Best Mens Over the Glasses Goggles of 2017

  • You wear goggles but you also wear glasses. Well, you should try contacts but if that isn't an option, these goggles will let you wear both. All just depends on the frame size of both items working together. Check them out and let us know what you think.

  • Giro Index OTG Goggles

    The perfect goggles for all bespectacled boarders, the Giro Index OTG Goggles are specially designed to accommodate eyeglasses comfortably allowing you to ride whilst wearing your spectacles! With a Super Fit™ OTG Medium frame these amazing goggles are made with specific rider measurements allowing for a perfectly comfy fit that doesn’t impair your vision in the least. The Giro Index OTG Goggles have  lenses with vents cut into them, above their gasket that prevents warm air from being trapped in the goggles, which would result in them fogging up and obscuring your vision as you attempt to take on the pow. The Giro Index OTG Goggles come with a double layered face foam that has micro fleece facing, excellent for all riding conditions, allowing for 100% visibility at all times. Helmet compatible and with a limited lifetime warranty, these goggles will be your best friend on the pow for many years to come!

  • Anon MIG Goggles

    So you intend on becoming the best boarder out there and you need goggles that will allow you to always be on top of the situation without fail? Well you need not look further than the Anon MIG Goggles! With a tried and tested (in all conditions) Lightweight Thermoplastic Polyurethane Frame ™ the Anon MIG Goggles are a pair of goggles made to fit perfectly on anyone whilst also being resilient to abrasion and fogging. The MIG have a Spherical Lens which is akin to the human eye allowing for the best possible visibility from wall to wall, whilst also allowing for unimpaired vision by use of its anti-fogging treatment that prevents the goggles from ever fogging no matter the conditions that you will be riding in. The Integral Clarity Technology™ exclusively found on the MIGs prevents moisture from ever becoming a visual hindrance, making your ride visually esthetic! And that’s not all the goggles have a no-slip silicone strap that need only be adjusted once, so say goodbye to constantly having to fix your goggles mid-ride! Anon MIGs are OTG compatible, making them perfect for even the bespectacled rider! These goggles are a scientific master piece, which even the great Karl Fostvedt relies on!

  • Oakley O2 XL Goggles

    Experience the Ultimate in comfort when you adorn the superior Oakley O2 XL Goggles, the best goggles to get the job done, and what’s that job you might ask? Simply making certain that your vision remains crystal clear as you furiously take on the pow, while also allowing you all day comfort of an impeccable caliber! With a Flexible O Matter Frame™ that attaches to your face much like a second skin the Oakley O2 XL Goggles remain flexible no matter how harsh the weather conditions might be on the mountain. The frame is specially designed to keep moisture away from your face. The unrivalled Oakley O2 XL have a Plutonite lens that filters out 100% of all rays that might usually impair your vision, thus allowing you to ride flawlessly even when the sun is hell bent on trying to kick your ass. This lens also prevents fogging of the goggles in any and all conditions by preventing moisture from reaching your face. The Oakley O2 XL is OTG and will allow even spectacle wearing riders the chance to enjoy their pure uninhibited awesomeness! Compatible with different types of helmets too!

  • Smith I/OX Goggles

    I/OX Goggles are an excellent pair of large helmet compatible goggles which also work well in low light because of their Performance Mirror Lenses™ giving you a wide and clear wall to wall view! A medium and Large fit, its tailor made to snuggly fit the larger boarders out there, with a lens that fully prevents fogging or moisture from ever becoming a factor when you’re busy destroying the pow unleash you’re inner beast with 100% crystal clear vision at your disposal.

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