Best Mens Park Bindings of 2017

  • Gentlemen, looking for a binding that will keep you locked in but comfortable while running park laps this winter? These bindings are a good place to start. They all share features that will have you feeling confident no matter how hard you huck your meat. Keep these bindings in mind and let us know which ones have your heart this year.

  • Switchback Heater

    Watch the world burn while strapped into the Switchback Heater Snowboard Bindings. Super lightweight, soft flex, and nonrestrictive Midbacks make these bindings perfect for jibbing everything in sight without sacrificing comfort. The Heater sports a Basic Base to give you the most control while maintaining a low-profile feel. With just the right amount of padding, flat landings are smooth as butter and underfoot vibrations are basically nonexistent. Into customization? These are completely adjustable without the need for tools and can be mixed and match with all of Switchback’s interchangeable parts. Winter’s fast approaching. Snag a pair of Switchback Heater Bindings and get to work.

  • K2 Lien FS

    The K2 Lien FS Snowboard Bindings take movement and support to the next level. With their Tripod baseplate that flexes on three separate contact points, you’ll have an incredibly natural flex with a wide range of motion. K2’s brand new Zero Tweekback is made be tough as nails without adding excess weight and don’t require a single tool making adjustments fast and easy. Tired of wearing out your cartilage? Landings couldn’t be smoother thanks to the Harshmellow Shockpads – hard impact touchdowns feel super soft and vibrations are significantly reduced. Before hitting the mountain this season, check out the K2 Lien FS. Your joints will thank you.

  • Union Contact

    What’s that? You’re looking for some awesome bindings that are lightweight, super durable, and more comfortable than your bed after a rough night out? The Union Contact Snowboard Bindings are definitely what you need in your life. These suckers have a Duraflex MD Baseplate that gives your board a nice, even flex, while enhancing performance and strength - And they’re so light, you’ll forget they’re even strapped to your feet. Do you like carrying around a bunch of tools on the mountain? Probably not. These bindings sport flip levers for quick, tool-free adjustments wherever you are. Get rid of the unnecessary stuff. Pick up some Union Contact bindings this season.

  • Burton Malavita

    Thanks to the Re:Flex AutoCANT FullBED Cushioning System, the Burton Malavita Snowboard Bindings are so comfortable, you’ll never want to take them off. Dual-density EVA keeps your boot in a natural position no matter your stance, so fatigue isn’t even a concern. You can forget about harsh landings with these beasts. They sport B3 Gel that absorbs impact so well, you’ll think you landed on a pillow. The Malavita bindings have a nice, medium flex making them perfect for a wide variety of terrain, and their Asym Hammockstraps hug your feet giving you insane responsiveness. This winter, pick up a pair of Burton Malavita bindings and hit the mountain in comfort.

  • Now Pilot

    Are you an all-mountain rider with a penchant for perfection? If so, the Now Pilot Snowboard Bindings are a must-have in your arsenal of gear. Now’s Hanger 2.0 baseplate is nylon reinforced with 30% fiberglass and sports a drop-down medial wall for incredible flexibility. Snow clearing channels will keep the ice build-up to a minimum and the Highback 2.0 with Flex Hinge will give you all the support you need so you can stay out longer. Whether you’re at the park or in the pipe, the Now Pilot Snowboard Bindings will let you ride in comfort all day.

  • Ride Rodeo

    Ride’s Rodeo Snowboard Bindings are something you don’t want to miss this winter. With a Forged Aluminum Micro-Disc baseplate that’s 30% lighter than most, you’ll have insane flex and performance anywhere you ride. Introducing the new Wedgie Footbed – ultra-light with subtle angles, you’re ankles and knees will stay in a natural position giving you superior leverage without needing to change you stance. The Rodeo’s ThinGrip Max Toe Straps are a thing of beauty. Wear them over the top or over the toe – it’s up to you. With a unique 3D shaped rubber web, these straps will grip to your boot nice and snug for hours of comfortable riding.

  • Nitro Zero

    Ride freestyle in supreme comfort with the Nitro Zero Snowboard Bindings. Thanks to their Air Dampening technology and memory foam ankle straps, hard landings and jibbing won’t kill your joints. With their asymmetrical Zero Highbacks, you’ll experience a nice mixture of flex and support so you can spend more time nailing tricks. There’s so much versatility with these beasts – the B.E.S.T Convertible Toe Strap makes it so you can either run it over the top of your boot or in front. Winter’s fast approaching… Don’t miss out on the Nitro Zero bindings.

  • Salomon District

    Whether you prefer to kill it in the streets or dominate the park, the Salomon District Snowboard Bindings can handle it all. Salomon’s insanely comfortable ShadowFit baseplates, paired with their District highbacks, make these bad boys perfect for freestyling. Super lightweight, the right amount of flex, and Kevlar Quickwire strength means you’re good to go all season long. The District sports SCS and Full EVA Padding so harsh landings aren’t a problem at all. This winter, pick up a pair of Salomon District bindings - You’re welcome.

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