Best Mens Beginner Boards of 2016

  • Whether you are a moderate rider who just doesn't want to break the bank or a complete beginner that wants a board that he can use for years to come, these boards are a great place to start. Some of these boards are great for all mountain and others are great for park. It's really up to you where you want to go.


  • Capita Horrorscope

    It just keeps getting better! The Capita Horrorscope is characterized by its RFC sustainable core with poplar laminate, making it a strong yet lightweight board that is able to withstand almost anything. Its Higher Molecular Composition (HMC) base and biaxial fiberglass configuration increases durability and minimizes damage, while a shorter tip and tail reduces swing weight without compromising performance. With all its new upgrades, the Capita Horrorscope continues to remain as one of the best urban park snowboards out there.

  • K2 Standard

    Great for beginners, the K2 Standard is your trustworthy friend when it comes to exploring the mountains. It has a Catch Free Baseline and durable Hybritech Sidewalls that reduce swing weight and provide you with effortless turns, with Dual Progressive Sidecut to make your ride a fun and forgiving one. For optimal performance, the Standard has biaxial glass laminates. At the center of it lies K2’s W1 pure wood core, increasing the board’s durability without sacrificing snap. An extruded base makes it easy to repair, so you can go ahead and rock those mountains like a true rider!

  • YES Basic

    Yes, the Basic is basic, but more than that. With a friendly and solid shape, the YES Basic is suitable for everyone including those who have just started out their snowboarding adventure. It features a Camrock profile, with a full poplar core that makes the board lightweight yet solid. The board’s UnderBite 101 enables riders to dig in the snow and have more contact points, making turns much easier and stable, giving you the control and confidence needed to initiate them. At an inexpensive price, the YES Basic is indeed a must-have!

  • Slash Happy Place

    Feel free and easy with the Slash Happy Place snowboard! With a Camrock profile, progressive sidecuts, biax fiberglass and a pop core, the Happy Place makes turn initiations simple while not compromising power and stability. Worried about insufficient pop? Flat spots toward the tip and tail ensure that you get ‘em all. Ultimate traction gives you just enough grip as you make your way through the snow, and no matter the terrain, the camber holds you together and maintains responsiveness. Complete with a slick tip, you don’t even have to worry about your board “falling head over heels” literally while leaning on a bar after a crazy day of riding!

  • Nitro Stance

    The Nitro Stance features a flat out rocker profile. A power core gives you enough pop, while the poplar wood makes the board one that is lightweight, strong and durable. It is also forgiving, playful and extremely easy to maneuver, making rails and freestyle riding an easy feat. The Stance has an extruded base that does not call for high maintenance; hence you are not only able to purchase a great board at an affordable price, but also save your wallet in terms of maintenance for the long run.

  • Rossignol Circuit

    If you’re a beginner in search of a trustworthy snowboard, look no further! The Rossignol Circuit will be your best companion. It has an AmpTek Auto Turn profile, with 20% camber in the middle and 40% rocker on the tip and tail for easy all-mountain progression. Looking for butterability? The Circuit has a soft, directional flex great for that and also proves to be user-friendly in any snow conditions. Forgiving and fun, the Rossignol Circuit is an awesome way to kick off your snowboarding learning curve.

  • Salomon Sanchez

    Salomon continues its journey of producing freestyle boards with the newly upgraded Sanchez 2016. Rocket Science has been added to widen the board with an additional centimeter, providing you with more stability and control. Flat Out Rocker camber makes presses easy, while a strong yet lightweight aspen wood core gives good pop. Salomon has also added rubber pads to the sidewalls, dampening rides and absorbing impact at the edges to provide a smoother ride. All in all, the Salomon Sanchez is soft and playful, making it a great choice for those looking to have some fun.

  • Burton Ripcord

    The Burton Ripcord is a good starting point if you’re seriously looking to take it up a notch. Designed with a flat top baseline and softer flex, the Ripcord is a playful and forgiving board, yet it does not compromise on performance. Regardless of terrain or snow condition, its directional shape increases pop from the tail and makes turn initiations easy. To make your snowboarding life easier, the Burton Ripcord is also upgradable to The Channel, so you can mount and adjust your bindings with most binding companies out in the market.

  • DC Focus

    DC has released a new and upgraded beginner board that is extremely good for cruising and is very forgiving. The DC Focus truly allows you to focus on learning to shred and pop. Here’s a true twin that is built with astro core, laminated with Bi-ax fiberglass and has a 3 degree edge bevel to give that added durability and good control feel. Its core does not compromise on the flexibility of the board as it is medium-soft, giving it a more playful and poppy feel. The rocker type is anti-camber with a long flat mid and rocker tips. The shape and design of the DC Focus is engineered to give more lift while reducing chattering. All in all, the Focus is excellent for progressive learners!

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