Best Kids Park Boards of 2016

  • Hey kids! Looking for a board that will be great for the park? Looking to dial in that 3, 5, 7, 9 or even a quad back? These boards will help you get to that pro status riding level. But remember, its one step at a time. Practice the little things first. But set yourself up for the best chance and get one of these boards for the season.

  • Rome Mini Agent Rocker

    A high performance ride for the rippers who have gone beyond trying to keep up and are hanging with the big boys. Progression demands a board that is up the challenge of deep landings, ripping speeds and new tricks. Stability and pop for a new generation of rider. Not to mention this board has Hot Rods which help with snap and responsiveness even when board have rocker or hybrid profiles.

  • Arbor Element Mini

    The Arbor Element Mini is for the shredder who is just starting out all the way to the park rippin expert. The System Rocker utilizes true rocker with great edge hold and pop. There is also Parabolic arc that is more rockered between the bindings and less rockered in the tip and tail to give it more float in pow and a catch free feel on the flat stuff. Grip tech sidecut is like 2 extra bumps of magnatraction to help with the hold and the construction is up to par with most of it's competition. Check it out at your local shop!  

  • K2 Fastplant Grom

    K2 Fastplant Grom allows for maximum maneuverability. Equipped with a rocker-flat-rocker profile, it is easily handled by both beginners and pros alike, and is awesome on icy surfaces and for jibs in the park. The rocker-flat-rocker technology will keep your edges in the snow especially on icy runs. Medium flex allows for soft bending and stability. Twin shape allows you to ride in both directions.

  • Ride Lil' Buck

    The Lil Buck is an awesome option for the grom who wants to take his park riding to the next level. Landing switch?With a classic twin shape, stance and flex, this bad boy is easy to ride in either direction.  Slime walls keep this board damp at high speeds and its rocker profile makes this an easy board to progress on and never get discouraged.

  • Capita Children of the Gnar

    The Capita Children of the Gnar is the camber snowboard that allows for unique twists and turns in the park. The rocker-camber-rocker, twin board-shaped profile consisting of biaxial fiberglass makes it a body weight-friendly snowboard. With this snowboard, you have better control when in the snow. Strong edge-holds and precision. Soft flexibility that makes turns easy.

  • Nitro Marcus Kleveland

    Nitro Marcus Kleveland is developed for catch-free carving, jumping and jibbing. It’s an all-mountain, camber snowboard equipped with poplar powercore from tip to tail. You can get powerful pops to send gigantic kickers. It had easy flexing bi-lite laminates makes park buttering and pressing is a breeze.

  • Salomon Villain Grom

    The Salomon Villain Grom is pint-sized, all-mountain freestyle, camber snowboard built to make you a pro in no time. It is equipped with bite-free equalizer edges which gives it a smooth look and feel. It also comes with additional contact points for more control from heel to toe.

  • Bataleon Disaster Small

    The Bataleon Disaster S is a soft, twin park/jib and street destroyer with flexibility that is quite unrivaled. The two-way fiberglass placed under and on top of the core makes the board stronger while adding more pop and maneuverability. It is almost exclusively developed with 3BT for the park and street is great for buttering and presses while maintaining control. Comes with small switchback bindings.

  • Bataleon Minishred

    Get the junior riders off to a great start with Bataleon Minishred. Equipped with 3BT profiled nose and tail shape and V-core profile wood, the Minishred; Reduces edge catches, makes linking turns easier and creates a highly maneuverable board with great flex and feel. This board comes with bindings for that higher price point.

  • Lib Tech Banana Blaster

    With rocker in between your feet and flat from the bindings to the tip and tail, the Lib Tech Banana Blaster is an awesome catch free feeling board that still has some great edge hold. Not to mention, the magnatraction on this bad boy makes all the difference in performance and in price...unfortunately. True twin, birch internal walls and sintered sidewalls, this board has everything you need.Plus, it's a full wood core because Mervin doesn't cut corners. Check it out at your local shop!  

  • Flow Micron Verve

    The Micron Verve is a high performance hybrid rocker profile that will work well in all conditions. With biaxal glass and EG-DT side cut, the Micron Verve is a great, easy flexing board that will keep you feeling stable on the hardest of terrain or floating free on those pow days. But most importantly, this board kills it in the park and is great for anyone rippin it hard on boxes, rails and jumps.

  • Burton ProTest

    The Burton ProTest is the best in all categories. It is a twin, sintered-based camber snowboard with amazing speed and control to get young riders up and over obstacles. It also comes equipped with Filet-O-Flex core that makes rides comfortable, Speedy adjustable Channel mounting system (compatible with all bindings), FSC Certified Super Fly 800G Core and Dualzone EGD.

  • GNU Smart Pickle Mini

    The GNU Smart Pickle Mini is an awesome board is full of awesome tech that will set your shredder apart from the rest. An intuitive all-terrain freestyle board great for beginning snowboarders but also for progressing on all the way up to the NSSA championship as well. The Smart Pickle Mini is the Smart Choice for parents who care about their kids. s.  

  • Lobster Youth Board

    For turning and jibbing without losing flexibility, go for the Lobster Youth Board. Equipped with Triple Base Technology which uses Camber, the Lobster Youth board is specifically built for youths. This technology allows for reliable pop and hold and eliminate hang-ups while jibbing boxes. It also comes with Bi-axial Glass to make board soft enough through presses to effectively initiate turns.

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