Best Mens Helmets of 2016

  • Looking for a helmet this winter? Check out this list of great snowboard helmets that are light, durable, comfortable and affordable...for the most part.

  • Anon Rodan

    The Anon Rodan helmet is extremely lightweight and highly durable. The design is perfectly suited to the natural shape of the head and consists of polycarbonate material. Passive ventilation helps to keep the head cool and prevent overheating. Insulating material near the liner and the use of ear padding helps to provide the necessary warmth. The strap-stash and Boa fit system make the Anon Rodan easily adjustable for maximum comfort and security. SkullCandy ASFX compatibility increases entertainment options.

  • Anon Blitz

    The Anon Blitz helmet is constructed using Endura-Shel material, which increases the toughness of the helmet exterior while keeping it comfortable and lightweight for the wearer. The design includes a brim, which helps to protect from harsh sunlight without compromising on the range of vision. The Active Climate Control feature makes ventilation easy and hassle-free. The fit of the helmet is adjustable with the help of liner and ear pads. The helmet is compatible with SkullCandy ASFX audio systems to support musical entertainment while skiing.

  • Electric Mashman / Shield

    The Electric Mashman shield offers high-quality protection for the face without reducing visibility in any way. The face shield has a film of chrome coating it, which protects against damage from harsh radiation of the sun. The Electric Mashman shield has anti-fog coating on it, which helps to maintain visibility even in foggy conditions. The polycarbonate material makes the shield lightweight and durable. The shield comes with a snap attachment that helps to secure it to the Electric Mashman helmet.

  • Electric Saint

    The Electric Saint helmet comprises of ABS material, which makes it durable and lightweight. The helmet is equipped with vinyl nitrile liner to offer maximum protection to the wearer in the event of a fall. A strategic visor offers excellent visibility as it prevents snow or rainwater from settling on the visor. It has incorporated ventilation into the design in the brow and rear of the helmet. The helmet also comes with a Fidlock strap that allows the wearer to conveniently wear and take off the helmet.

  • Smith Vantage

    The Smith Vantage helmet design has a unique Hybrid SL shell using In-Mold technology to achieve a product that is long lasting and extremely comfortable for the wearer. The helmet has an exceptional capacity for absorbing heavy shocks on impact thanks to the use of Aerocore technology and the Koroyd inserts which reduce the impact of any shock to the head. External vents have been included in the brim region and at the top for easy passage of air.

  • Smith Maze

    The Smith Maze helmet comes with a surprisingly lightweight shell, lined with EPS foam to offer excellent cushioning for the head. Nine vents are part of the design using AirEvac 2 technology, which helps keep the head cool and ventilated in addition to preventing the goggles from fogging up. The helmet also comes with a self-adjusting mechanism for achieving the perfect fit. A removable lock allows the wearer to attach or remove goggles.

  • POC Receptor Bug MIPS

    The outer shell of the POC Receptor Bug MIPS helmet has durable and lightweight ABD plastic while the inner shell has polycarbonate material. The unique MIPS technology used in the design allows the helmet to reduce the impact of a crash by causing a small piece of plastic between the inner and outer shells to break and distribute the impact in different directions. The helmet is also fitted with the RECCO system to make rescuing in emergencies easier.

  • POC Auric

    The POC Auric helmet design comes with a lightweight ABS shell, reinforced with APP liner capable of withstanding heavy shocks on impact. The helmet has with internal padding lining it, which adds cushioning as well as insulation. The design avoids the risk of overheating thanks to vents provided in the front, back, and top of the helmet. The POC Auric also includes a pair of ear pads for additional protection to the ears. A removal goggle clip facilitates the wearer to adjust the fit according to comfort.

  • K2 Phase Pro

    The K2 Phase Pro helmet has a unique design with an extremely durable and hard shell, which makes it effective for risky slopes. The wearer can easily adjust the ventilation system based on Active Matrix technology simply with the touch of the finger. The fitting is further adjustable according to need using a knob that offers three different settings thanks to the K2 dialed fit system. The K2Phase Pro helmet also comes with a detachable cord while the liner is removable and replaceable after washing.

  • Bern Macon

    The Bern Macon helmet design comes with an ABS Thin Shell while the lining consists of EPS foam. With this combination, the Bern Macon offers the best protection against any sort of impact or fall. The helmet has good ventilation since it has 13 vents along with a removable cover that helps the wearer to control for insulation. The liner is adjustable which increases the user-friendliness of the helmet. The sleek design means that the helmet adjusts easily to the head without looking bulky.

  • Bern Watts

    The Bern Watts helmet design has a hard ABS shell, which makes it effective protection against low to moderate impact. It is a smaller and thinner helmet, which makes it ideal for beginners. The use of Brock foam in the lining serves as an excellent cushion for absorbing shocks. The liner is easily removable to make the Bern Watts a comfortable helmet for different types of weather. The special design of the helmet produces an ergonomic fit with the head while maintaining a low profile. 

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