Best Mens All Mountain Boots for 2016

  • Every guy who rides the whole mountain, from pow to park, groomers to grind rails needs a solid all mountain boot that will support his leg for cranking turns but have some give for those jibs. Here is a great list of boots to get you there.

  • K2 Maysis

    The K2 Maysis snowboarding boots are equipped with the proprietary double Boa lacing which gives hassle-free lacing, more warmth and greater protection against moisture. These boots have been manufactured using Endo construction design, which means each boot is a single unit instead of different parts glued together, giving greater flexibility, and safety on rough slopes. The K2 Maysis offers enhanced shock absorption capacity thanks to the unique Harshmellow material used to fashion the heel and front areas of the boots.

  • 32 Binary Boa

    The 32 Binary BOA combines style and comfort with safety. Manufactured with EVA technology, the boots offer superior cushioning against high-impact surfaces. the heat moldable intuition liners that enable the boot to align perfectly to the contours of the foot offer a closer and secure fit and offer increased stability on the slopes. High-density foam used in the internal lining offers increased insulation and warmth. The use of high-density foam on the outsole makes the 32 Binary BOA both lightweight and efficient.

  • Nitro Team

    The design of Nitro Team boots is for safety and comfort. The latest design sports a highly reinforced outsole made with Vibram Icetrek material, which provides more effective grip on ice. This unique material also increases the life of the Nitro Team boots significantly. Cloud 9 lining material provides insulation while Thermacell makes the boots lightweight and comfortable. It has a special Bail Out tab, which enables you to get out of the boots simply by pulling the tab. /p>

  • Adidas Jake Blauvelt

    The Adidas Jake Blauvelt boots withstand intensive use. Highly water weather-resistance full grain leather has been used for the upper part of the boot while the outsole offers effective traction against the snow. The interior has foam padding lining, which gives the perfect level of insulation and comfort. A gusseted tongue prevents intrusion of snow into the boot as it serves as an effective barrier. D-ring eyelets fastened securely to the upper support durable lacing.

  • Salomon Dialogue Focus Boa

    The Salomon Dialogue Focus BOA all mountain boots offer enhanced traction and cushioning due to the specially designed Lo Fi outsole. This includes EVA material reinforced with rubber panels. The double BOA lacing system offers highly secure fastening leaving you with absolutely nothing to worry about losing stability or balance on the slopes. Flex panels have been built into the upper design in order to give increased flexibility and variety of movement. Gold 3D Flex lining means better insulation and fit between the boot and the foot.

  • Burton Ambush

    Burton Ambush boots come with a specially designed outsole manufactured with DynoLite material, which offers increased shock absorption. The material is extremely lightweight which minimizes the exertion required by the wearer. The design contributes to enhanced speed thanks to the streamlined design attained with Shrinkage Footprint Reduction Technology. With the Speed Zone lacing system, the boots remain nicely secured to your feet and the fit is adjustable. It protects the heel and toes with B3 Gel in the lining.

  • DC Control

    The DC Control BOA men’s snowboarding boots come with the newly designed Unilite Foundation for the outsole, which the manufacturer claims is the lightest outsole material on the market. The makers have also done away with laces. In their place is the Dual Zone BOA locking system, which offers sufficient scope for adjusting to comfort. Red Liner foam has been in use for the internal lining and meets the insulation needs reasonably well. A rugged tongue offers protection to the toes against impact and moisture.

  • Vans Aura

    The Vans Aura all-mountain men’s boots come with a BOA lacing system for maximum security and stability. The front BOA tightens the upper, the side BOA tightens the lower and there is a draw string inner lacing syster for the liner. Made with the Classic Lite outsole, the boots offer reasonable cushioning while being lightweight. The makers have gone a step ahead by providing three closure zones with the Custom Slide Guide, thereby allowing greater customization of fit by the wearer. Internal lining consists of Trifit-X liner, which offers a good degree of flexibility while the V-cork footbed provides much-needed support to the arch.

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