredibly thin core, the Burton Name Dropper manages to be a soft board with strength, durability, stability for powerful pops and great edge-holds. A key element of the Burton Name Dropper is the Off-Axis, which results in a natural flex around the bindings - translating into a smoother feel, grip, and connection during take-off and landings. It also features Burton’s exclusive technology the Infinite Ride, which allows for maximum pop and strength. Loaded with technology, the Burton Name Dropper are for riders who appreciate a good jib in the park!

  • LibTech Burtner Box Scratcher

    The LibTech Burtner Box Scratcher features the revolutionary BTX rocker underfoot with mild tip pressure for unreal float and jibbing, combined with solid pressure between your feet for easy turning and excellent edge hold. Its Magne-Traction edges have strategic serrations, providing for exceptional edge control in all conditions. The sidewalls of the LibTech Burtner Box Scratcher is designed with Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Sintered Sidewalls as well as Birch Power Transfer Internal Sidewalls that gives riders unmatched control, pop, precision, and response.

  • GNU Danny Kass Horror Business

    Perfect for aggressive riders, the GNU DK’s Horror Business board has a tight radius rocker between your feet, combined with radial cambers out to the contact. It is designed with Mini Magne-Traction, giving a mellower serrated edge grip for a more playful feel. Strength and durability of the board comes from the good blend of Aspen, Golden Poplar and Polonia core combined with Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) sidewalls. The Horror Business has a true twin shape with medium flex, and Biax and Triax fiberglass construction.

  • DC PBJ

    DC’s PBJ is packed with the necessary features for a ride in the park. Designed with a traditional camber and Tear The Roof Off topsheet, this board is poppy and lightweight. At the heart of it is an Astro wood core supported with bi-ax glass laminates, enhancing torsional control and providing you with the buttery feel. The PBJ features an extruded base, which increases durability and is super easy to repair. If you’re looking for some fun and forgiveness, DC’s PBJ versatility won’t disappoint.

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