Best Mens Jackets of 2017

  • Here it is, the best men's jackets for all kinds of conditions and all kinds of riding styles. Check it out and tell us which jacket you have on the brain.


  • 686 Men's Authentic Smarty 3-in-1 Form Jacket

    There's more to this jacket than meets the eye. Clean, mature style aside, the infiniDRY ® waterproof membrane gives you unmatched versatility wherever you choose to wear it. On colder days, the SMARTY ® internal liner jacket has you covered ( pun intended ), making sure you're not gonna turn into a pop-sickle in the snow. Air-Flo Mesh lined Under Arm Vents and Vader Vents let you channel out the hot, humid air in the jacket keeping you cool and dry. A removable powder skirt is available for the days when you want to tear up fresh powder on the mountain. While you're at it, jam you favorite tunes thanks to the media pocket and audio cord outlet.

  • Volcom Pat Moore Insulated

    Channeling Pat Moore's experience and designed under his supervision, this jacket packs an attention to detail which will leave the nitpickers in awe. Thanks to the V-science 2-Layer shell you'll be warm and dry regardless whether you're in rain, or snow. The powder skirt keeps the snow out of the jacket when you're riding in deep powder conditions, while the hand warmer pockets keep your hands from getting frostbite in the biting alpine air. The loose fit is designed to give you total unhindered freedom to slash and carve without feeling weighed down.

  • DC Corruption

    Dc's team rider Torsein Horgmo chipped in with a few of his brillliant ideas for this timeless jacket. The relaxed fit gives you the freedom of movement needed for hardcore jibbing, shredding and jumping, combined with the Visor hood to keep your head dry in extreme powder conditions. The Exotex 15K waterproof material, with fully taped seams and powder skirt keeps the snow out while the Thinsulate insulation keeps the warmth in. The zipped arm lift pass pockets and mesh arm ventilation lets your body "breathe" as you're shredding the snow. And for the cherry on top, the Napoleon pockets give you enough room to carry your gadgets ( pro-tip: bring the camera and capture a few shots ).  

  • 32 Kumo

    Don't let the modest style fool you. Thirtytwo's 3L Tactical shell, with Level 3 sealed lining system gives you a waterproof armor against the elements. Fully Taped seams and Lycra wrist garters seal out the snow and keep you dry now matter what conditions you ride in. Water Resistant zips and mesh lines vents protect the most common leak spots from letting in any moisture while making sure you have ample airflow in the jacket to whisk away excess moisture. The jacket's regular fit give you ample room to move with ease, while making sure you're rocking a stylish, clean look. A pass pocket is built in so you'll never lose your pass ( plus there's a hidden goggle wipe in case you get fogged up ).

  • Holden Caravan

    Built for men willing to tackle the harshest conditions on the hill into submission. The Caravan's Nylon Polyurethane material gives you the ultimate in waterproofing while keeping airflow steady enough to avoid moisture buildup. Ample Eco2sy insulation makes sure you stay warm even as the air around you cranks the coldness up to eleven. Pit vents give you enough airflow to keep you from getting drenched in sweat. 4 pockets ( 2 inner and 2 outer ) give you loads of room to stash your possessions, gadgets and pass. And to round this off, the powder skirt keeps the powder out as you're charging into the fresh morning pow while the loose fit gives you room to slash at full force!

  • NEFF Squad Jacket

    This Shell jacket is designed with functionality and style. Mesh lined zips in the arm pits make the jacket versatile enough to be worn in all weather conditions without cooking you alive. The snow skirt and sealed seams keep you warm and dry while sealing the snow out. Lined Handwarmer pockets keep your hands warm and dry in the nastiest cold winds. And to make sure you're never at a loss for equipment, the extra interior pocket gives you enough room to keep your spare gear. And you won't have to worry about carrying your phone in your hands thanks to the dedicated media pocket ( with a built in audio cable port ) for your headphones.

  • 686 Men's Authentic Smarty 3-in-1 Automatic Jacket

    This jacket comes with a seamless combination of the outer shell, and the inner insulating layer. The shell uses 686's infiDry ™ waterproof & breathable membrane keeps your nice and dry when you're dipping into the morning powder for a day of hard slashing. The removable Smarty Quilted Poly Liner jacket insulates you from the cold and combines seamlessly with the main shell for easy layering. The Death Grip ™ Velcro Cuff makes it easy as 1-2-3 for you to get the perfect seal on your sleeves. The jacket's standard fit gives you enough room to flex and move unhindered without sacrificing style and utility. Air-Flo Mesh lined under arm vents maintain a steady airflow to carry out moisture.

  • L1 Halsted Jacket

    Built with the high end Primasoft insulation to seal in your warmth from the elements, the Halsted is a stylish jacket that doesn't hold back when it comes to performance. Jacket-to-pant connection snaps let you join your jacket and pants to keep the snow out. Taffeta lining with quilted back sown into the jacket help keep you warm, while the underarm vents keep you cool and dry with constant airflow. The Removable Powder Skirt, adjustable hood and sleeve gaiters keeps snow out of the jacket, combined with the two-way front zip to complete the seal.

  • Volcom Stretch GORE-TEX

    Probably the most comfortable, non-restrictive GORE-TEX you'll ever wear! The Stretch component gives the jacket enough mobility to let you ride in waist high morning powder. The GORE-TEX laminate combined with YKK aquaguard zippers create a snowproof shell around you, keeping moisture from leaking in through the zipper opening and seams. These work side by side with the Mesh-lined underarm vents and V-Science breathable lining for maximum air circulation to keep you dry under the jacket during the long uphill backcounty climb. An inner pocket lets you keep a spare pair of goggles in case you get fogged out.

  • Burton Japan AK 457 Guide

    Burton went all out on the Japan AK 457 jacket. Featuring the revolutionary GORE-TEX pro 3 layer fabric for maximum waterproofing in the nastiest blizzards and storms mother nature can cook up. The enhanced insulation and breathability of GORE-TEX keeps out moisture, and whisks away moisture and excess heat from inside the jacket while keeping you warm in harsh cold. This jacket also features backcountry specifics including an integrated RECCO rescue reflector and dedicated pockets for your rescue beacon and radio ( you never know what can happen in the untamed hills ). The AK articulated fit gives you absolute comfort and range of movement while you're riding.

  • Airblaster Grumpy

    No need to be all grumpy when you're wearing this unique piece by Airblaster. The waxed fabric and taped seams give you a waterproof shell against any snowfall seeping into the jacket. The Zonal insulation tech focuses warmth where you need it without letting the rest of your body freeze. Underarm vents let the air circulate inside the jacket, releasing any excess  heat. Thanks to the removable powder skirt, you're assured none of the white stuff is gonna sneak into your clothes during your backcountry days. The Grumpy's tailored fit gives you lots of room to move around.. Pockets on the chests give you a safe place to keep your pass and your phone.

  • Quicksilver Honest

    We'll be honest with ya, the quicksilver is a slick piece of kit you shouldn't be caught dead without. The DryFlight membrane gives you a waterproof membrane which keeps the chill out, while letting your skin breathe so you don't end up steam cooking yourself in your own sweat. Synthetic Warmflight insulation keeps you warm while the zippered underarm panels give the excess heat a vent out. The snap away powder skirt is there for the powder days. Multiple pockets give you loads of room to carry any on hill gear you'll need. And thanks to the loose fit, it's perfect for layering without cramping your movement.

  • Burton Analog Mantra

    When you're hitting the park, the Analogue Mantra's urban inspired style has you covered. Sporting the GORE-TEX ® waterproof fabric to let you lap the park without getting wet, and fully taped seams to complete the seal to keep the snow out. Taffeta Lining inside the jacket keeps you insulated against the brutal cold while making sure you have sufficient airflow to keep moisture at bay. Velcro ® Thumb Cuff Links on the sleeves make it a cinch for you to get the perfect fit on your wrists. And the internal media and goggle pockets ( with zipper enclosure ) keep your gear dry against the elements.

  • 686 Men's GLCR GORE-TEX Smarty 3-in-1 Weapon Jacket

    Your secret weapon against the cold, cruel weather... this jacket combines 686's Smarty ® insulation jacket with the virtually waterproof GORE-TEX membrane for a lethal combo that keeps you warm and dry even in neck deep powder ( y'know... if you're into such crazy conditions ). The ergonomically articulated fit works with your body's natural shape to squeeze out every ounce of performance out of you. Air-flo mesh lined under arm vents, and Vader Vents in the jacket cuff increase airflow in the jacket to keep you dry. YKK Aquaguard zippers complete the seal, keeping water out.  

  • 32 Shiloh

    Made under Chris Grenier's watchful eye, this jacket is set to keep you warm without cramping your style. The color blocked style, with contrasting logo accents sets you apart from everyone else. The lightweight insulation lining locks in the warmth without weighing you down. The Grenier has fully taped seams and stretched Lycra wrist gaiters to keep snow out. The on-off hood is designed to work with helmets so you can be both safe AND warm on the hill. The media pockets keep your phone and possessions safe, while the dedicated "pass pocket" keeps you pass within arm's reach. Mesh line vents at key spots keep you ventilated just in case you wander out of the trees and into the sun.

  • DC SPT Company

    Show everyone whose the boss in this stylish kit. The Exotex 20K waterproof material keeps you dry no matter how deep the powder is. 3M ™ Thinsulate material in both the sleeves and body seals the warmth in, while the line vents make sure you don't get cooked alive in your own sweat during the long backcountry climb. The regular fit gives you a perfect blend of easy movement and low air drag for maximum speed. And the drop hood (with a built in collar ) insulate both your neck and your head against mother nature's chilling bite.

  • Holden M-51 Fishtail

    A classy street styled snowboarding jacket you can wear both on AND off the hill ( y'know, for those cold rainy days ). Thanks to the water repellent treatment and fully taped seams in the jacket's "technical shell", you'll be fully shielded from the weather. For breathability armpit vents keep the air circulating inside the jacket to keep you cool and dry. The zippered tech pocket ( with a dedicated port for your headphones ) keeps your phone in an easy to reach spot ready for you to whip out. And because of the removable powder skirt, you can take this jacket to the hill and it'll keep the cold stuff out... while also having the option of taking the skirt off when you want to wear the jacket on the streets.

  • Volcom TD2

    Designed to give you true freedom when you shred, the TD2 is the perfect jacket for you if you're planning on tackling mythical levels of snowfall and don't want anything weighing you down. The Nylon V-Science 3 layer laminate makes sure you never have to swap breathability for waterproofing, giving ample airflow without letting any water in. Thanks to the Thermal Defense 2, with circulation Flex you'll be kept from overhearing because of the enhanced ventilation at key heat spots on your body. Lycra hand gaiters, YKK ® Aquaguard ® water repellent zippers and a Super Suede Chin Guard complete the seal, keeping snow out but warmth in.

  • NEFF Parker

    This stylish jacket features high end insulation in both the body and the arm sections, to keep you warm as you're shredding it in the deep stuff. Lycra Wrist Gaiters keep your arms warm and dry in case you lose your balance and fall. Zipper mesh lined underarm vents make sure any excess moisture in the jacket is whisked away in the airflow. For those days when you're not riding in the backcountry, there's a built in Pass pocket on the left sleeve. A custom "media pocket" is also fitted into the jacket so you can carve to your favorite power jams and get into the rhythm. The large interior mesh pocket gives you enough room to stash a spare pair of goggles or gloves ( just in case ).

  • L1 Barstow

    The Broken Twill fabric used in the jacket shields you in coldest morning runs and heaviest rainstorms, while keeping you dry and comfy when you're at your most active. The breathable fabric ensures ample air circulation to keep your from sweating your head off. The clean lines and minimalist style give you a hint of class, while integrating seamlessly with the pockets for you to keep your snacks and phone in reach ( no ugly zippers to break the look ). The detachable powder skirt keeps you dry on those days you feel daring enough to charge full speed into waist high powder. And thanks to the adjustable hood, your head is shielded from the cold.

  • Airblaster Yeti Beast

    While the Yeti won't be turning you into the Abominable Snowman anytime soon, you'll come close to being the missing link between man, and the ultimate snow-proof pow slashing monster. Airblaster's Vortex outer fabric repels water to keep you dry. This is then combined with the Nanotex Aquapel, which mimics how animal fur naturally repels fur to give you unmatched waterproofing. The Waffle Wick lining material wicks away moisture and sweat, while using micro air channels to let your skin breathe. An inner chest pocket, and media pocket give you room to keep your phone and spare goggles.

  • Quicksilver TR Exhibition 2L GORE-TEX

    Designed and tested by Travis Rice himself, the TR Exhibition comes from one of the best in the game. The virtually waterproof GORE-TEX ®  fabric ( with taped seams ) keeps you dry, and thanks to the fiber's breathability, you'll have constant air flown in the jacket. Combine this with the lightweight taffeta, and brushed tricot warming lining which whisks away moisture and you're guaranteed to be dry and warm. This 100% Travis approved jacket carries his signature style, but doesn't sacrifice functionality. Mesh lined vents keep the air flowing in the jacket, and the adjustable hood makes sure your head is protected against the biting cold.

  • Burton Dunmore

    A rugged jacket made for the rough riders on the hill. Rocking the  DryRide Durashell 2-layer membrane, this jacket keeps you dry as you're charging into into the powder. Thermolite Synthetic insulation keeps your core warm, while zipperd underarm vents give you an outlet to vent out hot air and mosture. Keep your extra gear in the built in pockets. The removable powder skirt gives you additional protection from the snow during the deeper snow days. And thanks to the regular fit, you won't have to sacrifice layering or freedom of movement for style.

  • 686 Men's Authentic Woodland Insulated

    Don't let the street inspired style of the Woodland jacket fool you. This piece of kit is both a fashion statement, and vital piece of your gear thanks to the infiDry ® membrane's legendary waterproofing and breathability. The inner quilted lining makes sure you don't get too sweaty on your slog uphill, while the Poly Fill insulation tech locks in your heat, keeping you from freezing in the backcountry winds. An adjustable hood keeps your head warm without squeezing your brains out. A Full Velcro ™ sleeve pass pocket keeps your pass in easy reach, while the Innie/Outie ™ smartphone pocket lets you jam to your favorite tunes.

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