Best Kids Boards for 2015

  • Give the kids the same advantages that you have with your board. All of these options are smaller versions of their adult predecessors and work just as well. If you want to give your kid the same opportunities as your own, these are the best choices for the girl or boy in your life who loves to rip.

    Bataleon Disaster Mini

    disaster mini

    Featuring Triple Base Technology, the Bataleon Disaster Mini is an awesome choice for the kid who is just getting started all the way to the competitive freestyle king. With a combination of Camber and rocker in a unique pattern to the Bataleon / Lobster / White Gold family, the TBT base line allows you to utilize all the benefits of camber throughout the length of the board, instead of small portions inside or outside of the bindings, while still being a forgiving option for learners and a killer on powder days. (This video isn't specifically about the mini but will give you a good idea as to what this board is all about.)



    Burton Process Smalls


    With the Flat Top base line, the Burton Process is a skate inspired all mountain killer that truly shines when it comes to park features. Flat between the bindings for even weight distribution and a portion of rocker in the tip and tail with a twin shape makes this board all about ease of use. If you need a forgiving board that makes effortless and fun, the Burton Process is always a safe choice.

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    Rossignol Alias Amptek


    The Alias has one of the higher percentages of rocker in the group, allowing it to be as forgiving and easy to use as possible. Featuring the Auto Turn Amptek baseline, there is just a smidge of camber (20%) between the feet and rocker the rest of the way out. If you need a forgiving board or just need something to rip rails and pow, this is a great choice for the growing shredder.

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    Lobster Youthboard


    Another option with Triple Base Technology, the Lobster Youthboard is essentially the same construction and make of the Disaster Mini with a different graphic. They are some of the best options for versatility sake and its a heck of a lot of fun to ride no matter what the skill level is.



    K2 HitMachine Grom


    The Hitmachine Grom from K2 has been making a name for itself. It has the FS (freestyle) base line from K2 which is 80% flat between the feet and 20% rocker in the tip and tail. Just enough rocker to keep things easy and forgiving on rails and boxes while still riding well on the whole mountain. It's a similar style to the Burton Process small and rides really well no matter where you end up on the hill.


    Ride Lil' Buck


    The little brother to the Buck Wild, the Lil Buck is all about keeping the up and coming rider progressing. With a similar base line to K2's Hitmachine Grom, the Lil Buck is rocker in the tip and tail and flat throughout for even distribution of weight and a forgiving, easy ride when learning new skills and tricks.


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    Lib Tech Banana Blaster


    Lib Tech is all about magnatraction and the Banana Blaster is no different. With rocker between the bindings and camber tip and tail, this board is has the loose feeling when riding flat on the board while still holding a great edge when getting up on toe side and heel side turns. A soft flex makes this board easy to use on boxes and rails or when trying to press on any kind of surface.

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    Capita Micro-Scope

    capita microscope

    The Capita Micro-Scope is a perfect board for kids just getting into snowboarding. With a convect shape in the tip and tail, the Micro-Scope makes catching an edge nearly impossible. Flat between the bindings and rocker from the bindings out and a full wood core make this a perfect option for the inspiring park rider.

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    GNU Smart Mini-Pickle


    Hand built in the USA by snowboarders with jobs, the GNU Smart Mini-Pickle is a great option for the kid who just wont ride anything but magnatraction boards. It's a wonderful combination of rocker and camber to bring out the best of both worlds and keep the little guy or gal running to beat you to the lift. Keep this option in mind when getting ready to buy a board for a serious little shredder. (This video is actually talking about the adult version of the Smart Pickle but you'll get the idea)

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    Nitro Ripper

    nitro ripper

    The Nitro Ripper is 100% flat camber from tip to tail. It's a great option for the rider who isn't sure what kind of snowboarding they want to be doing. If you want to ride all mountain, flat will work for that. If you want to ride the park, flat isn't a bad option. It's another way of  having a middle of the road option between camber and rocker. They also come in progressively thicker cores as you move up in size to keep flexing the board easy for any size.

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