Best Jib Park Boards of 2015

  • When it comes to riding rails and boxes, these jib boards are fully dedicated to riding urban terrain above all else. Don't get caught up on your edge, get a board that's made to ride steel better than it rides snow. Not to mention, a board that is going to hold up to the beating you are looking to put on it.

    Bataleon Disaster  Or Disaster 5'2" Crew



    With it's TBT (Triple Base Technology) The Bataleon Disaster 5'2" Crew Special Edition is a rail machine! Triple base is the concept of turning up the toe and heel side edge by just a couple millimeters and allowing the edges to avoid catching without having to grind down your edges.


    Capita Horrorscope


    The Capita Horrorscope is the most popular board in Capita's line...EVER. There are a few obvious reasons for it; It's forgiving, soft, dependable, durable, always comes with a killer graphic and who can forget, its priced right. For the amount of cash you're shelling out, you better know your board is going to live up to the hype. The Horrorscope has one of the longest track records for doing just that.

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    DC PBJ


    DC has been making snowboards for a few years now and have really settled in nicely. The PBJ has been one of the pride and joys in the DC line. The PBJ is a soft, forgiving board that is great for anyone who is learning to ride rails or learning to ride in general. Even if you're a rail slayer, this board locks you right in and keeps you confident from lift off to landing. Even the graphics on all these boards are awesome.

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    Rome Gang Plank


    New to the Rome line, the Gang Plank is the ideal choice for riding rails. Complete with a bent rod from tip to tail, the Gang Plank is incredibly snappy for how soft it is. Take this thing from the streets to the local park, this thing will not disappoint.

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    Rossignol RocknRolla


    The RocknRolla is in it's second year. Taking jib riding to the next level, this Rossi all star has it's toe and heel side lifted so there's no worries about catching an edge on those tricky boxes. Its kind of like TBT (triple base tech) but slightly more mellow so you can still ride effectively all over the hill with this bad boy.


    Salomon Villain


    The Salomon Villain has been in the lime lite of the Salomon line for the last few years and this year is no different. The Villain keeps your buttering effortless with its soft flex in the middle and even softer flex in the tip and tail. If you're looking to jib your face off, this board is ideal from the Salomon collection. If you want a stiffer board for bigger jumps check out the Assassin instead.

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    Lobster Jib Board


    If you didn't know, Lobster and Bataleon are cut from the same cloth. The Lobster JibBoard has that same concept of TBT (Triple Base Tech) with a soft flex throughout. This gives you an entirely catch free feel and is going to be a contributing factor to the evolution of jib tricks from here on out. If you have a true skater style when you ride the park the you need a Triple Base board.

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    Burton Name Dropper


    Got on this, loved it, won't put it down. It was an amazing and interesting concept when it came down to it. This board was amazingly soft for how stable it was. It was all thanks to the filet-o-flex which is when they mill out the core and replace it with cushioning. Its an amazing board all around but needs to stay in the park to truly be enjoyed.

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    K2 World Wide Weapon


    The K2 World Wide Weapon has been in the K2 line for it's 11th consecutive year and there's a reason for it. As always, the WWW is a soft flexing jib machine. Be sure to size down on this puppy as it has jib tip and wants to be ridden 5 cm shorter than your average bear. This year, the top sheet has been brought back to a shiny finish; different than the usual p-tex top sheet that is supposedly scratch resistant but the new shiny look keeps this ride classic. And who can blame K2 with a sexy looking van like that for a graphic.

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