Best Mens Pants of 2017

  • Guys, looking for a new pair of pants? We have the list of the highest quality, warm, dry and stylish looking choices. Check out this list and tell us which ones you like the most.


  • Analog Field Pant

    With a stylish and functional military style, the Analog Field Pants can handle anything you put them through. With a zippered crotch vent to keep the air flowing when you build up a sweat, and a nice waterproof, breathable fabric to keep out the moisture, these bad boys have it all. Fully taped seams and stretch boot gaiters will make sure the snow stays out, and articulated knees give you all the flexibility you need. The multiple pockets on these pants give you plenty of space to hold your gear and the regular fit allows room for layering. This season, look no further than the Analog Field Pants.

  • DC Asylum

    Ripstop polyester and EXOTEX 15K weatherproofing make the DC Asylum Snow Pants both durable and warm for hours on the mountain. Stay dry and keep the snow out thanks to the fully taped seams and jacket-to-pant attachment system. Don’t worry about getting too hot either. These bad boys sport a mesh lined leg venting so circulation is nice and even. Tons of Velcro pockets mean you can carry all your stuff without worrying about losing anything and the zip-up hand warmers are there to ensure your digits stay intact. This winter, pick up some DC Asylum Snow Pants – you’ll be glad you did.

  • 32 Wooderson

    It’s cold out there. Stay warm and look good with the 32 Wooderson Snowboard Pants. With 10K/10K 100% Nylon Dobby, a Level 2 lining system, and a stylish mid fit, you’ll have all the protection you need from the elements. The snow stays out thanks to the fully taped seams, but the mesh lined vents will make sure you don’t overheat. Boot gaitors and a jacket to pant snap connection system means everything will stay put while you’re killing it at the park. Stay dry and fly this season with the 32 Wooderson Snow Pants.

  • Holden M Skinny Standard

    Slim all the way through, but enough give to keep you agile. The Holden M Skinny Standard pants are perfect for looking good while killing it on the mountain. Ultra-Stretch Heavyweight Polyester Twill makes these both durable and flexible, and the 10K/5K membrane keeps the wetness out while retaining heat. Don’t worry about getting too hot, though. Zippered leg vents will let you control airflow, so you won’t have to take breaks to cool off. This season, pick up a pair of Holden M Skinny Standard pants and dominate the park.

  • Volcom Pat Moore Pant

    Stay bone dry all day on the mountain with the Volcom Pat Moore Snow Pants. V-Science waterproofing will keep the moisture out and the warmth in, and the zippered inseam vents let air circulate freely. These beasts have a rugged, workwear-inspired duck cloth fabric, so you can go hard without fear of rips, and the adjustable waistband will ensure a perfect fit. If comfort is your main concern, worry not. The relaxed fit and straight legs give you plenty of room to layer without any restriction. This season, pick up some Volcom Pat Moore Snow Pants – you’ll be glad you did.

  • NEFF Murdoch Pant

    Fully taped seams, 4-way stretch twill fabric, and zippered hand warmer pockets make the NEFF Murdoch Snow Pants a must have on the mountain. The snow will stay out, the warmth will stay in, and if you start to get a bit of a chill in your digits, the hand warmers will be your best friend. You don’t want to get too hot, though - thanks to the mesh lined thigh vents, you can keep the air flowing. These pants are tough as nails, too. The cordura reinforced heel binding and brushed tricot lining will keep these going for years to come. Before heading out on the mountain, pick up a pair of NEFF Murdoch Snow Pants so you can go hard.

  • L1 Thunder Pant

    Keeping the feel of a nice pair of slim chinos, the L1 Thunder Pants both look sweet and provide everything you need on the mountain. The mesh lining will keep the moisture at bay, while the waterproof fabric keep you nice and dry all day. These bad boys are extremely durable as well. With their articulated knees and gusseted crotch, you’ll have all the flexibility you need without having to deal with rips or tears. Need to keep your gear close by? The L1 Thunder Pants have tons of zippered pockets for small tools and accessories. You need to stay dry and stylish out there this season – pick up some L1 Thunder Pants.

  • Airblaster Cranky Pants

    With 15K waterproofing and 10K breathability, nothing can stop you from having a good time on the mountain in the Airblaster Cranky Pants. Stay nice and dry thanks to the fully taped seams, but don’t worry about overheating. Mesh lined inner leg vents will keep the air flowing so your legs can breathe. The Cranky Pants are super durable, too. RipStopper Reinforced Kick Patch Heels sport 6-needle stitching at the back of the legs so rips just won’t happen. Need to hold your gear? 4 zippered pockets should give you all the storage space you need for snacks, tools, or whatever you need with you at all times. This season, check out the Airblaster Cranky Pants and look sweet while destroying the park.

  • Quiksilver Porter Insulated Pants

    It’s cold out there - don’t let it stop you from having fun. The Quicksilver Porter Insulated Pants should be your go to when killing it on the mountain. With 40 grams of Warmflight insulation, you’ll be nice and toasty all season long. The mesh lined thigh vents will make sure you don’t get too warm, and the 10K/10K membrane will keep the wetness out for supreme comfort. These pants sport a regular fit so even though they’re super warm, they aren’t too baggy. With a jacket-to-pant attachment system and snapped bottom leg gussets, everything will stay in the right place all day. It’s time to hit up the park and the Quicksilver Porter Insulated Pants are exactly what you need.

  • Oakley Arrowhead BZI Pants

    Look your best and stay dry this season with the Oakley Arrowhead BZI Pants. Not only do they look sweet, but the polyester twill fabric is coated with a waterproof treatment that will keep the snow at day and your legs nice and warm. These bad boys are lightweight with a relaxed fit so you’ll have all the mobility you need to dominate the park. With thigh vents to keep the air flowing and ankle gussets to keep your feet dry, the Oakley Arrowhead BZI Pants should be a no-brainer this season. Awesome style and quality function – Oakley has you covered.

  • Burton Cargo Pant

    With their DRYRIDE Durashell 2-Layer fabric, the Burton Cargo Pants will keep you nice and dry all season long. The 10K/10K waterproof breathability will keep any moisture out without causing you to sweat. A mesh lined Test-I-Cool thigh venting system will keep air circulating freely, and the mid fit allows comfort with plenty of room for layering. Need somewhere to carry your gear? The bellowed cargo pockets give you plenty of room for storing tools, snacks, or anything else you need on you. With a durable 100% polyester twill weave, the Burton Cargo Pants should be your go to this season.

  • 686 Men’s GLCR Gore-Tex Smarty 3-1 Weapon Pant

    If you’re a fan of staying warm and dry without sacrificing mobility at the park, look no further than the 686 Men’s GLCR Gore-Tex Smarty 3-In-1 Weapon Pants. With their super durable, waterproof Gore-Tex material and removable Smarty Thermagraph fleece inserts, you’ll stay bone dry and warm all day long. These pants sport an articulated fit so they’ll stay put and move with you while you’re killing it on the mountain. The Air Flo Mesh-Lined Inner Crotch Vent will keep the air circulating so you don’t overheat, and the internal waistband adjustment system will give you supreme comfort. With a thermal rating of 8 and a sweet looking, durable design, the 686 Men’s GLCR Gore-Tex Smarty 3-In-1 Weapon Pants should be your number one choice this season.

  • 32 Engler

    With a climate-controlled Level 3 lining system and a nice, relaxed fit, the 32 EnglerSnowpants will keep you comfortable and warm all day long. Fully taped seams and 20K waterproofing will make sure the snow stay out and the heat stays in. You don’t want to get too hot though. That’s why the 32 Engler comes with double mesh lined leg vents so air can circulate freely. These bad boys are made with 100% Nylon Micro Ripstop fabric and have a workwear design, so they can take a beating and keep going. Winter’s finally here. Pick up a pair of 32 EnglerSnowpants and stay warm and comfortable all season.

  • Holden 3L Fatigue

    The Holden 3L Fatigue are the go to pants if you like staying dry and warm on the mountain. These beasts have a 3 layer laminated fabric that will keep you bone dry, even when plowing through waist-deep powder. A relaxed fit with military inspired cargo pockets ensure you’ll be riding in supreme comfort, even when carrying your tools. Worried about overheating? The inner leg zipper vents will keep the air flowing so sweat isn’t an issue. Durable, stylish, warm – the Holden 3L Fatigue Pants will have you covered all winter.  

  • Volcom TD2 Pant

    With 100% Nylon V-Science 3-Layer Laminate fabric, the Volcom TD2 Pants are going to keep you super dry and toasty for hours. The Thermal Defense 2 system ensures breathability while remaining extremely comfortable. Volcom’s 2-Way Stretch makes these bad boys flexible no matter what type of riding you do, and with their GTP Articulated Fit, you’ll have a nice, relaxed feel so you can layer up all you want. Winter’s here and you want to look and feel good on the mountain, right? Pick up a pair of Volcom TD2 Pants and go hard this season.

  • L1 Field Pant

    If you need some threads that can endure harsh weather all season, look no further. The L1 Field Snow Pants were designed to keep you warm and dry, and are able to take a beating. These have a reverse tricot lining in the seat and knees so you’re free to shred hard without fear of damage. With 20K Waterproofing and breathability, the snow will stay out, but you won’t overheat.  And thanks to the Balls Out Venting, air can circulate freely so don’t have to sit in your own sweat. This season, pick up some L1 Field Snow Pants and dominate the parks.

  • Burton [ak] 2L Swash Pant

    Tough as nails fabric and top of the line waterproofing technology - the Burton AK 2L Swash Pants are essential this season. With Gore-Tex waterproof material, you’ll stay bone dry without building up tons of sweat. The Taffeta and mesh lining will keep the moisture at bay and whatever does accumulate will dry in no time. Inner thigh vents will keep the air flowing nicely and there are ample pockets to ensure your gear stays close by at all times. This winter, don’t mess around. Pick up some Burton AK 2L Swash Pants for supreme comfort and durability.

  • 686 Men’s Authentic Smarty 3-1 Cargo Pant

    Show off your high IQ this season with the 686 Men’s Authentic Smarty Cargo Pants. With the InfiDRY 15 membrane and removable SMARTY poly fleece liner, the warmth stays in and the moisture stays out. These bad boys sport an insulation with a thermal rating of 7, which means you’ll stay plenty warm without getting too hot. The Air-Flo mesh lined vents will ensure you get proper air circulation, and the fully taped seams will keep the elements out. Everything will stay in place thanks to the PJ Connect System pant-to-jacket interface, and the Ghetto Slit snap closures make getting them on and off a breeze. The 686 Men’s Authentic Smarty Cargo Pants should be your go to this season.

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