Best Mens Park Boards of 2017

  • Gentlemen, the time has come! We are looking at the best park boards of 2017. These boards are made for flying through the air and hitting rails and boxes with ease. If you want to do park laps all day err day you need a board off this list. Check out the best park boards of 2017 and tell us what you think!


  • Burton Name Dropper

    The Flat Top ™ profile is designed with stability first, thanks to the slight rocker rise in the tip and tail. Your board is made flexible by the Off-Axis Filet-O-Flex system... which keeps the board flexible without murdering performance. It does this by using an ultra-thin profiling which creates a soft feel in the board ripping with unseen stability, durability and the grip of the gods! The Name Dropper sports Burton's FSC ™ certified Super Fly ® 800G core, which lightens the board up and spring loads it with tremendous pop. The core is reinforced with the Off-Axis Squeezebox, which focuses your power outward from your feet for maximum pop, snap and control. The Pro-Tip ™ system reduces swing weight for high mobility. Off-Axis Frostbite Edges dish out firm edge-hold on hard, icy conditions...while keeping the ride playful and precise.

  • Arbor Westmark Camber

    Arbor's s System Camber gives you a poppy ride, with a ultra responsive feel. It uses the custom Parabolic Camber, which makes sure the outside contact points do not dig too far into the snow for a cleaner, less catchy ride. Making it easier to turn, spin and ride at speed. This is a True Twin board. Symmetrical in both shape, and flex. This gives you a consistent feel regardless how you ride. The Griptech Sidecut optimises the board's contact points, maintaining performance even as the leading sections of the effective edges are lifted from the snow. Thanks to the Straight Malt Core, the board maintains it's original strength even after years of riding and jibbing. 360 degree ™ rails on the sidewalls effectively tie the board together, boosting the board's durability. The lightning fast Sintered base adds another layer of protection under the board, while letting you "glide" across the snow.

  • K2 Happy Hour

    The go to board for pros like Danny Larsen and Tim Eddy, this is the last board you're gonna need if you're gonna be lapping the park like a pro. K2's Tweekend Blender Rocker gives you a bigger, more stable riding surface. Combine this with the Precision Baseline, which uses flat contact points in the board tip and tail to spread your weight evenly... and you get a tight, responsive ride with unmatched stability. The WH3 core uses three different species of wood, strategically arranged across the board to give you a damp ride while maximising strength and keeping the board light. The new Ollie-Bar ™ gives this rockered beast the kind of pop you'd find in cambered boards .And this is enhanced by the ICG Glass tech, making the board even lighter, and way more playful than it looks. The 4000 Sintered ™ base material soaks in the wax for that freshly waxed feel hours later. This is a medium flex board, delivering the perfect blend of stability and playfulness.

  • Lobster Park Board

    Lobster's 3BT ™ flat camber was made just for the park. The camber is designed to give you maximum stability and playfulness while you lap the park. The Core Core ™ tech uses a fusion of a soft and fun wood core with a Bi-Ax laminates to dish out the perfect balance between stiffness, and playfulness... while giving the board massive pop for wicked ollies. The Super Slick X ™ extruded base not only lets you squeeze every last ounce of performance from the board, but it's also a total no brainer to maintain.

  • DC PBJ

    The Positive Camber ™ curves up at the contact points as you turn or ollie, giving you maximum stability on edge when the wood snaps back into the original shape. The Stratus Core, combined with Bi-Ax fibreglass laminates gives you a soft, buttery feel, while making the board easy to control with precision. The extended Truebase material is the finishing touch... giving your board a fast, ultra durable base which is a snap to take care of. The PBJ is a true twin board. So you can expect the same experience whether you're riding switch or regular.

  • Bataleon Evil Twin

    The Twin 3BT rocker uses a wide centerbase for stability during takeoffs, landings and presses. And base uplift gives you relaxed jib feel. The Evil is a twin board, giving you perfect symmetry in both shape and flex. So you can ride it how you want to without a hitch. Thank to Bataleon's Core Core tech, you'll be able to squeeze out maximum performance when you're jibbing, and jumping. The core's added beech hardwood strengthens the board's backbone, while dealing out lots of pop. TriAx laminates in the board keep your ride ultra responsive... while Basalt stringers harness the power of the earth for snappy performance and power.

  • Lobster Halldor Helgason

    The lobster's asymmetrical look give it the look of a park slaying machine, at home on the mountain. Lobster's Positive Camber With Asymmetrical Triple Base Technology balances your weight on the board for maximum stability. The board's toe side edge has a longer uplift section for a loose, playful feeling. The Reactor Core, used in this board is made from the finest woods, handpicked by the board masters at Lobster. Horizontal Carbon Stringers laid across the board reinforce the board while letting you pull of some smooth presses. The board's flex is right in the sweet spot between soft, and stiff... giving you the perfect mix of stability, control and playfulness in the park. The Ultra Glide Sintered Base not only turns your board into a speed demon, but also seals in wax. To keep that "just waxed" feel longer.

  • Slash Spectrum

    The Spectrum is proof of how park riders can hit it off-piste. The Zero Camber profile is completely flat, giving you a balanced ride which isn't too aggressive or too loose. This also gives you the ultimate stability, and an unbelievably forgiving ride. Thanks to the Dual Woodcore, the board is both ultra durable and extremely responsive. Slash's Progressive Sidecut design is matched up with each board's camber, giving you buttery smooth turn initiation, and firm edge-hold. The Ultimate Traction system enhances the board's edgehold, turning your turns into master level carves. The Sintered base gives you the perfect combo of speed, and durability. And the board is pre-waxed at the factory... so you can take it to the snow straight from the box.

  • Rossignol Jibsaw

    The true twin board you were told to stay away from. But you were too smart to listen. Rossignol's Amptek Freestyle Intensity Rocker gives you loads of float while giving you a playful ride. The Freestyle tech lets you rocket at speed from your start ups with explosive pop, and stability...thanks to the unique 40% Rocker and 60% Camber ratio. The Wood CBF2 core uses a basalt and Kevlar combo to enhance the board's stability, and deliver solid edge grip. Glass Fibres and Kevlar ( yes, THAT indestructible stuff ) make your board virtually bulletproof, while damping vibrations... and maintaining your board's "new board flex" for longer. Magtek Magne Traction edges fuse with the rocker to dish out superhuman edge hold and tight control.

  • Capita The Outsiders

    Packing one of most daring graphics to ever grace a board ( protected by the Multitech ™ 7 DeepSpace ™ Silkscreen ), the Capita Outsiders is sure to push your rides to new heights. Capita's New Age Profile design zeroes out on a traditional camber design 4cm before the end of the sidecut... while small zero camber sections give you total control and maximum power. The Canadian Maple Dual Core ™ is an extra dense core built for maximum control, and durability. Combine this with Dynaweave ™ Fibreglass for enhanced response as you're riding and near indestructible strength. As a medium flex board, it gives you that playful feel between stability, and ease of control. The board's wax unfused Enduro ™ base gives you that rare combo of high class performance, and easy maintenance. So you can focus on shredding the park, and less on keeping your board in shape.

  • Capita Thunderstick

    The RFC Sustainable Select Core ™ is Capita's proven core tech. With a premium wood grain extending from edge to edge. And from tip to tail with no knots or fingers for a seamlessly uniform flex pattern and precise response. The New Age Profile freestyle configuration gives you an easy to control ride, while dishing out the responsiveness and raw power of a camber board. Thanks to the XXX(truded) ™ Base tech your board is extra reinforced against the strains and pressures of jibbing and bombing around the mountain. The board is armed with the 360 degree Steel Edges, giving it enough durability to take whatever to toss at it.

  • Never Summer Warlock

    The Original Rocker Camber profile is a unique hybrid design. Which uses a rocker at the nose and tail, and a traditional camber directly underfoot... and all this combined with a subtle camber between the bindings. This combo of Rocker and Camber gives you a surfy, playful feel without scrimping on the performance or versatility of the board. The Press Flex Core uses 2 soft flex points to pack the power of a pouncing jaguar into the board, letting you spring into gravity defying jumps, presses and ollies. The Vario Power Grip Sidecut enhances the board's edgehold. Letting you carve confidently without catching. This is all enhanced by the Extended transition area, a small flat section in the board which enhances turn initiation and float in the pow. The FDS Damping System and Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers absorb chatter giving the kind of stability you wouldn't expect in a park board.

  • GNU Head Space

    This could be the easiest riding board ever made. GNU's 3C Asym Hybrid Camber design gives you loads of pop and easy control across your edge. This is an Asymmetrical twin board, with a deeper sidecut in the heel side so can keep your speed under control. Even the core is asymetrical, by harnesing the strength and pop of Aspen and Columbia gold wood, while the heel side rocks Paulownia wood to give you a softer, more forgiving flex. Magnetraction ™ edges use some minor serration on the toe side, and more aggressive one on the heel side edge to give you powerful edge hold, and an effortless ride. To wrap this package up, the Sintered base holds onto wax for longer, giving you a blazing fast ride every time.

  • Lib Tech Hot Knife

    The Hybrid C3 BTX camber uses a traditional camber between the contact points to give you powerful edge hold, and unreal stability. Thanks to the mild reverse camber between the feet, you'll also be floating across the powder and pressing with ease. The Original Power ™ core combines the strength of Aspen and Columbian gold woods, with Triax and Biax Fibreglass to give you an ultra durable board whose flex won't wear out over time. Magne-Traction 5 edges dish out extreme edge hold, while tough high molecule sidewalls and power transfer internal sidewalls reinforce the board for added strength while giving you loads of pop. The Co-sintered base soaks up and holds wax like a sponge, so you can ride more and wax it less.

  • YES Public

    Yes, you asked for the ultimate board. And they answered with a board even Austen Sweetin and Justin Mulford swear on. The FlatRock 2-0-2 ™ camber is a flat ( or zero ) camber, which keeps the board neutral enough to give you unmatched control and stability. The Full Poplar wood core pulls off an impressive balance between durability, flex and lightweight. And the True Twin Symmetrical outline makes the board symmetrical in both flex, and shape. This gives you a predictable, ultra responsive ride. The Extruded base material is blazing fast, and picks up speed faster than most other bases if you wax it right.

  • Ride Machete

    Make your own path through the pow with the Machete. Ride's Twin Rocker gives you true symmetry in both flex, and shape. So you can ride normal, or switch and never have to worry about the board's performance. The Pop Rods ® 1.0 Core amplify the board's playfulness, for that perfect lively ride. This tech also spring loads the board with massive pop without the stiffness you normally find in snappy boards. This is then enhanced by the Performance Tuned ™ Core for an added strength boost, while keeping the board light. Carbon Array 3 ™ laminates uses advanced power distribution technology to make sure you have total board control no matter what stance you're in. And for extra strength, Roll In Slimewalls and Cleave Edge ™ Steel make the board tough as nails.

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