Best Mens Beginner Boards of 2017

  • Looking to get out of rental boards? Sick of waiting in lines for dump gear and want something of your own? These boards will affordably get you out on the mountain and make you feel great about your transition to your own stuff. Believe us, there is nothing like your own gear and once you have something that has a consistent feel every time you go out and ride, your skills will grow in leaps and bounds. Check out our favorite beginner boards of 2017.

  • Burton Ripcord

    Glide through the learning curve with this easy riding deck. The Flat Top ™ profile gives you an extra stable platform, with a catch free feel at the tip and tail so you can focus on honing your skill instead of staying upright. The Ripcord's soft and playful flex give you an easy, forgiving ride at cruising speed for easy control regardless how good you are. Thanks to the FSC ™ Certified Fly ® 900G Core the Ripcord is extremely lightweight. Yet it doesn't scrimp on the flex, pop or stability. For enhanced responsiveness and a more predictable ride, the board is built with the Squeezebox Low design. Biax ™ Fibreglass adds a softened torsional flex letting you take the board to the park for some jibbing action. And the Beginner friendly Easy Bevel Edge Tune tech gives you a catch free ride thanks to the rounded out edges.

  • Burton Clash

    A board fit to survive a clash of the snowboarding titans, this piece of kit is for riders who're slightly experienced but are still honing their skill. Burton's Flat Top ™ profile uses a subtle rocker rise to give you an extremely stable ride with a low chance of catching an edge. The Twin Flex design makes the Clash perfectly symmetrical from tip to tail for a predictable ride with no nasty surprises when you're at cruising speed. All this is built around Burton's proven FSC ™ Certified Super Fly ® 800G Core and enhanced with the Squeezebox Low ™ tech, which gives you a responsive super light weight board loaded with enough pop to let you blast off the snow with ease. This is combined with the Dualzone ™ EGD ™, which uses the wood's natural grain to boost your edgehold and reinforce the board.

  • K2 Standard

    A forgiving deck for the fearless beginner gaining confidence in his skills on the mountain. The Catch Free Baseline uses a rockered tip and tail for easy turn initiation and exits. While the underfoot camber grips the snow with each carve for easy, master grade, surgical precision control. The full woodcore gives you a smooth, damp ride for maximum stability in all conditions. The core also gives the board some explosive pop and energy while keeping your ride responsive. Hybridtech ™ Sidewalls tech in the construction give you firm edge hold and a predictable ride at cruising speeds. The board is constructed using Biax ™ Fiberglass, giving you an ultra durable board with some wicked pop.

  • Ride Agenda

    Dip your feet into a little bit of everything on your beginner’s journey with this all-mountain ride. The true twin rocker profile and soft flex (3/10) make it feel like a butter knife cutting through soft butter. Underneath the hood, you’ll find a Foundation™ Core, Biaxial Glass Laminate, Slimewalls® and a Fusion 1500™ Base. The Slimewalls are really what make this easy to ride and it can really take a beating. Pack your Agenda full of trips to the mountain this winter season!

  • Capita Indoor Survival

    Its survival of the fittest on the mountain, but just because you're a beginner doesn't mean you can't level the playing field. The Freestyle Profile ™ uses a dual reverse camber Flat Kick freestyle shape to give you high stability at speed while you're hitting the groomed runs. Elevated contact points make it a snap for you to pull off tight turns and float across the powder. The RFC Sustainable Select Core ™ is not only made with the environment in mind... but it does so without murdering the board's power and flexibility. Or ruining the boards's uniform flex pattern. Dynaweave ™ Fiberglass uses two different types of glass fiber for a responsive ride while reinforcing the board against any bumps and crashes. The XXX(Truded) ™ Base material is not only faster, but it also holds wax better than conventional bases. And is strong enough to let you Jib around the mountain without losing it's shape.

  • Rome Factory Rocker

    Claim the entire mountain as your playground with this all-mountain, freestyle board. A true twin, the profile of this snowboard is a rocker between the feet and camber at both ends for the best of both worlds. The benefit of that is responsiveness, pop, stability, and float no matter where you go. The QuickRip Sidecut makes higher speeds easier to control and slower speeds easier to maneuver. Constructed of a Pop Core Matrix, StraightBiax Laminate, XTRD Base, and Bambooster Technology. With a super soft flex, that’s what makes this board a beginner’s dream.

  • Yes Basic

    Snowboards have gotten so overdesigned you're now seeing backscratchers, coffee strainers and other gimmicks on boards. Therefore, the Yes Basic takes snowboarding back to the core Basics and trims the fat. The CamRock 4-4-4 profile keeps it simple with a Rocker in the tip, and a camber underfoot. This combo delivers unmatched stability in all conditions regardless what your skill level is. The Flex is slightly on the stiff side, so you can go fast without losing control of the board. The Full Poplar Core nails a near perfect balance between durability, long lasting flex and ease of control. This is combined with the Und3rbite tech, which distributes your weight and edge pressure for maximum stability, easy turn initiation and releases.

  • DC Focus

    The last soft flexing twin board you're ever gonna need. The DC Rocker ™ uses an "Anti-camber" to give the board a playful and forgiving feel. This is combined with the DC Radius 2 Flat design on the nose and tail for extra lift in the powder to keep you floating in deepest powder with effortless edge to edge turning. DC's Wood Core Construction dampens even the bumpiest of rides while making sure the board never loses it's poppy, lively feel. The 3 Degree Bevel used on the edge gives you a forgiving catch free ride while keeping the board Jib free straight from the factory. The 4400/3400 Extruded base soaks in wax so you can focus more on getting good on the mountain, and less of making sure your board is waxed up and ready to go.

  • Ride Manic

    Even if you’re new to the snowboarding scene, you won’t miss a single day on this stick. The directional rocker has a flat zone under the feet and a rocker nose and slightly rockered tail.  Slimewalls and a 3/10 flex rating create smooth contact and a forgiving ride wherever the day takes you. If you were to dissect this winter animal, you would find a Foundation™ Core, Biaxial Glass Laminate, Slimewalls® and a Fusion 1500™ Base. The construction gives you speed on the half-pipe and pop in your ollies. Wheee!

  • Rossignol Circuit Amptek

    Circuit’s AmpTek Auto-Turn and Directional Flex is like switching from a manual to an automatic transmission. It’s a directional twin that’s 80% rocker and 20% camber for all-terrain riding. This allows you to get used to the terrain and practice before progressing to something more hardcore. Deep progressive sidecut eliminates edge catch so you can feel self-assured as you learn how to carve. A soft, forgiving 4/10 flex meets you right where you’re at skill-wise.

  • Salomon Pulse

    The Pulse can feel your energy and responds to it with killer instinct. User-friendly flat-out camber profile gives you stability so you can focus on learning first. Directional twin shape and radial sidecut allow you to test your skills in a regular and switched stance. The board is comprised of an Aspen Core, BA MD and BA LD laminates, ABS sidewalls, and an extruded base. Bite-free edges make you feel more confident in building up your carving skills. Meanwhile, the soft flex forgives your newcomer sins.

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