Best Mens Interchangeable Lens Goggles of 2017

  • Interchangeable lens's are a great alternative to buying a multiple pairs of goggles to have the right tint for the right kind of conditions. Most of these options come with 2 or more lens options to cover most of the conditions you'll face while riding. Let us know which ones have you running for your wallet and why!

  • Electric EG2

    Your vision is one thing you cannot sacrifice on the mountain. With their oversized lens and minimalist style, the Electric EG2 will make your surroundings pop so you can spot everything in your line of sight. The EG2 sports an ergonomic, thermoplastic urethane frame and a lens with Super A/R coating that dissipates reflections. Sick of your lens fogging up?  These are designed to allow optimal airflow so you’ll have clear vision all day.

  • Electric EG3

    With their duel-lens design and anti-fog, anti-scratch coating, the Electric EG3 goggles will keep you hyperaware of your surroundings on the mountain the entire day. Utilizing their Electric Press Seal system, the EG3 keeps an airtight seal between the lens and frame so you you’ll have the clearest of views. If comfort is your main concern, you’ll love the moisture-wicking, triple-layer face foam and super flexible nose bridge. Clear vision, amazing comfort – the EG3 is a much welcome addition to your arsenal this winter.

  • Anon M2

    What is this, the year 3000? Magna-Tech magnetic quick lens change technology means you can swap out your lens on the Anon M2 in seconds. These goggles are frameless, so you literally just pull off the lens and put another one on. So easy. If that’s not enough, these also sport full perimeter channel venting so lens fog just won’t happen. That, along with triple-layer face foam will keep you super comfortable all day on the mountain.

  • Anon M3

    Magnets, how do they work? Doesn’t matter because the Anon M3 uses them to make changing out your lens easier than ever.You literally pop off the old and stick on the new. With their streamlined design, you can have excellent vision no matter what the conditions are. The M3 has a super low-profile design with cylindrical lenses that look sweet, while performing exactly how you want them to. These goggles sit close to your face giving you a wide field of vision with minimal distortion and the ICT anti-fog tech keeps your lens clear and clean.

  • Smith IO 7

    Comfort, style, and function – the Smith IO 7 excels at all three with some insane, futuristic features. Their new rimless design and super easy interchangeable lens with a 5x anti-fog coating makes the IO 7 a must have on the mountains. The single-pivot quick release lens system lets you swap out your lens in seconds, while holding tight all day. The IO 7’s dual axis outrigger system means these goggles will conform to your face regardless of your choice of helmet. If you’re looking for some new goggles this year, the Smith IO 7 are not to be missed.

  • Smith IO X

    Looking for some sweet goggles to fit a “slightly larger” head and keep your vision crystal clear on the mountain? The Smith IO X can put your search to an end. Sporting its ingenious single-pivot quick release lens system, swapping out your lens has never been easier or faster. Sick of foggy lenses ruining your fun? These goggles have a 5x anti-fog inner lens so you won’t miss anything all day. With an ultra-wide silicone backed strap and 3-layer DriWix face foam, the IO X dominates in the comfort category as well. These goggles are definitely something you won’t want to overlook this winter.

  • Giro Contact

    The Giro Contact goggles kill it in the “making life easier” department. Their magnetic lens interchange system means swapping lenses takes seconds. Using self-locating magnets and a secure locking mechanism, customization is effortless and quick. These bad boys use a new frame design called expansion view technology that optimizes a large spherical lens and gives you incredible peripheral vision. Don’t worry about vision distortion with the Giro Contact – focus on shredding all day instead.

  • Dragon APX

    Style and killer features? The Dragon APX has both. From their oversized, mirrored lenses and frameless design, to the anti-fog coating and top-notch ventilation, these goggles aren’t messing around. With the Optically Correct Lens System, you’ll experience insane clarity and next to no distortion. If comfort’s your main concern, you’ll love the APX’s tri-foam technology that gives you more comfort and breathability than you thought possible. Winter is coming - Snag the Dragon APX before it’s too late.

  • Von Zipper Jetpack

    These things are strong… like really strong. With their thermopolyurethane injection molded frame, the Von Zipper Jetpack goggles are insanely flexible without fear of snapping. You’d think goggles so tough wouldn’t be comfortable, but these bad boys sport a fleece-backed triple density face foam that hugs your face tight. Thanks to their dual polycarbonate spherical lens with anti-fog coating, you’ll have crystal clear, distortion free vision all day. This winter, treat yourself right and snag a pair of Von Zipper Jetpack goggles.

  • Spy Bravo

    Spy Bravo – where to even begin with these beasts? Large-lens goggles with crystal clear optics give you a huge field of view that’ll make your jaw drop and the anti-fog lens coating will keep everything clear all day long. Triple-layer face foam and a flex frame made from polyurethane ensures the Spy Bravo will fit comfortably and contour to your face. Spy’s Lock Steady technology makes swapping lenses a piece of cake. The weather can change fast, so you’ll be glad your lenses can, too.

  • Oakley Air Brake

    Oakley did it again with the Air Brake. With their Plutonite lens system and two part O Matter chassis, these goggles are impact resistant, insanely flexibly, and block 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Need to change your lens? With Oakley’s Switchlock Technology, swapping lenses is lightning fast and super easy. Weather conditions can change fast, but with the Oakley Air Brake goggles, you’ll be ready for anything.

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