Best Kids All Mountain Boards of 2016

  • Kids!!!! You need a new board but you dont know what to get! This is a list of all the best all mountain boards of 2016 for kids. Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

  • K2 Vandal

    Ideal for your grommet this year, K2 Vandal snowboard comes with all the unique features that are sure encourage him. This board has a symmetrical shape for perfect balance. It is versatile and very easy to use, yet you can surf through the deepest snow without much worry. It has a hybritech noodle core, making it flexible and tailored to withstand weight and offer good grip. The laminates are biaxial, providing a smooth performance, and the base is a 2000 extruded one.

  • Capita Micro Scope

    Capita Micro Scope features a soft flex and micro reverse chambers to get your grom on the learning path in no time. The bindings have flat sections in between, making them stable and ideal for rides. The board has a soft feel, making it easier to maneuver. It has a true twin shape with symmetrical tails for balance and the polar core promotes easy, predictable, and consistent strength. They are durable, versatile, easy to use, and affordable at the same time.

  • Jones Discovery

    For young explorers, Jones Discovery split board is the perfect choice. It has unique designs and features that make it one of the best ones for learners. The tech features a side cut that allows you to maneuver the board without hassles. It has a directional rocker with defined flex patterns. The rockered nose provided good response and balance as well as good control over the board. It has a five-flex rating, which is perfect for mountain riders who want to ride on for long hours.

  • Nitro Demand

    Nitro Demand snowboard for kids has a gullwing rocker type that relieves pressure from the points of contact and gives riders a light air kind of feel as they ride. The board has positive cambers under the bindings to retain a solid response towards the tail ad tip for control. The core is a power core, which provides lightweight and adds strength to the board, making it flexible, easy to use, and a responsive one. It also has bi light laminates.

  • Nitro Desire

    Designed for young girls to learn new tricks on the mountain, Nitro Desire snowboard has a gullwing rocker that provides balance and the right amount of support needed for tricks like jumps. At the same time, they are popular for their flex maintaining qualities. It has a twin directional shape for balance, and a standard width for good control. The flex is an all-terrain one, making it a board that can withstand any rough terrain. The side cuts are radial for easy maneuvering.

  • Salomon Gypsy Youth

    Young sporty girls who want to learn new tricks on ice can grab the Salmon Gypsy Snowboard that can tackle the deepest snow layer. The board features impressive high tech qualities right from the tip of the board to the tail. The rock outer camber promotes control and delivers good ground grip. While the aspen core and poster construction creates more balance. The shape is a true twin one with symmetrical profiling core as well as a central binding.

  • Burton Custom Smalls

    Burton Custom Smalls snowboard has a mix of snappy and catch-free rocker cambers that make it highly maneuverable and an excellent one for long riding. The mounting system of the board is one of the easiest ones and adjustable. The custom smalls enhance the performance and make it easier for kids to perform any tricks with ease. The twin flexes and twin shape give the boards a free style touch with the lightweight qualities. The board is easy to use and provides good balance.

  • LibTech Banana Blaster BTX

    For progressing groms, LibTech Banana Blaster BTX is the perfect snowboard. The board has banana tech qualities, which make it easy to control and ride. Now little ones can perform all the amazing tricks without worrying much. It has BTX rocker type between the camber flat and feet, which prevents heel pressures and enhances float. With this rocker type, kids can easily control the board on slippery lands. The medium flex design makes it a versatile board for all young freestyle mountain riders Banana Blaster BTX Youth Snowboard 15/16 | Lib Tech from Lib Tech on Vimeo.

  • GNU Smart Pickle Mini

    GNU Smart Pickle Mini is ideal for young learners who want to have complete control over their snowboard for tricks. The rocker between the feet combines with mild to flat cambers to smoothen out vibrations. This also promotes easy turning and riding with a smooth float. The shape is a double twin one for freestyle and rough terrain riding. The GNU Smart Pickle Mini snowboard for kids is versatile, and using it is very easy. Now, kids can easily handle the board in the snowiest terrains.

  • DC Ply Mini

    Perfect for little ones who love riding in snow, DC Ply Mini promotes fun. The snowboard comes with excellent features including the flat camber and twin shape, which makes it a versatile board in all terrains. The board has medium flex ratings that allow kids to easily maneuver the board and perform stunts. At the same time, the base is soft and absorbs vibrations. Other features include the true base, Bi Ax, astro core, zero camber, and 3-degree bevel.

  • Roxy Inspire

    The Roxy Inspire snowboard for kids is popular as a versatile one compared to others. The board features a BTX rocker type with zero camber extending all the way from the top to the tail. The board has arch’s between the base and the feet, which enhances the turning capabilities on the roughest terrains. The core is a kindhearted core, softer and lightweight too. This board is easy to use, and it has CX 2500 base that promotes speed and maintains balance at the same time.

  • Arbor Element Mini

    Arbor Element Mini comes with a true rocker system, which promotes control over the board and makes it easier for kids to perform tricks on deep snow terrains. The flex rating of the board is four, meaning it is a medium flex one, perfect for young riders who don’t want to stop their adventures. The board also comes in the soft medium flex versions, which are more responsive and easy to control. The board has a true twin shape, ideal for tricks.

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