Best Mens Mittens of 2017

  • Guys, get your mitt game on point. This is the best collection of thugged out, warm mitts for you to slap some asses with. Get to it!

  • Burton Dam Mitt

    As the name suggests, the Dam Mitt is a mitt that’s surprisingly good at keeping moisture out and protecting your hands. The DRYRIDE Durashell™ 2-Layer Fabric provides a soft, breathable and mobile inner shell and a waterproof, windproof outer shell. This means you get the best of both worlds - especially with Thermacore™ Insulation keeping your extremities comfortably warm. Perhaps best of all, the Mitt comes with a 1-year warranty - and with a Gnar Guard Leather Palm protecting the fabric from damage, and a removable wrist leash that helps make sure you don’t lose your mitts, you can expect to have these around for a long time.

  • Volcom SFD Powder Mitt

    The SFD Powder is a high-tech mitt for riders serious about staying warm. The Stormproof tech and PrimaLoft insulation keep your hands toasty and protect them from sharp winds and cold air. The V-Science stay-dry leather shell and the Gore-Tex membrane make sure no moisture gets through to your hands - and that’s only half the tech in this mitt. The SDF Powder also features ergonomically curved fingers for more agility; suede thumb inserts for scratch-free wiping; a premium leather palm that gives you a firm, no-slide grip, even on smooth surfaces. The result is a high-tech mitt that’s plenty flexible - and strong enough for sustained aggressive riding.

  • DC Seger SE Mitt

    Looking for heavy-duty mitts to keep you warm in the coldest conditions? Then look no further than the Seger SE Mitt, made with 150g insulation and a leather palm that keeps the mitt supple but strong. Unlike many other mitts, the Seger SE include a velcro cuff closure and 5-finger lining design that keeps the mitt snug on your hand. It also features a goggle wipe suede insert that allows you to keep your vision clear as you ride, and an adjustable leash to prevent you from ever losing your gloves when out riding!

  • 32 Valve Mitt

    Usually, using mitts means you lose some dexterity (when compared to gloves). This isn’t the case with the Valves, which are stitched from multiple pieces of 100% leather, allowing you to move your hands around freely. These mitts are seriously warm, too, and the ribbed cuff and adjustable mitt design mean they’ll be a snug fit, keeping snow out and your hands - warm. If you want an honest, functional pair of mitts, the Valves are a strong candidate.

  • Rome Chainsaw Mitt

    The Chainsaw is different from your average mitt thanks to its 3 finger sections. There’s one for the thumb, another for your index finger and a third one for the rest of your hand. This means you get the mobility and grip to hold, grab and press items as you would in a regular glove - but the warmth that only a mitt can give. As far as technology goes, the HiPora 5000 Waterproof insert keeps moisture out while the 3.2 Flexible Insulation feature keeps you toasty. Meanwhile, the TechLeather palm and Sherpa Lining on the back of the hand allow for extra dexterity, giving you a glove that’s as mobile as it is warm.

  • Burton [ak] Oven Mitt

    The Oven Mitt’s outer shell is made from Gore fabric, which is breathable and completely windproof. The insides are Primaloft Gold insulation, Triple Goose down fill and fixed fleece which combine to keep your hands toasty and comfy no matter how cold it gets. As far as waterproofing goes, the hydrofil wicking on the outside prevents moisture from getting in. The Gnar Guard leather palm reinforces the Oven Mitt, giving you extra protection and grip strength - even when things get slippery. Finally, the removable A.K. wrist leash makes sure you don’t lose these gloves and all the wonderful tech in them!

  • NEFF Klaw Mitt

    With 170g insulation, the NEF Klaw is a seriously warm mitt. It’s also highly waterproof, with a hipora membrane that keeps moisture out while keeping you warm and dry. You might think all this tech means the Klaw lacks in mobility - but the softshell, PU-coated span chassis makes flexing, grabbing and holding a cakewalk. The finishing touch is a debossed suregrip palm that prevents slips and slides from happening, and a removable wrist leash that keeps your mitts on no matter how crazy things get.

  • Howl Ballard Mitt

    These mitts are made with a 10k waterproof, breathable insert and a corded wrist cinch. This means that you can snugly fit them around your wrist to keep your hands dry for the duration of your slope run - but that’s not all. The Permaloft insulation and micro fleece lining will make sure you’re warm and comfy, too! As far as appearances go, the Ballard Mitts also feature a beautiful design, P.U. leather inner palms and cow suede accents, meaning they look - and feel - just as lush as they are warm.

  • POW Tanto Mitt

    With a Hipora waterproof insert, PrimaLoft Gold insulation and microfleece lining, the Tantos are full of tech that keeps your hands warm and dry. That’s not all, though, because the 3-finger design gives you the grip strength and glove mobility that the average mitt simply can’t replicate - especially with a Goatskin leather palm that  prevents objects from slipping out of your grasp. The finishing touches are a hook-and-loop cuff that gives you a secure wrist fit, and a buff thumb that lets you clean your goggles and devices scratch-free.

  • 686 Men's Raw Leather Mitt

    Don’t be fooled by the old-school design: the 686 Raw Leather Mitt is plenty high-tech. The outer shell is 100% Goat Skin Leather, which keeps cold air and water out while allowing for superior freedom of movement. The insert is a waterproof, breathable infiDRY® shell insulated with Hyperloft™ tech, meaning your hands stay warm while the glove wicks sweat away. The thumbs are touchscreen-friendly and soft to the touch, meaning you can use your devices, rub your nose and adjust your headwear - all without having to take these off. Add a knit-ribbed cuff and fleece lining to the mix, and it’s easy to see why this mitt made it to Outside’s 2017 Winter Buyer’s Guide!

  • Burton x Playboy Mitt

    What happens when a top snowboarding brand meets a top entertainment brand? The Burton x Playboy Mitt: a high-tech, high-fashion piece of handwear that looks as well as it performs. The outer layer is soft, supple Gnar Guard leather that protects you from moisture, cold weather and lets you text thanks to a Screen Grab® insert. Inside is a Waterproof DRYRIDE Insane Membrane™ 2.0, which wicks sweat away from your hands while stopping outside moisture from getting in. The finishing touch is the cuff, which, true to the Playboy spirit, is made from a lush knit fabric. 1-Year Warranty included!

  • DC Supply Mitt

    Made from pure leatherand reinforced with 40g insulation, the DC Supply Mitt is soft and supple; pleasant to the touch; great at keeping your hands warm no matter how cold it is. Style-wise, the nugget gold coloring makes it a natural fit for any gear combination you’re wearing. Extra features include elastic in the cuff and an adjustable leash. Both make the DC Supply Mitt fit snug around your wrist - even as the inside mitt allows for greater freedom of movement thanks to no separated finger linings.

  • Rome Duke Mitt

    The Duke Mitt has a Rome warmth rating of 8, meaning you can count on it to keep your hands warm and comfy - and here’s why. The adjustable cuff keeps the mitt snugly on your wrist, working together with the HiPora 3000 Waterproof technology to keep snow out. The 3.2 3.2 Flexible Insulation system by Primaloft adjusts the temperature inside depending on how cold it is. Finally, the Mid Overmitt design gives you additional flexibility, which is lacking in other mitts - but not the Rome Duke Mitt.

  • NEFF Work Mitt

    The NEFF Work Mitt starts with a full, 100% leather chassis. Underneath it is an 8-oz fiberfill insulation pack that keeps your entire hand toasty. The inside features a divided finger design that gives you superior grip, more glove dexterity and even more warmth. Finally, the elastic rib keeps the mitt nice and snug on your wrist, making sure it stays on, and the snow - out.

  • POW Lovers Mitt

    Featuring a waterproof Hipora insert and a Grade A leather shell, the Lovers Mitt is adept at keeping snow and sleet away from your hands. The lining is micro-fleece, the insulation - fiber fill, meaning your phalanges willbe warm and comfortable while you’re out riding. Extras include a wrist leash that makes sure you never lose your Lovers Mitt, and a sock-cuff with a zipper that makes sure you get an airtight fit that lets neither wind nor snow through.

  • Burton Gondy GORE-TEX® Leather Mitt

    Looking for a mitt that combines leather’s class with the world’s best weather-proofing tech? The Gondy starts off with a Gnar Guard leather shell which is velvet-soft; extremely flexible; supple enough to resist wind, water and long-term wear. Inside is Gore-Tex technology, which windproofs your hand while allowing air to circulate. Linking it all together is a layer of Thermacore™ Insulation that gives you that extra warmth without sacrificing flexibility, resulting in a weather-proof, comfortable and highly mobile mitt.

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