Best Mens Goggles for 2016

  • Guys, there are tons of choices when it comes to snowboard goggles. There are just as many brands as there are choices and for that reason, its hard to find the right one. Don't sweat it thought, we got you covered with this list of Best Mens Goggles for 2016. Start here, ask questions, share ideas and let us know what models or brands we failed to mention because as you know we just cant cover them all sometimes.

  • Dragon X2

    The Dragon X2 deserves commendation for being highly functional and versatile before anything else. The design of goggles have been using the proprietary frameless technology of the company along with the Swiftlock technology through which the wearer can shift between lenses easily and quickly. A large lens coupled with frameless technology means that a wide range of vision is accessible. The armored frame ventilation mechanism means that the wearer can be sure of continuous airflow without compromising insulation and safety.

  • Dragon NFX2

    The great thing about the NFX2 from Dragon is its amazing frameless technology. This feature allows the NFX2 to be extremely wearable since it is adjustable to any head size or shape simply by adjusting the strap, which prevents the goggles from slipping. Moreover, anyone can wear the goggles comfortably with a helmet, which adds to the convenience and safety of the wearer. Anti-fogging technology ensures long hours of clear vision while armored venting means that it maintains insulation throughout.

  • Smith I/O 7

    The Smith I/O 7 is the quickest release in the Smith line. It was introduced last year as an alternative to the I/O and I/O X but has made a name for itself and continued to stay in the line. Smith has one of the best selections in lens and frame colors and you cant go wrong with their performance and comfort. Great goggle for any shredder.

  • Smith I/O X

    The Smith I/O X is the largest framed goggle in the line. It has the best peripheral vision and amazing lens quality. Have bad eye sight? Wear glasses? These are also OTG or in other words Over The Glasses compatible. Feel confident in wearing your glasses and maybe even tack on the Turbo Fan for optimal air cycling and fog prevention.

  • Electric EG3

    The Electric EG3 offers excellent design, comfort, and functionality at the same time. The design of the frame is highly ergonomic which minimizes the chances of distractions for the wearer by an ill-fitting pair of snow goggles. It is very lightweight because the material in the frame is thermoplastic urethane. Perfect clarity of vision is certain through the incorporation of anti-fogging and anti-reflection technology. The wearer gets protection with the specially contoured design and three layers of face foam.

  • Electric EG2

    The design of the Electric EG2 has an inner lens pressure valve, which retains the functionality of the lens even at high altitudes. Proper ventilation is a guarantee to maximize airflow and minimize the risk of fogging. Perfectly clear vision is also certain thanks to the anti-reflection coating, which prevents reflections from distorting the vision of the wearer. The Electric EG2 has been designed ergonomically using slits in the frame, which allow the frame to nest comfortably and securely on the nose.

  • Anon MIG

    The Anon MIG is a pair of large men’s snow goggles designed for wearing comfortably with a helmet. The design consists of a magnetic facemask that enables the goggles to snap on to the mask for a snug fit. Adequate ventilation is available through perforated vents in order to minimize fogging while maximizing insulation. The magnetic facemask integration feature ensures that the wearer does not experience any discomfort with the facemask while enjoying complete wall-to-wall vision and protection of the face.

  • Anon M3

    The Anon M3 is the latest innovation from Anon. The M3 is equipped with a swapping lens, which makes it more convenient and hassle-free for the wearer. The Anon M3 has been fitted with magnets, which offer even greater utility since the lens is removable even while the goggles are still on the face. Anti-fogging technology ensures an unobstructed field of vision while the special magnetic facemask integration (MFI) technology offers a closer fit between the facemask and your face for better insulation and protection. 

  • Oakley Flight Deck

    The Oakley Flight Deck comes with a unique design that serves to maximize the field of vision for the wearer. The design of the goggles comprises of rimless dual-pane lenses, which add to the visual appeal of the goggles and eliminate any barrier to vision while providing insulation. Removing and putting the lens back on is convenient with the help of the sub-frame attachment. The sleek and perfectly streamlined design means that the frame offers minimum air resistance making it easy for you to attain high speeds on the slopes.

  • Bern Jackson

    The Bern Jackson is a medium sized pair of men’s goggles. These goggles offer an exceptional range of vision thanks to a spherical design and minimal use of frames. The quality of vision offered by the Bern Jackson is better due to glare reducing features, which minimize distortions in vision experienced on the slopes. The goggles are close fitting which enhances the insulating effects of the Bern Jackson and keeps fogging to a minimum. The Bern Jackson comes with its very own pouch for easy storage.

  • Nike Command

    The Nike Command goggles offer designer appeal due to their oversized design, which makes you stand out on the slopes. In addition, the Nike Command is a highly comfortable pair, which offers excellent peripheral vision without obstruction from the frame. Your eyes will stay completely protected against UV rays and the anti-fogging feature ensures that you get perfectly clear vision. The Nike Command comes in four different frame colors and lens tints including blue ion, gold ion, and yellow smoke.

  • Nike Fade

    The design Nike Fade goggles is to produce minimum resistance during sports activities. The unique cylindrical frame creates a perfectly streamlined shape to give maximum speed and efficiency. Considering that, you will be wearing the Nike Fade in high-speed sports like skiing and snowboarding, the goggles comprise of soft, lightweight, and insulating ThermaFit microfiber fleece. The Nike Fade is long-lasting thanks to the special moisture-repelling feature. This special material helps to create an insulated environment for your eyes and forehead while protecting them also.

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