Best Mens Beginner Bindings of 2016

  • Need a binding that will hold up but wont break the bank? These bindings are a great collection of bindings that are made by great companies, will hold up to almost anything, get you from A-B and be as affordable as you could ask for.

  • Flux PR

    Start upping your game with this killer binding kit that won't burn a hole in your pocket. The "Basic instinct" baseplate design gives you maximum control while keeping the design easy to adjust, and maintain. The Sky cushion combination of EVA materials and strategical placed air pockets gives you a buttery smooth ride, no matter where you choose to practice.  Your binding will soften even the toughest of landing to make sure you come out in one piece. And you can even adjust the cushions to your liking without murdering your control or comfort. The super-tough nylon material used will give you an ultra tough binding that'll last as long as you can. You'll barely notice this detail, but you WILL appreciate it 3 hard-riding seasons later. Using the F-tech 3d Fit Strap, you're secured into the binding with the might of a thousand suns, without squeezing the life out of you!  All this combined with the FTM naked system, and the UU fit design, which gives you a secure, comfortable, even 360 degree grip.

  • K2 Indy

    Hop into true freestlyle comfort. The perfect bindings for mountain freestylin' beginners on a budget who want a comfy ride downhill. Built using the Pro-Fusion PC chassis, this bad boy gives you easy adjustment of all the major components. The "Pop top" disc system makes it easy to access and use the mount screws, no tools needed. The EVA footbeds and custom cadii ankle straps give you a smooth ride and even smoother landings. With the Tooless universal Toe Strap you get the choice to wear it as you see fit. Wear it over the toe, or on top of your boot, it's up to you.The Highback is built using Asym shaping to match your natural stance, giving you room to truly develop your style, and you can can adjust the lean forward tool free if you want that playful feel. Thanks to the MegaRadchet ™, you can get in and out of the binding with ease. No need to fumble with the straps as your buds are going ahead of you downhill.

  • Union Force

    Dependability taken up to 11. A personal favorite of Travis Rice and Dan Brisse, this binding kit will be your finest companion as you make your mark on the slope. The Stage IV Duraflex Base assembly gives you ultra high responsiveness and true flex without sacrificing the strength of the kit. This monster of a binding is nigh indestructible and will give you season after season of hardcore comfort. The Extruded 3D aluminum heel-cup is made of pure aluminum, it won't warp or change shape season after season. The Dual injected bushings give you a smooth comfy ride no matter where you roll.  You'll also experience feather smooth landings, giving you the leeway to perfect your own mid-air style and landings. With a proven 11 years on the market, the Union magnesium buckles give you half the weight of aluminum but over three times the strength( and they're easily recycled, win win with mother Earth ) Using the Sonicfuse Straps design to form a single unified strap component, stitching is reduced, while making it easier for you to strap yourself in. The highback has a 6/10 stiffness, giving you top-tier ankle mobility with minimal lean forward. This is perfect for beginners getting into mountain freestyling.  

  • Nitro Wizard

    The Wizard challenges you! The mystical beings at Nitro crafted the Wizard for one purpose. Maximum comfort. You'll feel it yourself thanks to the Precision Fit 2 baseplate, which gives you a stable ride. Thanks to the lightweight air damping and the EVA footbed, you get the smoothest landings ever and reduced vibrations as you ride. The type R highback is flexible enough to let you ride in any style you want while giving you tight, snappy response. No need for a second highback kit while you're still a beginner, refine your personal style with this baby. As for comfort, the premium comfort fitness straps  have you covered. These cushy straps keep you secured strapped in without constricting your feet. The Aluminum buckles work with the composite speedwheel for a premium, slip free experience and they never need to be replaced. Thanks to the Easy Entry Slip, you can jump in and out with ease. The bindings have a medium flex, giving you perfect control.

  • Salomon Trigger

    Pull the trigger! This piece of art was made for pipe and park missions. No matter where you like to hit it, the trigger's got you covered. The blaster baseplate gives you enhanced control thanks to the responsive joint between the cup and the baseplate. You'll enjoy a smooth ride with uber tight control, while the SCS and Full EVA padding will allow you to perfect your landings and practice in the toughest terrain thanks to the advanced shock absorption. The composite 30% material used in the construction is way more responsive than typical plastics, and is durable enough to give you a long life of proud service. The IMS system keeps your disc screws in place as you tear up the course, while allowing you to adjust the binding to your exact needs. The trigger highback uses a simple, modern design with no lean forward. Keepin' it simple for maximum control. Using the 3D prime ankle strap to match the tongues in Salomon's boots, you get seamless contact and maximum comfort no matter how you strap it. All rounded together by the Viper Aluminum Buckles to make sure you're strapped in securely.

  • Burton Freestyle

    Make a name for yourself with this killer freestyle binding that won't leave your wallet empty. Built with a single component lightweight poly carbonate material, the binding won't weight you down as you ride. The "Bomb proof" poly carbonate material is virtually indestructible, and will take all you beginner bumps and falls without breaking a sweat. The Lushstrap construction combined with the Flex Slider makes strapping into your bindings a breeze. This is all thanks to the strategically stretched hinging zone! You don't need to be a rocket scientist to set this up. And the padded straps ( some of the softest around ) will grip your boots and secure you to the boot. The straps are reinforced using Forced Molecular Alignment to maximize the strength, giving it near mythical durability. All while still being the most comfy bindings around. The Single Compound Hi-Back gives you zero lean forward, but if you like that forward feel, the microFLAD ™ will let you adjust it to suit your style.

  • Rossignol Battle

    Level up your skill.Built for the entry level rider who wants a true all mountain experience without breaking the bank, this binding kit will be a fine companion as you up your skills. Using an ultra tough Nylon/glass combo for the baseplate, you get a brilliant mix of strength and low weight. Two zones of EVA padding smooth out the bumps on the course while reducing vibrations as you ride giving you an uber comfortable feel. The baselight buckles use a special die-cast aluminium construction, giving you a tougher than nails construction that'll survive all the little bumps and bruises that come with honing your craft. Combined with Fit-In and freewheel ratchets, you can jump in and out of the bindings in a flash. The Mainframe Highback uses a rigid centre frame for massive heel side power with specifically engineered flex zones, giving you extreme response AND smooth side to side mobility.

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