Best Mens Face Masks of 2016

  • Looking for a mask that will block the elements but still breathe alright? Check out this list of great masks and let us know which one you'll be picking this winter.

  • DC Facemask

    The balaclava real men swear by, this instrument of power will keep your from freezing, while making it easy to breathe. It's moisture wicking power will keep you goggles clear no matter what conditions you ride in.

  • Anon Men’s MFI Hooded Clava

    Only for those who tackle the most challenging conditions, and stare danger in the eyes. The bonded stretch fleece fabric insulates your face, beard and all from the elements, while giving you a  comfy relaxed fit thanks to the adjustable bungee cord.

  • Anon Primo Clava

    Warning. The following hoodie is only for real men. If you can't handle full head cover that shields you from the biting cold storms of mother nature, while keeping you so stylish you'll risk blinding the other riders. OR, a moisture wicking fabric that keeps your skin sweat free and feelin' fresh, while letting you breather through it....then this is just too much hoodie for you.

  • Celtek Hoody

    This adjustable hoody may be the most this to happen to snowboarding since snowboarding! The fleece material stops the biting cold and cutting wind in it's tracks so that you can tear up the slope all day long...while letting you get the ideal fit thanks to the adjusting cord.

  • Airblaster Terryclava

    Made for rider who glide over the pow in style, this piece of headgear is perfect for some all day riding. This balaclava will shield your face from the icy winds as you take the moutain head on.

  • Airblaster Zoo Face

    Unleash your wildside with this badass balaclava. Featuring an intimidating dual color design and a hole for your mouth so that you can sneer at your rivals and let 'em know who'se boss of the slope.

  • Airblaster Billy Clava

    Stay Wild with this unique balaclava. The cap design coveres your eyes from the blinding sun as you ride, while the extra warm fabric protects your face from the blistering cold mountain wilds.

  • Volcom Travelin’ Hood Thingy

    Made to provide some some extra thick armor against mother nature's unforgiving arsenal while going with any out fit you wear. It covers your head and neck, keeping you warm and dry no matter how cold it gets. The quick cinch toggle lets you adjust the hood to get the perfect fit.

  • Airhole Airhood

    Designed to fit over any helmet you can toss at it, this hood is your secret weapon on the mountain this season. Your whole head will be covered and protected from the elements, while the elastic cinch lets you adjust your hood to get the perfect fit. No need to worry about breathing, thanks to the direct injected Silicone breath holes

  • Airhole Airtube Ergo

    A second skin against the harsh, skin splitting cold...this mask is a must have for hard core shredders. The Drylite polyester microfibre is woven into a seamless shape that won't chafe your skin. It's moisture wicking properties keep your skin sweat free while the airhole lets you directly breathe in the fresh mountain air.

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